2012 Happy Journal

One of my 2012 goals was to write one item daily in a {Things that make me} Happy Journal.

The goal stemmed from a memory I had during my college days back in 1997. I was working as a seamstress making costumes for a play (it was one of my required theater classes), and one of my fellow 4 classmates had a book that caught my eye. The paperback was titled "14,000 Things to be Happy About". I borrowed the book and read through the entire long list of items that the author had written. It was a simple list, similar to the items stated in the song "Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music (you know, like raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles, warm woolen mittens...(are you singing it in your head now?)), except this list was MUCH longer! I enjoyed reading the items in the book, and it made me think of all the small things in the world around me that brought me happiness. So, my goal was to create a similar list of things, by recording one new item each day that brought me joy. At the end of each day, I had to search my brain for something that made me smile or made me feel good that day; it was a positive daily exercise of reflection. Even reading over this long list now, I can remember certain memories associated with the items listed and it makes me happy thinking about them. I loved doing this goal! And I hope that by reading this list, you also will be able to relate to some of the same things and discover some small things that bring you happiness, too.

1. clean sheets

2. decorating gingerbread houses

3. when Josh warms the car for me on a cold morning

4. being in my house when it's quiet

5. sleeping with Josh

6. taking road trips with good friends

7. singing duets with John

8. sitting in public and people-watching

9. listening to Josh Groban

10. reading to Jonah and Micah at bedtime

11. singing happy birthday to my son

12. getting complemented on my teaching skills

13. sleeping in and snuggling with my hubby

14. beating Josh at a board game

15. Lindt chocolates

16. a paid day-off holiday

17. taking a nap

18. when Josh washes the dishes

19. the soup "Tijuana Surprise" at Bertram's

20. playing cards with Amanda

21. soaking in the hot springs

22. watching Josh bless our son

23. the TV show Malcolm in the Middle

24. yoga with Kitt

25. homemade soup made & shared by others

26. watching a movie in the theater

27. good sportsmanship from my son in a competition

28. watching a competitive high school basketball game

29. speaking in Sacrament Meeting about a topic I'm passionate about

30. popcorn with white cheddar salt on it

31. leftovers

32. having music students who want to learn

33. m&m's

34. the invention of tampons

35. blogging

36. hearing testimonies at church

37. having a prep hour

38. receiving a package in the mail

39. being unexpectedly helped with a school project

40. going grocery shopping at a store that has more options than Saveway

41. ice skating

42. homemade oreos

43. watching the Grammys

44. watching my students excel at their performance

45. flowers that are delivered to me

46. getting happy texts from Josh

47. youtube

48. Arby's

49. watching a play in the theater

50. going to new places

51. sleeping on a car ride

52. DVR

53. singing a song as a trio with Amanda & John

54. hearing one of my 1st grade students sing vibrato

55. relaxing in my home

56. completing a set for a theater production

57. watching the Oscars

58. Subway's $5 footlongs

59. learning something new

60. mashed potatoes made from potatoes out of our garden

61. watching my students perform for other students

62. coconut shrimp prawns

63. seeing Jonah & Micah wrestle in their first tournament

64. sunshine

65. playing games at Family Home Evening

66. ice cream sundaes

67. acting on stage

68. music

69. crossing off items on my to-do list

70. a clean kitchen sink

71. a wonderful Relief Society lesson

72. girl scout cookies

73. voting

74. playing Super Mario Bros. with Kanyon

75. hearing and seeing Ammon play in a band concert

76. watching an old musical on TV

77. being with Kimi

78. Tillamook's Caramel Butter Pecan ice cream

79. playing the game Qwirkel

80. eating leftovers for lunch

81. wearing Josh's shirt

82. having a packed audience for a student performance

83. feeling my husband's warm breath on my cold skin

84. watching Jonah & Micah wrestle well

85. having friends over to play games

86. rearranging furniture

87. empty dirty laundry baskets

88. working as a family on an outdoor project

89. playing Dr. Mario with my boys

90. the movie "Knight and Day"

91. going on a hike with my boys

92. listening to General Conference

93. playing a new board game as a family

94. guitar lessons

95. reading inspirational quotes

96. getting a haircut

97. watching Josh ride a trike along with the boys

98. coloring Easter eggs

99. having all my family together at the reunion

100. planting poppy flower seeds

101. an edible bouquet delivery

102. receiving Chai as a gift at work when I was sick

103. my school office all organized and clean

104. working on a yard beautification project in the dirt

105. Almond Joy candy bars

106. being lazy on a Sunday afternoon

107. eating lunch with Kanyon

108. watching Glee alone

109. seeing Kanyon so happy at Kindergarten registration

110. learning new songs to use at school

111. seeing a steel pan band perform

112. trying a new flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream

113. green grass

114. a homemade thank-you note from a student

115. drinking ice cold water

116. blooming tulips

117. talking to and laughing with Krissy

118. seeing Ammon run his best at a track meet

119. hammocks

120. taking a Sunday siesta with Josh

121. Family Home Evening with Josh and my boys

122. eating dinner with my family

123. doing Braindance with my students

124. sweet pork from Costa Vida

125. helping at the Dance Recital

126. listening to and watching Ayla

127. laying on the grass in the sun

128. a good book

129. the TV show Smash

130. trees in bloom

131. after-school activities for my boys

132. the movie "Eat Pray Love"

133. sleeping in

134. being treated special by my family on Mother's Day

135. root beer floats

136. seeing Jonah & Micah's books they created

137. a cool evening breeze after a hot day

138. wii Just Dance

139. golfing with Josh

140. potted flowers in front of the house

141. homemade caramel & fudge sauce

142. a chilled strawberry lemonade

143. seeing Kanyon make a "score-down" in soccer

144. Lay's Classic BLT chips

145. seeing Ammon get an award at his band concert

146. playing wii Guitar Hero with the boys

147. kettle corn popcorn

148. pajama pants

149. an open schedule day (nothing written on the calendar)

150. seeing Jonah score goals at soccer

151. having a fun get-together with coworkers

152. seeing Micah score goals at soccer

153. playing Dr. Mario with my mom

154. trying to rollerskate

155. going to IKEA

156. shopping at DI

157. assembling a new piece of furniture

158. roasting marshmallows

159. opening a package from the mail

160. making a new recipe

161. sherbet

162. pork

163. the public library

164. grilled hamburgers

165. staining wood

166. evening walks

167. my backyard

168. being with cousins

169. my husband

170. unexpected visits from friends

171. watching little kids play soccer

172. kids' Art in the Park Day

173. quesadillas

174. Elders Quorum parties

175. a ditch full of water in my backyard

176. the Ross Park Aquatic Complex

177. dipping my feet in a cold river

178. the library Summer Childrens' Reading Program

179. seeing the movie "Madagascar 3" in the theater with my boys

180. campfires

181. Salmon Valley Golf Course

182. spending quality relaxing time with friends

183. homemade ice cream

184. Desert Pies

185. lots of kids playing in my backyard

186. fireworks

187. a freshly-weeded garden

188. being in the parade

189. a family talent show

190. a Mongolian BBQ meal

191. radishes from the garden

192. new glasses

193. cold Pepsi

194. a neighbor that let me borrow an ingredient I needed

195. the TV show Design Star

196. the movie "Strictly Ballroom"

197. talking with girlfriends

198. swimming lessons

199. going with the whole family to see a movie in the theater

200. watching my boys jump, flip, and dive off the diving board

201. kids' free lunch summer program

202. eating popsicles on a hot summer's day

203. watching Ammon play in the Stake baseball tournament

204. riding the world's longest gondola

205. visiting my Grandpa Perkins at his home

206. driving the going-to-the-sun road in Glacier Park

207. riding on a boat driven by Josh on a lake at Glacier

208. sharing my pictures with others on their facebook walls

209. the Olympics opening ceremonies

210. seeing kids swim in my backyard ditch

211. laying on cool grass with Josh by my side

212. watching the Olympics

213. seeing the boys advance in their swimming abilities

214. eating fresh produce from our garden

215. being resourceful

216. going to the hot springs with Josh, Amanda, & John

217. outdoor wedding receptions

218. talking on the phone with an old friend

219. playing SkipBo with Amanda

220. going swimming with Josh and our boys

221. floating on Williams Lake with our family

222. seeing the boys ride scooters on slopey sidewalks at the park

223. ward campouts

224. walking inside the ghost town Bannack's buildings

225. roasting starbursts

226. blue skies

227. listening to my husband & sons singing happy birthday to me

228. new sandals

229. moist steaks seasons perfectly by Josh

230. strawberry rhubarb pie

231. dancing with Josh

232. homemade popcorn

233. playing SkipBo with my boys

234. helping the boys check in their vegetables at the fair

235. witnessing Kanyon be SO good at the dentist

236. walking through a new temple

237. laughing with high school friends at our 15 year reunion

238. people who are generous and giving

239. freshly baled hay sitting randomly in fields

240. decorating my classroom

241. fresh corn-on-the-cob from our garden

242. sliced fresh peaches in a bowl of milk

243. leftover potatoes au gratin

244. 4-day weekends

245. huckleberry ice cream

246. when my children fall asleep in funny positions

247. Peach Crisp

248. family 4-wheeler rides

249. completing the task of making freezer corn for the year

250. the smell of Josh's Old Spice deodorant

251. laughing with Amanda

252. going to an outdoor concert with Josh

253. watching the boys help Josh cut down firewood

254. fresh air

255. home-grown rhubarb

256. facebook chat

257. starting a new book

258. when a music class actually listens and follows directions

259. shopping for a themed birthday party

260. seeing Ammon run a XC race and win a medal

261. finishing a book

262. bacon

263. the song "Alejandro" by Lady Gaga

264. mango smoothies

265. reading Roald Dahl books to elementary students

266. homecoming parade

267. decorating the house for a pirate birthday party

268. plain, glazed donuts

269. receiving mail from an old friend

270. laffy taffy jokes

271. spaghetti casserole

272. a whole week of outdoor recess after going without it due to the smoke

273. going for a drive in the fall

274. taking family photoes in the fall

275. the movie "The Help"

276. editing photos

277. reading to Jonah & Micah's school class

278. finding what I was looking for at D.I.

279. getting a new puppy

280. picking rhubarb & raspberries from the garden

281. witnessing Josh sing karaoke

282. listening to President Monson speak

283. when Josh does the laundry

284. frozen red grapes

285. a cold Dr. Pepper

286. eating my homemade strawberry rhubarb jam

287. watching high school football games

288. being in the pumpkin patch

289. sitting next to Josh at church

290. laughing as a family at FHE when the boys make silly faces

291. observing some of my students perform in Salmon Idol

292. seeing the look on Josh's face after he shot a deer

293. golden yellow trees

294. pumpkin fudge

295. having polite customers at the pumpkin patch

296. clean kitchen counters

297. eating donuts for breakfast

298. getting a good night's sleep

299. ward parties

300. fire burning in the wood stove

301. handmade blankets

302. watching Josh play tag with the boys on the hay bales

303. the game "Things"

304. carving pumpkins with the boys

305. Halloween songs

306. dressing up for Halloween

307. being complemented by guests on dinner I cooked

308. the boys' help with decorating the house for holidays

309. watching a Boise State football game in person

310. clearance sales

311. going to Ammon's XC banquet

312. book fairs

313. getting good reports at parent teacher conferences

314. having a class get 100% on their music test at school

315. baking cookies I loved from my childhood

316. cold 1% milk

317. watching my boys speak in the microphone and sing songs at the Primary Children's Sacrament Meeting program

318. white chocolate chip macademia nut cookies

319. french onion soup

320. eggnog

321. watching a high school play

322. ice packs (for a hot, achy leg)

323. chicken noodle soup

324. Cracklin' Oat Bran cereal

325. laughing & playing board games with some of mine & Josh's friends

326. a visit from my mom & dad

327. poppyseed chicken

328. spending Thanksgiving with family

329. leftover turkey

330. festival of trees

331. sitting with my family at church

332. receiving a thoughtful care package from a friend

333. when Josh helps me make dinner for guests

334. being treated to hot chocolate mid-morning

335. eating lunch with the teachers

336. decorating the Christmas tree

337. hanging up my homemade stockings

338. chocolate advent calendars

339. playing Clue with my boys

340. talking to Celyn

341. watching my students sing the Star Spangled Banner at the HS game

342. watching "Irish Christmas in America" perform at the school assembly

343. Gina's stuffed mushrooms

344. finishing making pumpkin puree with the pumpkins leftover from the patch

345. listening to Ammon give a talk at church that he wrote himself

346. a mid-day visit from Amanda at work

347. watching Josh make a new casserole

348. laughing with Amanda & Krissy at cub scout pack meeting

349. attending my work Christmas party

350. big snowflakes

351. sledding

352. receiving our freshly printed blog books in the mail

353. sitting in a dark room with only the lights of the Christmas tree on

354. working at night in order to feel prepared for the next school day's performances

355. being a part of the 5th grade performance at the HS Christmas concert

356. seeing Kanyon in the Kindergarten Christmas program

357. family Christmas parties

358. seeing the musical light show in Tremonton

359. receiving Christmas cards

360. delivering Christmas goodies to neighbors

361. Christmas morning at our home

362. making the bed with new pillows & sheets

363. being invited to a friend's party

364. spending the day with Amanda

365. visiting the Forsgren's in Stanley

366. completing goals

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