Sunday, January 29, 2017

2016 Goals Report

I set up a page on my blog to help me keep track of my goals and the progress I was making towards completing those goals throughout the year, which is so helpful in reminding me of what I need to work on and what I've already completed. I was overall pretty successful in accomplishing what I'd hoped to during the year, and considering it was a pretty stressful year, this was a huge feat! As I reflect back on all that I did individually and what we did together as a family, I can't believe all that we were able to do!

SPIRITUAL: Go to the temple 6x
I was unsure if I was going to complete this goal, so at the end of August, I took a day and went to five different temples with my mom with 24 hours! It was awesome, and I enjoyed seeing all the different temples and doing various ordinances. I'm hoping to do that again next year, too!

January: Went to the Rexburg temple for Malachi & Molly's wedding

August: Went to 4 temples in Utah with my mom. Did a different ordinance at each of the temples: Brigham City, Ogden, Bountiful, and SLC. I haven't been in the Bountiful temple since it was dedicated (I went to the open house when I was a teenager); it was huge!!! And I'd never been in the celestial room in the SLC temple; it was absolutely amazing with all its hand-carved, hand-painted designs around the walls and ceiling. It was breathtakingly gorgeous!
Dad came with us to the Brigham City temple

At the Ogden temple

September: Went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple in Draper with my mom. I'd never been there before. We did an endowment session.

EDUCATIONAL: Complete 30 Credits & Pass the Praxis II test
This was a HUGE year of college for me! May and October were particularly stressful--I had to have all my classes done by certain dates in order to be able to stay on target for my student teaching to begin this year in January. And amazingly enough, I was able to pass all my classes in time as well as pass the long multi-subject Praxis test, too! What a relief!

January: 3 credits (Intro to Instructional Planning and Presentation)

February: 2 credits (Instructional Planning and Presentation)

March: 3 credits (1 for Applications in Instructional Planning & Presentation, & 2 for Elementary Reading & Literacy Methods)

April: 3 credits (1 for Applications in Elementary Reading & Literacy Methods, & 2 for Elementary P.E. and Health Methods)

May: 7 credits (1 for Application in Elementary P.E. & Health Methods, 3 for Children's Literature, 2 for Elementary Science Methods, and 1 for Application in Elementary Science Methods)

June: 3 credits (2 for Elementary Visual & Performing Arts Methods, and 1 for Application of Elementary Visual & Performing Arts)

July: Passed the Multi-Subject Praxis II test!!! Completed all the paperwork for practicum and demonstration teaching

August: 3 credits (2 for Elementary Language Arts Instructional Methods, and 1 for Application of Elementary Language Arts Instruction).

September: 3 credits (2 for Elementary Math Methods, and 1 for Application of Elementary Math Methods).

October: 3 credits (2 credits in Elementary Social Studies Methods, and 1 credit in Applications of Elementary Social Studies Methods)
November: 3 credits (Pre-Clinical Experiences)---this was the most stressful class I had this year! I spent 30 hours in Salmon, and 30 hours in Terreton completing my required 60 hours of time, and then I took 2 days off just to complete all the necessary paperwork! I was stoked when it passed after the first submission!
Red Ribbon Day at Terreton Elementary--one of my favorite moments during
this class. 

PERSONAL: Blog every week
I changed my style of blogging this year; rather than creating stories about certain events, I decided to just blog once weekly about everything that happened during the week. This saved me a lot of writing time, but totally changed my style of writing, too. By the end of the year, I started getting behind and wasn't finding blogging necessarily as fulfilling as it once was for me, so I'm going to change it up again this year and switch to trying just monthly posts.

January: did 16 posts--caught up 2 month's worth of back-blogging and did 4 weekly posts

February: did 7 posts--4 weekly posts, 2 posts about my grandpa, and the monthly fb review

March: did 6 posts--4 weekly posts, a winter Top Ten, and the monthly fb review

April: did 6 posts--4 weekly posts. an anniversary post. and the monthly fb review

May: did 6 posts--5 weekly posts, and the monthly fb review

June: did 6 posts--4 weekly posts, monthly fb review, and spring Top Ten

July: did 6 posts--5 weekly posts, and the monthly fb review

August: did 5 posts--5 weekly posts, and the monthly fb review

September: did 6 posts--4 weekly posts, monthly fb review, and summer Top Ten

October: did 6 posts--5 weekly posts, and the monthly fb review

November: did 6 posts--4 weekly posts, monthly fb review, and updated 2-year wish list

December: did 8 posts--5 weekly posts, seasonal Top Ten, monthly fb review, annual Top 40 list
At Christmas, I ordered the blog book from the first half of 2014.
The blog books are always so fun to look through!

FAMILY: Take one son on a date each month
This has been such a fun tradition the past few years. I changed the guidelines for 2016, though, in an effort to stay on track in my financial budget. I told the boys that monthly dates had to be $40 or less. It was a challenge, but they were able to abide by it, and we still had fun going out together!

January: Took Ammon to Junkyard Bistro, because he had never been there before. I had my favorite Chicken/Curry Rice Bowl, Ammon had the Muffaletta (he wasn't a fan, though), and Josh had the Vietnamese Pork Sandwich. Our bill total came to $36.01 (1 cent over the budget!).

February: Took Jonah to the theater to see the movie "Kung Fu Panda 3". We went on free popcorn night, so we were under budget, and he got to keep the extra $4.

March: Took Micah to see the movie "Zootopia" at the theater. We went on free popcorn night, and we kept it under the budget, so he got to keep $4.

April: Took Kanyon to see the movie "The Jungle Book". We went on a Tuesday so we could get free popcorn. He got to keep the $4 for keeping it under the budget!

May: Took Ammon to see the movie "Captain America: Civil War". We went on free popcorn night, and kept it just barely under the budget, so he kept the extra $4.

June: Took Jonah to the Junkyard Bistro; he'd never been there before. He ordered a French Dip.

July: Took Micah to the Pork Peddler. We've never gone there before. Josh and Micah ordered shredded bbq sandwiches, I had fish tacos, and we shared their fried macaroni & cheese bites.

 August: Took Kanyon to have burritos at Taco Grande, then we went to the Mexican Restaurant for desserts. We had deep fried ice cream, Xangos (fried cheesecake bites), horchata (Kanyon tried it for the first time), and yummy homemade tortilla chips with queso dip.

September: Took Ammon to Josephine's in North Fork. He's never been to it before, but it's under new ownership and is now called Water's Edge. We brought Hannah with us. We ordered the Vic's Special (the pizza with white sauce, crumbled bacon, and cut-up potatoes on it) and they got a small pizza with white sauce, sausage, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and sweet peppers. We had a nice night!

October: Took Jonah to the Mexican Restaurant. He ordered burritos and had fried ice cream for the first time. We also introduced him to their queso dip and horchata drink.

November: Micah wanted to watch a movie, so we went and saw "Doctor Strange" at the theater.

December: Took Kanyon to see the movie "Sing" at the theater.

PHYSICAL: Run in a 5K
This ended up being one of my favorite goals to complete this year. I started the goal with the intention of getting into shape. It worked for several months: I pushed myself physically and hated every second walking/jogging/running. I got to the point where I could go a mile in 15 minutes, which felt like a huge breakthrough for me. Even though I hated exercising daily, I absolutely LOVED participating in the Color Run with my friend Jen. It was a highlight of my year! I was glad I did it! But, I stopped exercising after the race, and got out of shape once again. I have high hopes to do better this year and to try it again!

February: signed up for a color run in June in Idaho Falls

March: started jogging every day on the treadmill, increasing my time each day, and then running outside after 3 weeks on the treadmill

May: jogged/walked with friends increasing the distance from 1 mile, to a mile and a half, to two miles. Bought new running shoes.

June: Ran/jogged/walked the 5k Color Run with Jen Judy, and our finish time was 48 minutes. My goal was 45 minutes, so now I plan to do it again next year and improve!
BEFORE the race

AFTER the race

FINANCIAL: Meet with Josh monthly to have a budget meeting
The whole point of this goal was so that I (1) wouldn't overspend monthly, (2) pay down some debt before student-teaching (when I don't get paid at all for 3 months), and (3) put some money in savings for our family vacation in November to Disneyland. I stayed relatively on track for obtaining each of these 3 goals, despite only officially meeting with Josh once! I did the rest of the budget meetings myself, and by this fall I felt like I finally was getting financially where I needed to be! ;)

February 1: 1st official meeting!

March 3: I only spent $40 more than my February's budget! I revised the numbers for this month.

April: I did poorly on March's budget. April's budget is super tight as a result.

May: I met April's budget! I was so excited!

June: I did poorly on May's budget. Ugh.

July: I was just slightly over June's budget--that's progress from last month!

August: I did poorly on my budget--I always forget how expensive it is to get ready for school to start!

September: I got back on the budget after last month's over expenditure. 

SOCIAL: Do acts of service weekly
I have noticed that I've become so self-involved because of the amount of focus required to keep my life on track with college, work, sports, homework, boys' schedules, and house duties, and as a result, I haven't been as dutiful in serving others around me. I wanted to be able to shift some of the focus off myself and train myself to look for ways to serve others as much as possible instead. Although I was able to do service at least weekly throughout the year, I find that I still struggle with putting others' needs before I think of myself! It's something that I'm continually trying to work on! 

January: paid for dinner for Ammon & his friend, swept & took garbage out at Amanda's salon, visited my Grandpa in the hospital, played piano at a youth baptism

February: took dinner to a woman who's son died, volunteered to sing the National Anthem at the high school basketball game, invited a friend and gave her a ride to a relief society activity, wrote a support letter for a woman in our ward who's husband might be deported, wrote a sweet, small note and left it in Josh's lunchbox

March: Bought some of Josh's favorite Easter candy and left it on his pillow, gave some bags of vegetables to a neighbor, took one of the ladies I visit teach out to dinner for her birthday, vacuumed a hairdresser's salon when she was in a pinch, took some cupcakes to a woman in our ward who couldn't go to the relief society birthday party activity, took a friend out to lunch.

April: Made cookies and delivered them to other families, helped clean up-sweep-and set up chairs at the theater, took money at the high school play every night of its performance, took one of the boys' friends home after the youth in the community all watched a movie at the theater.

May: Took money at the dance recital, did all the lesson plans for Janna at preschool for one week when her mother was in the hospital and passed away, took soup to a friend who just had his wisdom teeth removed, took food and drinks to a friend's house during a party to help with feeding teenagers.

June: did the Sacrament program for the care center, babysat a friends' boys while she had a church meeting, coached a soccer game for Kanyon's team while his coaches were out of town, offered a ride to Aunt Edna to Blackfoot for Judson's funeral.

July: helped clean off tables and move tables and chairs at the library, was the guest reader for the libary summer reading program, made dessert for a funeral, helped a teacher find a long-term substitute while she's on maternity leave, spent time finding new books to read at the library for the kids program after a volunteer put away the books I'd previously picked out ;).

August: helped clean up after Youth Conference, helped Josh pick up branches at the golf course after a huge windstorm, gave rides to a neighbor girl after her & Kanyon's CrossFit classes, volunteered to help with a booth at the fair's Family Fun Night.

September: gave a horse notebook to a little girl at school, donated clothes to and helped clean up after the LDS free clothing fair, taught at a relief society activity, donated apples to the XC team, gave my brother a ride to the airport.

October: ordered and paid for Ammon's date's homecoming corsage, made cookies and delivered them to a family in the ward, let some people butt ahead of me in the grocery store line, gave a woman a ride to find her family trick-or-treating on Main Street.

November: helped take care of some children who's parents were gone during Sacrament Meeting, did errands for a woman I visit teach, helped chaperone the stake youth dance, got snacks for Kanyon's weekly scout den meeting,

December: Volunteered to do the Sharing time in Primary, directed the youth Nativity program at the Ward Christmas Party, purchased batteries for a co-worker, did the 12 Days of Christmas for a family in need, directed games for a youth activity.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Goals for 2017

As a family, we've been working on goals together throughout the past week; we've been evaluating last year's goals and creating new goals for the coming year, too. Tonight at Family Home Evening, we finalized each of our individual and family goals for 2017.

2016 Goals Report:
1. Raise a pumpkin patch - yes
2. Be better at snowboarding (go down the mountain without assistance) - yes
3. Learn how to do a double knot in shoe tying - yes
4. Get all A's at school - yes
5. Brush teeth every morning and night - no (but did better at it!)
2017 Goal List:
1. Finish reading the Harry Potter book series (just started Book 5)
2. Learn how to drive a riding lawnmower
3. Do 30 sit-ups every weekend
4. Be a good listener at scouts

2016 Goals Report:
1. Get all A's - yes
2. Pass the scout swim test - yes
3. Improve playing the trombone - yes
4. Learn to tie a neck tie - yes
5. Do laundry twice a month - no (it's usually about every 3 weeks, so some months was twice)
2017 Goal List:
1. Beat a 6-minute mile
2. Learn how to make more dinners
3. Be a Life Scout
4. Read the Book of Mormon

2016 Goals Report:
1. Make his AR goal every quarter - yes
2. Get better at skiing - yes
3. Learn to tie a neck tie - yes
4. Play on the basketball team - no (6th graders were not invited to play last year on the team)
5. Pass the scout swim test after swim lessons - yes
2017 Goal List:
1. Ski on more black diamond runs 
2. Use better language
3. Be a Life Scout
4. Read the Book of Mormon

2016 Goals Report:
1. Get all A's - yes
2. Learn to play the guitar and ukelele - yes for guitar, no for the ukelele
3. Get or break par on any golf course - yes, in Boise
4. Go to state individually in golf and cross country - yes in XC, but not for golf
5. Don't get injured -yes
6. Run the mile in 5:10 - no
7. Pay a full tithe - yes
2017 Goal List:
1. Get all A’s
2. Break 17:30 in a 5K XC race
3. Pay a full tithe
4. Save $2000 for Europe trip
5. Bear testimony at church
6. Get par or better on Salmon Golf Course
7. Finish senior project

2016 Goals Report:
1. Fast once a month – no
2. Pay fast offering monthly – no
3. Pay off Mexico trip and one vehicle – Mexico yes, vehicle no
4. Get to 200 lb or less – no
5. Learn more Spanish – no
6. Climb one new mountain – yes
 2017 Goal List:
1. Pay off Disneyland and a vehicle
2. Complete the 50K Endurance Run
3. Get to 200 lb or less
4. Read the Doctrine and Covenants

2016 Goals Report:
1. Run in a 5K – sort of, I walked and jogged and ran
2. Go to the temple 6x – yes
3. Complete 30 Credits and Pass the Praxis II test – yes
4. Blog every week – yes
5. Do acts of service weekly – yes
6. Take one son on a date each month – yes
7. Meet with Josh monthly to have a budget meeting – no, but I did have budget meetings with myself!
2017 Goal List:
1. Finish student teaching and graduate from college
2. Go to the temple 6x
3. Do at least 25 blog posts this year
4. Pay off credit cards
5. Get weight under 200
6. Take each son on 2 dates this year

2016 Goals Report:
1. Have a monthly testimony meeting as a family – mostly, we only missed a couple of months
2. Read the Pearl of Great Price – yes
3. Save as a family to go to Disneyland in the fall - yes
4. Invite one family over for dinner each month – yes
       January: Kala invited the Hobbs family. They came over for potato soup & rolls, and Gina brought brownies. Josh and I played the game "Portrayal" with David, Gina, and Kendra as the boys did their own thing.
       February: Josh invited the Linger family for dinner. We ate taco soup, and Hailey brought brownies with ice cream. We played SkipBo, and sat around talking for a while.
       March: Ammon invited the Jackson's. They came over for lasagna dinner. They brought Settlers of Catan with them, and us 4 adults played until finally Darcy won (for the first time!), then the kids joined us in playing card Golf.
       April: Jonah invited the Petroni family for hamburgers. It had rained earlier in the day, so we ate inside, but the weather improved, so the boys played outside for several hours afterward.
       May: Micah invited the Roseburough family. We had pork chops, baked potatoes, rolls, and cantaloupe. It was nice weather, so the kids played outside before we all played the card game "Scum" together.
       June: Kanyon invited the Roylance's for dinner. We ate baked barbecue chicken, and they brought root beer floats. The kids played outside for a while afterwards, as the adults sat on the deck. Ammon and Travis both ran into hammocks and clotheslined themselves as they were playing tag--which was both startling and hilarious!
       July: The Simmons family came for dinner. They brought their 3 youngest children (including Ammon's girlfriend Hannah) and 4 of their grandchildren. We had hamburgers (and veggie burgers for Jim who is vegan), raspberry salad, veggie salad, corn on the cob, and watermelon. They brought brownies to share. The kids played in the ditch for hours and hours and had a great time.
       August: The Deschaine family (Jonah's choice) joined us for dinner on a Sunday night. We ate chicken enchiladas, fruit, and homemade salsa, and Leslie brought chocolate cake. The boys played in the backyard, riding motorcycles, and swinging over the ditch, as the adults (and Ammon & Kanyon) played card games on the deck's table outside. The Judy family joined us for cards and dessert, too. It was a purely enjoyable evening!
       September: The Pace family came for dinner; we ate chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and corn on the cob (Micah's birthday dinner choice). The kids played outside for a while, then we ate an apple crisp that Amber brought and played the Game of Things.
       October: Kanyon invited Ava and her mom Phoebe for dinner. We ate lasagna, garlic bread, vegetable salad, orange/coconut salad, and had ice cream for dessert. We had a nice visit with Phoebe as Kanyon and Ava played together.
       November: Josh invited the Barney's for dinner: Chad and Alecia were the only ones able to come. We ate steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, and rolls. We had an enjoyable visit with them.
       December: I invited the Judy family, and they joined us on Christmas evening. We ate ham, mashed potatoes, rolls, corn, orange salad, sparkling cider, and Jen brought chocolate-cheesecake-minty tarts and Christmas muddy buddies, We opened Christmas Crackers, ate, played the game of Things, watched a neighbor's fireworks, and watched some of the movie "A Christmas Story". 
2017 Goal List:
1. Each person invites one family over for dinner
2. Finish reading the Gospels in the New Testament
3. Have four family game nights this year (one each season?)
4. Everyone take turns teaching FHE lessons
5. Go to General Conference and Lagoon together