Friday, March 31, 2017

Winter 2016/17 Top Ten

It was a productive winter! And a super long one, too! We had so many freezing days with temperatures in the negatives, and received more snowfall this year than we have in about ten years! Winter seemed to last forever! I remember the first time I heard a bird sing in February, and I was so excited that spring was actually coming! I'm super glad that spring is here now!

1. Get a Christmas Tree 

[completed 12/2] We got a beautiful pine tree the first weekend of December on the road above Williams Lake. Thankfully, it hadn't snowed very much yet, so getting the tree was quite an easy task, and it wasn't too far from the road, either. Our tree was gorgeous and we all loved it!

2. Watch Ammon's Basketball Games

[completed 2/14] Ammon's team grew so much together over the season, and won multiple games towards the tail-end of the season. We were so grateful for his coach Boyd Stokes for returning to coach the team this year. Ammon grew as a ball player, and played excellent defense as well as scoring multiple 3-point shots. We loved attending his games and watching the team improve throughout the season.

3. Celebrate Christmas Eve & Christmas Day in Salmon

[completed 12/25] We loved the party at the Linger's on Christmas Eve--we all had so much fun and stayed until midnight! Christmas morning was laid back and enjoyable at home with the boys. Christmas was on a Sunday, so we went to church services that morning. We invited the Judy's over that night for Christmas dinner, movie, and games. It was a wonderful white Christmas!

4. Celebrate New Year's with the Tolmans 

[completed 1/1] We invited Hannah and Johnny to join us, and Malachi and Molly were visiting Salmon, too. After Ammon shot an elk, and he and Josh packed it off the mountain, we celebrated the end of the year by working on a puzzle, playing monopoly, eating food, and playing the radio oldies song montage contest--which we won (old news, right?!).

5. Watch Jonah and Micah's Basketball Games 
[completed 2/23] This was the first year that they've played competitive basketball. They were both on the 7th grade team, with a good group of boys, and a great first-year coach. Although they didn't have a winning season, they progressed and improved tremendously over the season and we are so proud of them!

6. Celebrate Ammon's Birthday
[completed 1/15] For his family party, we ate at Bertram's together. A few days after his birthday, he invited the Jackson's over for his birthday meal of chicken enchiladas and homemade salsa, and we had peanut butter chocolate cheesecake for dessert. He's officially 17 now!!

7. Go Sledding 
[completed 12/26] We had so much snow this year, that we went sledding a few times. Our favorite time was when we went with the Simmons family and the Williams family over Christmas Break.

8. Celebrate Kanyon's Birthday 
[completed 2/10] He had a friend party this year; I took him and two of his friends to play at Blast Off in Idaho Falls on his birthday. The day after his birthday, he opened presents, and we ate his birthday meal of steak and potatoes, as well as his chosen dessert of brownies and ice cream. He is now 10 and is in the double digits!!

9. Go Skiing/Snowboarding
This did NOT get completed...everyone went on different occasions except for Kanyon and I, but not for the lack of trying! We actually had one day scheduled to go, but then I had a medical procedure scheduled on that day over Christmas Break so we put it off. Due to time and money--two things it takes to go, and two things that I was lacking in these last few months--it never happened after that!

10. Kala start Student Teaching
[completed 1/3] I taught in a 2nd/3rd split level class at our elementary school in Salmon with an awesome Host Teacher, Mrs. Centeno.

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