Thursday, April 29, 2010


Tonight, I watched one of my favorite movies of all time:I love this movie!! What's not to love about it?!! It's full of comical 'cliche' humor and quirkiness, beautiful music, gorgeous costumes, excellent dancing, a very hot actor, and an inspiring story. And I also love this movie because of the memories it evokes within me...

The song is played over and over in the scene where he is trying to teach her to dance, and I've loved the song ever since I heard it on the movie 15 years ago. Last fall, on the way home from my grandmother's funeral, my friend Kimi and I sang it over and over in the car on the long drive until we got the words and the parts down perfectly. It was one of the best car rides of my entire life. When I hear this song, I think of mastering it with my girlfriend Kimi.

This song is played during a very romantic dancing scene. It makes me think of my favorite 'slow' dance experience ever, which occurred the summer before my senior year in high school. I was attending "Engineering State" at USU, and on the final night of the week-long event, a dance was held. On one particular song, my friend Nate Ward asked me to dance with him. I've never forgotten that one memorable dance. He was an incredible dancer, and moved effortlessly with the slow song. His legs and arms and body were so in tune with the music; it's indescribable to explain. It was just the best slow dance of my life for sure! When I see that scene in the movie accompanied by that song, I think of that one perfect dance so many years ago with my old high school friend Nate.

This song is the final number of the show, where the whole audience is dancing on the floor in celebration of the finale. As the movie wrapped up, I couldn't help but think about the first time I watched it. During my sophomore year of high school, a group of us drama nerds gathered in Mr. Bahr's backstage room and watched it together. I had so much fun viewing it back then with my fellow theatrical friends! We watched it multiple times during the course of my high school years, and I have fond memories of doing so. When I see that scene of happiness coming together at the end of the movie, I think of my high school drama years, and of what a wonderful time in my life that was.

For me, Strictly Ballroom is strictly timeless and happiness! And tonight, it was exactly what I needed!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moment in Time

Life is ever changing, constantly moving forward.

I know this is just a fact of life.

Right now, I love the stages each of my children are in.

I know this season won't last much longer, and I'm trying to savor each moment, each experience, each day, with my children during this brief moment in time.

Right now, Ammon is in the 4th grade. This is his last year at the elementary school. He loves his teacher--she's truly wonderful. He's excelling in most subjects. He has good friends. He's enjoying his life. He's increasing his skills in the areas that he loves most--reading and writing and, of course, P.E. He loves sports and he does so well at them! He is a responsible little boy who is quickly becoming a young man.

I'm happy to see him doing so well. I'm glad he's content with his life at the moment. I spend time alone with him occasionally in the evenings doing homework or talking, and I'm grateful for every chance!

Right now, Jonah and Micah are in Kindergarten. This is their first year at the elementary school. They adore their teacher--she's so much fun! They enjoy learning and are doing so well with learning letters and numbers and writing names and recognizing words. They love their class. They've made new friends. They are so happy with their life! They wake up in the morning and play with each other for a while until it's lunch time and time for school.

At the moment, it's fun for me to watch them learn and grow and develop their personalities. Two mornings a week, they are home alone with me, and it's fun to watch just the two of them play with each other!

Right now, Kanyon goes to preschool two mornings a week. He looks forward to it, and he's really grown since starting school in February. He isn't as angry. He doesn't bang his head as much. He uses more vocabulary and communication. He's sleeping better at night. He's potty trained. He wakes up in the mornings and says "I'm happy". Preschool has done wonders for him. And on his days off of preschool, he loves playing with his brothers in the morning before they leave for Kindergarten.

He's so much happier and I love listening to him and watching him play with his brothers and others at the moment! Four afternoons a week, he's at home alone with me and we relish the time together.

I watch my four boys interact with another in the mornings and in the evenings. I watch them play with one another, I watch how they care for one another, how they speak to one another, how they share with one another, how they love one another. I wish I could bottle up this time, this season, this stage of our lives. I love seeing my young children living life to the fullest in their youth, filling it with happiness through playing and exploration and adventures. It brings my inner-child, as well as the mother in me, so much joy!

Before the next phase of our lives begin, I will enjoy these precious moments for as long as they last! Because I realize and I know that they don't last nearly long enough.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Camping Trip 2010

Every year, we start off the camping season with an overnight trip to Challis Hot Springs. We love going there in April because regardless of what the weather is like, camping is wonderful since there's full-hookups for RV's and soothing hot pools to swim in!

Thankfully, the weather was absolutely gorgeous when we went! And we all had a nice, relaxing camping experience (which is just what we needed).

Camping is our absolute favorite thing to do together as a family. We always look forward to the spring so we can start going! Some of our favorite activities while camping at Challis are: riding bikes, playing ball, swimming, making & eating dinner outside, playing nintendo in the trailer, and sitting around the campfire!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

T is for...

TULIPS:Josh and I took time to "smell the flowers" by taking a short trip to Twin Falls on our anniversary.

TEMPLE:We went inside the beautiful temple there and afterwards went to Josh's friend Lance's wedding reception.

TRAINS:On the way to Twin Falls, we dropped the boys off at their favorite "big" cousins' house in Stanley. They had an awesome day playing! They loved all the toy trains--especially Kanyon!

TRAMPOLINE:During this time of year, the trampoline gets to be brought inside their large house. They had so much fun playing on it--especially Ammon, Jonah, and Micah!!

THANK YOU Forsgrens for taking such great care of our boys so Josh and I could spend the day alone together for our anniversary!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lefty's Loan

Ammon is a left-handed golfer. Standard golf clubs are for right-handed players. A few summers ago, Josh bought him his first golf set because there are no left-handed, child-size rental clubs in Salmon. The first set included a smaller bag, one driver, 3 irons, and a putter. The golf club set definitely got some good use out of it, but Ammon was beginning to outgrow it. This spring, he noticed a new left-handed adult set in the Golf Pro Shop, and he wanted it so bad! Badly enough, in fact, that he took out a loan with the Pro to purchase the clubs. The beautiful new set cost him $175. He has loved them! He likes the colors on the bag, and he likes using the larger clubs. He has gone golfing two times a week for the past month since he got them. He's so excited about his new clubs that he's golfed alone, in the rain, and in the snow. And he's reaping the rewards: his scores are now within just a few strokes of Josh's scores! He has already paid back $25 of his first official loan, and he will be working over the summer mowing several people's lawns to pay the remainder of the loan balance. But he says it is all worth it! He is going to be competing in Jr. Golf tournaments across Eastern Idaho this summer, and with his new clubs and all the practice he's getting, he'll definitely be ready!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fourth Grade Finale

The 4th grade musical program was at the beginning of April. I've loved watching Ammon's musical performances the last several years; this was his final elementary school concert, and I can honestly say that I will miss them!Ammon was in the 2nd row from the top. He said he's been in the same row during the last four years' programs! The children sang songs for about 45 minutes. This year, Ammon's favorite musical selections were "Way Down Yonder in the Brickyard" and "I's the B'y" (to hear the partial song, press pause on my blog music at the bottom of the page):

Ammon also got to be a special participant in "The Clapping Song":

Great job Ammon on another successful musical program! It's been an absolute joy for me to watch you sing and perform!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Magical, Muse-ical Day

THE BEGINNING: The morning after Easter, Josh and I left the boys at my mom's house for the day and headed to SLC (thanks Mom for babysitting!). We stopped in Clearfield on the way to pick up a new bunkbed from cousin Seth (thanks Seth! Ammon is so excited to sleep in it!) and we visited with Aunt Jane for an hour while packing the bed into the back of the truck.
Then we met my friend Heather from high school for lunch at Costa Vida (yummy!). We decided it had been over 10 years since we'd seen each other, which was way too long! We'd reconnected through blogging and facebook a few years ago, and I was so excited to see her again! I like to refer to her as my "soul sister" because she understands me so well! We had a great chat and I was so happy to visit her! THE MIDDLE: After lunch, Josh picked up a big mower for the golf course at the TORO equipment distributing place. Then we drove to IKEA and perused the giant store for 2 hours. It was marvelous. I fell in love with the whole store! It was so fun and relaxing to walk around with Josh and talk about ideas and plans and likes/dislikes and our future. We surprisingly fell in love with this (and I can't wait til we can buy it!):
THE MAIN EVENT: We went to dinner at T.G.I.Fridays--I just love that place! We were going to meet up with my friend and Josh's cousin Amy for dinner, but our schedules were just 'off', and we missed her (I still feel bad about that, Amy). Then we drove to the E Center to see MUSE in concert!!! Josh loves that British Rock Group, and when I heard they were coming, I knew he would definitely want to go! We both wore our England T-shirts for the special occasion! Seeing Muse in concert was absolutely amazing!! I am now a huge fan! Josh thinks they are even better live than recorded! They are fabulous performers! They had awesome lights and special effects and their music was just incredible!!! We loved every minute of it! It's now at the top of our list of favorite concerts! My sisters Tawna and Trina were there, too, and I was glad to experience it along with my sisters!
The show began with three lighted columns, and music playing loudly.
The curtains over the three columns were dropped, revealing the musicians in the center:
The grand piano came out for two musical numbers:The key-tar was really cool, too:Some of the lights were simply mesmerizing:Giant eyeball balloons were dropped from the ceiling and floated around the crowd until they got popped, which produced confetti from inside them that was thrown all over:

At the end of the final song of the encore, the smoke columns were produced:I'm SOOO glad we were part of that spectacular event! Did I mention how amazing their musical talent was?! Seriously, they were SOOOO good!!! The only bad part of the entire magical and relaxing and lovely day was driving back to Tremonton from SLC. There was a giant snowstorm, it was dark, the road signs were covered up, the streets and highways hadn't been plowed, we were pulling a big trailer through lots of traffic in heavy slush. It took us 2 hours, which would normally be an hour drive, but thankfully we arrived safely (even though we witnessed multiple accidents along the way).

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Games & Giggles

While we were in Utah over Easter weekend, we had an evening of group games. We had such a great time playing with family and laughing for hours!!!

The first game was a competitive Blokus (we pronounce it Blow-kus, Josiah says it's Block-us). The night before Easter, Mom & Tawna & Liz & I played multiple rounds and laughed and laughed because it was so funny trying to teach mom how to play!!! On Easter night, we played 3 rounds with everyone to determine the championship round players: Josh, Ammon, Josiah, and Tawna (sidenote, Micah placed 5th). First they played a lightning round and then a regular round before Josiah was deemed the grand champion.
The second game was the "bag game". You have to bend over, without the use of your hands, to bite off a piece of the brown paper bag. If you fall over, you're out. After biting into the bag, you rip off a piece where you bit, and the game continues to the next player. We played several rounds. It was funny to watch the taller guys, Josh and Ben, squat and contortion their bodies to reach the shrinking bag! Ultimately, the top players were Jonah, Tawna, Tabbi, and Josiah. After placing the bag below a step to make it more challenging, the only players to reach it were Jonah and Tabbi for a 2-way tie!!!
The third game was the marshmallow-stuffing "chubby bunny" game. You stuff your cheeks with 5 marshmallows at a time and have to say the words "chubby bunny" without marshmallows coming out of your mouth. Josh and Josiah and Liz were masters at this game. After Liz lost it, Josiah and Josh went head-to-head for several rounds until Josh became the winner with 200 marshmallows in his mouth!!! This was a big feat for Josh, because he absolutely HATES marshmallows--he refuses to eat them or eat anything with marshmallows in it! But since my mom offered a monetary reward for the winner, he was willing and determined to do it for that reason alone!!!
I had such a fun time with my family!!! I love spending time laughing with people I love, so for me, it was the perfect ending to the Easter weekend!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My dad celebrated his 69th birthday on April 6. I thought it would be fun to give him a gift in honor of the number 69, so my sisters and my mom and I created a package present for him titled "Wine Me, Dine Me, Sixty-Nine Me" (yes, I know what that means--and no, it wasn't a 'dirty' gift). For the "Wine Me", he received a bottle of his favorite Sparkling Cider, Cold Duck.

For the "Dine Me", he received a $50 gift certificate to the Maddox Restaurant to take mom to dinner with.

For the "Sixty-Nine Me", we gave him a framed letter of 69 things we love about him--his character traits, memories we have with him, and frequent quotes we often hear him say!! He loved the gift, and it was so hilarious listening to him read some of his quotes! There were classic lines, like: "Shut the fridge door, I can't afford to cool the whole house!", "Shut the front door, I'm not trying to heat the outside", "I trust you, it's all the idiots on the road I don't trust", "You better beat me to the car", "Let's GO if we're gonna go!", and "Where's your mother?", just to name a few.Happy Birthday Dad! You're a one-of-a-kind and I love you!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Going for the Gold!!!

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Perkins house is a big deal! My mom and dad make it a great event for the whole family, with separate hunts for the kids and adults. My dad spends time hiding all the eggs outside in the yard; some of them are so well hidden that we can't find them and he'll discover them months later! My mom is in charge of coordinating the hunts, getting out and organizing the hundreds of plastic eggs and working out the prizes for the egg finders. Each egg is numbered, and she has a chart that shows how much each of the numbered egg is worth. For children, they are worth between $.10 and $1.00. For adults, they are worth between $.25 and $2.00. Each participant can only find 12 eggs, and after the egg hunts are over, everyone uses tally sheets to determine how much money they earned. There are also gold, silver, and mystery eggs that are worth higher dollar amounts (between $5 and $20 more!). Those are the eggs that everyone wants and searches for!!! Because not only do you get extra money, you earn the unofficial title of the Gold Egg Finder, the Egg Hunt's Top Title for the whole year!!! My mom records everyone's earnings as well as who found the gold and silver eggs, so we can look back at previous year's hunts and see who's won big and who hasn't. Josh has found the gold egg multiple times, but I've only found the silver egg once.

The kid's egg hunt goes first. Without the Perkins girls (we missed you!), the only kids in the hunt this year were my boys! They had a great time! Ammon found the gold egg, the silver egg, and two mystery eggs.Jonah found the 3rd (and final) mystery egg. Micah liked searching for the well-hidden eggs.Kanyon was just excited to be egg-hunting at all!!! The boys with their full baskets after the egg hunt was over!
The adult hunt always goes last. The anticipation leading up to it includes smack talk with the siblings and several proclamations of "This year I'M finding the gold egg". This year, the adult hunt included more than just the regular siblings and spouses. Mick and Cody's families were unable to come, so we had cousins Ben and Liz join us. Ben brought his girlfriend Bridget and Tabbi's friend Josiah also came! It was exciting with all the "fresh blood"!!
We readied ourselves at the "starting line" and dashed across the lawn to search for the gold after my mom gave the word. After several minutes, it became apparent that the big-ticket eggs were in the bushes, so everyone scrambled over there to search the area.

And sure enough, they were hiding in that area! For the first time ever, I found the gold! And I found the silver! And I got the mystery egg, too! I was SO ecstatic!!! The "official" family rules state that you cannot win both the silver and the gold eggs. But since I'd found the silver egg first, I wanted to continue to search for the gold, because it's worth more! Nobody's ever actually found both of them, though, so after I found the gold one too, we had a family consultation to decide what to do. My mom picked a random number for the silver egg winner, and Tabbi had that numbered egg, so she received the earnings from it.

I've never had so much fun in an Easter Egg Hunt in my whole life!! Thanks Mom and Dad for such a great time had by all!!!