Monday, October 9, 2017

July 2017 - Week 1

July 3 - 9

Monday was the 3rd, and all of Josh's siblings were in town for the upcoming holiday July 4th. We basically celebrated the 4th together on Monday, since on Tuesday (the 4th) the whole day was spent floating the river. We celebrated Teddy's 2nd birthday--he opened gifts and we we ate cake. We also played games, ate meals outside, and relaxed and talked with one another. Josh and I made homemade ice cream later that afternoon, and Eve came up from Rexburg to spend the night so she could be with friends for the holiday, too. We lit up fireworks in Edward and Kathy's yard after it got dark. It was such an enjoyable day!
Kathy ordered a cake for Teddy with a Teddy Bear on it. 

Kanyon gifted Teddy the Thomas Train book and Monster Truck tractor

Josh dishing out our homemade ice cream.
We made vanilla and attempted chocolate for the first time, too.

The boys playing our newly purchased Bocce ball. 

One of the games we played was Telestrations. Josh's extended family is
my favorites to play this game with!

This picture cracked me up! I can't even remember now how we got to this point...

I love Ammon's totally coordinated outfit that he went golfing in that afternoon.

Hannah taught me how to use long exposure on my camera!
Ammon was a great model!

I wish I'd known how to do this years ago!!
Hannah making the infinity sign...

I think Hannah made a heart for Ammon...

Eve encircled about with light!

Kanyon playing with sparklers

We had just a few fireworks, but they were beautiful!

On Tuesday morning, we got ready and drove into town early to meet the Rawhide Outfitters at a hotel parking lot, so they could pick us up in their bus to drive us down river to float. There was a miscommunication again with the company, so we only had about 16 reserved spots rather than 20, so Ammon and I ended up not floating with the family. He worked, went golfing, and hung out with his friends instead, and I drove down river taking photos of the group as they floated (with my brand new camera that I got myself as a graduation gift with the money from my parents). Because the water levels were so high this year, our group got to put in at Corn Creek, rather than Pine Creek, which was nice. We had a large group overall--there were 5 Rawhide boats floating that day, and 2 were filled with just our family! The river was truly amazing, so fast and fun, and everyone had a great time! When we stopped for lunch at Panther Creek, Gideon took my car back to Salmon and he drove home to Boise that evening with his family. I got to take his spot and get in the boat in the river the last 20 minutes of the float trip. And per tradition, I jumped in and swam the last bit right before we got out, and I rode back with them on the bus. I couldn't believe how fast the river still was! After we got back to Salmon that evening, Josh and I took the boys over to the Jackson's house for their personal firework show, including a few homemade fireworks, which was exciting! It was a fun ending to the fabulous day on the river!
Coral, Joel, Jess, Isaac, Aysha, Micah, Josh, Eve, Jonah, Gideon, Tiffany,
Emmy, Kathy, Edward, Kanyon, Molly, and Malachi

The remnants of the partial house that floated away, and the owner's truck, too.

The red boat, guided by Clint Anders, had Kathy, Gideon, Molly, Josh, Eve,
Kanyon, Edward, and Malachi in it. 

The gray boat, guided by Johnny Cranney, had Tiffany, Coral, Emmy, Joel,
Jonah, Jess, Joel, Aysha, and Micah in it. 

Pine Creek rapids

Pine Creek rapids

Josh's stance reminds me of a Viking!

Edward getting soaked!

Pine Creek rapids

Pine Creek rapids

Jonah was brave for "riding the bull" through this section of the river!

Wednesday was the Library's first Summer Reading Program activity. I didn't have to help at all of them this summer like I have the last few years, but I went in to take Kanyon to it (even though he wasn't totally convinced about going to it). We took his friend Aiden, too. After the Kids Free lunch, I helped walk the youth across the street for the activity at the outdoor Cavaness Park where the kids built structures out of cardboard boxes. I stayed at the library for a while after dropping them off safely, uploading photos and working on my laptop, before leaving to do some errands until it was time to pick up Kanyon and Aiden. Apparently, Kanyon opted to not build anything since they had such a huge turnout of kids and not enough boxes, so he just sat in the shade and watched everyone else work until I came back to get him!

On Thursday evening, I went to work with Josh and drove around the course with him as he was fertilizing greens. There was the most glorious sunset following a quick thunderstorm that had just rolled through! I couldn't get enough of the skies!

Josh and I drove the motorbike to Gibbonsville for the Ramey's Hootenanny and Hot Rod show on Saturday around lunch time. The Jackson's were there, too, so for a few hours we ate, talked, walked around with them, and relaxed together sitting at a table talking (it was a really hot day, so the shade was very inviting). It was so nice--Josh and I hadn't gone to the event for years, and we loved being there with the Jackson's too! And any excuse for a short trip on the motorbike with Josh is my idea of a fun time! On the drive back to Salmon, we stopped at the Big Flat and walked around the Judy's new homesite--they were just beginning the framing on it. We will miss having them in our ward, but are so excited for them as they are building their home! That night, Josh, the twins, and I did the Moonlight Run 5K at the Salmon City Park/Golf Course (Ammon was gone to a basketball tournament out of town and Kanyon didn't want to do it). The twins ran it with their friends, Josh jogged it with Daniel, and Darcy and I walked it together with her mother-in-law. Good times all around!

Not to be confused with the Mach 2--an electric razor!!

Crossing the finish line!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

June 2017 - Week 4

June 26 - July 2

Monday: I did some errands in town in the afternoon, and stopped by to see Josh for a bit at his work at the golf course. He was planting seed on a new ladies teebox on #8. I love watching him work--he can do so many different things and it always amazes me at the vast amount of knowledge he has and skills he uses to make the golf course look so good! He took me on a drive in the mountains that evening in the jeep we purchased the previous week. We went up South Fork and over to Williams Lake and back. It was on the drive that we realized the clutch has a leak, and it ran out of fluid. Thankfully, there was a quart of oil in the car, so Josh used that to fill it up with so we could make it back home. What an adventure!
Our Peonia plant only grew 2 flowers again this year.
This was the second flower--about 1/3 of the size of the first bloom.
It was so interesting how it grew flat on the grass! It was so heavy for the stem,
it leaned way down, but then grew facing upwards!

Here Josh is using the roller to compact the seeds into the dirt before adding
peat moss over the top. 

What a pretty view on our drive!

Our new jeep on its initial mountain voyage

Tuesday: I gave the boys haircuts. I finally convinced Kanyon to try a mohawk after months of suggesting it. I cut it as the style, much to his dismay, and told him to try it out for a week, and if he hated it, then we could cut it. But--he ended up liking it. He especially liked it when his friend Abby spiked it for him a few days later when he went to her house to play! ;)

Wednesday: The 4 boys had dentist appointments in Idaho Falls. I took them all, and they did some early school shopping, too. We went to Old Navy, Ross, and Walmart, and they were smart about their clothing choices. We stopped by KFC to eat dinner before heading home (which is where I finally took Kanyon's photo above of his new haircut).

Thursday: The YM/YW had a combined activity at Williams Lake. We had dinner, and played on the water. It was awesome! Since Josh and I both drove, we brought Kanyon with us, too.

Using the inflatable canoe for the first time that was part of Jonah and Micah's
birthday present last year. 

This was my favorite part--Kota tipped over, and all the boys out on the lake
swarmed around him as he swam back to the dock. Such good friends!

The canoe came with 3 seats, but we only inflated 2 for the trip, thinking
that 3 teenagers couldn't fit in the boat. We were wrong! Payton rode even
though he didn't have a seat--next time we'll go with all 3!

Kanyon trying kayaking for the first time.

He loved it!

Friday: Kanyon's scout troop was in the 4th of July parade, but he was really reluctant all week about riding on the float. We thought he wouldn't be in the parade, but on Thursday night, he changed his mind and said he would. He had a good time, and I'm so glad he decided on participating! The twins came with me to watch, and it was fun to see their friends crowd around them and catch candy throughout the parade. On Friday night, we had our second family/friend BBQ of the summer. This time, the Oliversons, Lingers, and Hobbs came. Josh cooked us up some yummy burgers, the kiddos played in the yard, and the adults talked and played dominos on the deck. It was an enjoyable evening!

Saturday: The twins began hauling hay bales for Grandpa this week, taking turns driving from the field to the location where they dropped the bales off at. They're such good workers and helpers for Grandpa! They can now: mow, change irrigation pipe, haul hay bales, drive truck, and haul hay bales! On Saturday night, we went to the Demolition Derby at the fairgrounds. There were less cars than normal, but more herby derby cars! Also, the balloon bust was good this year, which was a first--usually it takes forever and there's fights, but this year, they kept it moving and it was exciting to watch.

Sunday: There were so many visitors at church, so I opted to not play the contest. I conceded and took treats to the Hobbs house that evening with Josh, and took treats to the Roseburoughs too. We hung out with the Tolman's all afternoon, as some of Josh's siblings and their families had come to spend time in Salmon for the 4th of July, which was so fun to have them around!
Ammon looked so handsome in his church outfit!

Josh and I both dressed festively for church!

Teddy playing in the ditch

Kanyon riding the swing with Mal and Molly