Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016 on FB

April 1: April Fool's Day wasn't kind to Jonah. He got in a motorcycle accident that injured both knees, his right elbow, and his right side. He was a good sport about it, though, and the motorbike is doing just fine. I'm just so glad he was wearing a helmet, so that it wasn't worse!

April 1 [posted by Josh]: Yep. This is me.

April 2: How fun to see one of my friends on TV singing with the MoTab today!

April 3: The view is always amazing when I ride behind Josh on his motorcycle. This was just what I needed today, thanks babe.

April 4: Although my bracket started out as the worst one in our family, it steadily improved throughout March Madness, and I was the ONLY one in our home who correctly picked the top 2 teams! I have NEVER been so interested in a college basketball championship game before like I was tonight, and the last few minutes were especially exciting! Although the team that I'd picked to win lost the game in the last second (literally), I'm still feeling like a winner!

April 8: Horses are beautiful creatures

April 9: Our deck's now got some balls under it!

April 10: Happy 18th Anniversary, Josh! From here on out, I will have spent more of my life with you than without you. And that is a bright future, indeed. We've come a LONG way together, babe! Love you forever XOX.

April 10 [posted by Josh]: Happy Anniversary babe! 18 years seems like the blink of an eye, and a lifetime at the same time. Wish I felt as young as I look here. ;)

April 10 [posted by Josh]: I know this song has been shared many times, but it is one of my new favorites. I think it speaks to me because if I had a voice I would want it to sound like this! --"Sound of Silence" by Disturbed

April 15: The salmon high school students did an outstanding job performing Les Mis tonight! I loved it! Well done to everyone involved!

April 21: Three cheers for these talented, hard-working, good-looking, devoted people that are behind the creation of Salmon high school's production of Les Mis. They've produced a masterpiece!

April 22: I laughed, cried, and got chills down my spine tonight. These high school students performing Les Mis are phenomenal! And my son Ammon surprised me by appearing on stage as a backup in one scene, wearing a suit with tails, and he even danced (which NEVER happens). My heart swelled with pride and i immediately said (in a loud theater whisper voice) "he's SO handsome"! It took my breath away and was probably my favorite part of the whole play tonight!

April 22 [posted by Josh]: So I am not much of a musical play person...but thanks to fabulous directors like John Anderson and Dustin Pace, our students in Salmon put on a masterful performance. Even managed to get an impromptu performance from Ammon Tolman. Good job son. And awesome job to all cast members and directors.

April 29 [posted by Josh]: The new guys always have to put the mower in the ditch at least once! @SalmonValleyGolfCourse

April 30: Prom 2016. My handsome son Ammon and his beautiful date Hailey. I love the black and bright green combo! What a good looking couple!

April 30 [posted by Josh]: Prom 2016. I love this picture of Ammon with his date Hailey.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week 16

{April 18 - 24}

On Monday night for Family Home Evening, we had family testimony meeting. It's something new I had the inspiration to try this year on the first Monday of each month. However, Josh and I forgot to do it in March, because we'd been in Spokane the first Sunday in March and didn't think about it when we got home. We forgot to do it the first few weeks of April, too, until I remembered the night before that we had started doing it as a monthly tradition, and resolved to have one this month even if it wasn't the first Monday. It was nice, and I enjoyed hearing our family members testify of truths they know and understand.

On Tuesday night, it was Kanyon's date night. He wanted to go see a movie this month, and chose to go to the new version of "Jungle Book". I worked at the play concessions that evening, so Josh and Kanyon drove in and met me at the movie theater. I thought it was pretty good, and Kanyon enjoyed it as well. When we got home, Ammon said he'd come up with an idea to ask Hailey to prom (she's on the golf team with him). He got some donuts, and wrote a poem that said "Roses are red, Donuts are the bomb, do me a favor, and go with me to prom". He wanted me to make some frosting to write the word "PROM" on donuts that night, because the golf team was going to a tournament the next morning, and he wanted to give her the box of donuts on the bus. It was late, and I didn't have the right ingredients on hand, but I made it work with what I did have.

On Wednesday, Josh drove the bus for the golf team's trip to Idaho Falls. Ammon scored an 84 and placed 3rd on his team and 5th overall at the meet. That evening, Kanyon had scout pack meeting and the twins had a YM activity at 7. Since the play wasn't happening that night (due to a high school choir competition that several of the actors were in), I decided to spend that time on a college class. I dropped off the 3 younger boys at the church, and went to the elementary school and took my P.E. class final and PASSED!! I was so glad! And the timing was perfect, because I finished about 5 minutes later than the boys were done with their activities. They were just waiting outside on the church lawn eating cups of ice cream. :)

On Thursday, Kanyon took his cancer fundraiser box back to school. Every child in the elementary school received one to help with the junior high's fundraiser. Kanyon put all his coins and over ten dollar bills inside it. It surprised me how much he put in, because he doesn't like parting with his money--he loves counting up how much he has and he hoards it. He said the class with the most money donated would earn a donut party. I told him he could buy two boxes of donuts for his class with the money he'd donated, and he said to me "but then the money couldn't go to help sick kids". That was such a powerful statement: it was so amazing to me that he freely gave his money, for a good cause that he deemed worthy, and he did it with such a great attitude, too.

Micah had a track meet in Corvallis, Montana on Friday morning. We gave up sleeping in to wake up early and go to it. Micah left at 5:30, and I took Jonah and Kanyon (who I had to wake up) after 7:00. We got there right at 9, which is when it started. It was a huge junior high track meet, and I didn't anticipate it being so long. They run all the events twice: once for 7th (and 6th) graders, and then again for 8th graders. And since it's so long, they have a lunch break in the middle of the day halfway through the events. I did not come prepared for that. I assumed we'd be done by 12 or 1 and I could take the boys out to eat on the way home. Instead, I ran down to Subway around 11:30 to go grab Micah a lunch (he hadn't packed one since I'd told him I'd be taking him out). Then I bought some food for the other two boys and I at the track's food booth. I sat by Camille all day, which was nice. I enjoyed her company during the long meet. The day started cold, but it turned out nice. The first event Micah ran was the mile. They staggered the start, by having each school take a line. There were 4 boys from our school in this race: Treygan & Travis (7th graders), and Micah & Erik (6th graders). Treygan and Travis have very similar pace and always run together for most of the race, and I'm so glad that Erik ran this year too so that Micah could have someone to run along with at practice and the meets as well.

first time (of 4) around the track 

2nd time around the track

3rd time around the track

4th lap--coming up on the finish line

Micah is an excellent finisher, and always pushes
himself at the end. He passed several boys during
this race, and it was exciting to see him do so well!

Full speed ahead for the finish line!
He ran the mile in 6:29 which was 9 seconds faster than his previous race! He ran the 800 later in the day--it was the second to the last track event of the day. This was his first time running the 800 because the previous week, he did the 400, but realized it was harder than he thought it would be. The 800 was geared more for his pace, though.
first time around--they staggered the start again

2nd (and final) lap. They were all running on the inside
lines after the initial 100 meters of the race. 
He ran the 800 in 2:55. He was scheduled to do the Long Jump too, but he was wiped after both races. It had gotten hot, and he decided he didn't have the energy to do it. So after the 800 race, we left and he came home with us. It was about 2:00 in the afternoon by then. We stopped in Hamilton for shakes and snacks at the A&W/KFC, but took the food to go since I had to get home in time to drop off the boys and head back into town to take money at the play again.  I had made reservations for a party of 7 that night, and thankfully I did well in advance because the play was sold out that whole week. Josh and his mom came with me (Josh originally wasn't going to come, but after the twins AND Ammon both came and raved about it, he changed his mind and decided he would--glad his boys could help convince him!), as well as my friends Gina and Kerry, and Kerry's mom. We had one more in our party who didn't show up, though, and I wish I would've known that they weren't going to make it or I would've brought Kanyon because he wanted to see it too since his friend Briella was in it. I got the shock of my life that night when Ammon (who'd been roped into helping backstage as of Tuesday night) texted me at intermission saying he was going to be a dancer in the wedding scene. Never in my life did I expect that he would get on stage, and especially not DANCING! He refuses to even dance at church dances, and says he doesn't like it. I didn't come prepared with my nice camera, though, so Josh and I took photos/video on our cell phones instead. Grandma was also especially happy that she'd come on a night when her own grandson was performing in the play! It made my night to see him perform! It was like a dream come true for me! When he first came out (the first picture below), I gasped and said "he's so handsome!" in a very loud whisper! I was truly elated! I loved seeing him in the suit jacket with tails--it reminded me of his dad on our wedding day 18 years ago!

Here's some video footage of my shining star in that scene as well: 

Saturday night was the 8th and final night of the play. I loved that I was able to be a part of it in a small way and could be there every night! I love the theater SO much! It's one of my deepest passions and I get such a natural high when I am involved in it! I loved the energy and seeing the student actors and audience every night. There was one single reserved, but unfilled, seat left in the theater that night, and after the show started and Warren helped me count money, I went in to watch it for my 3rd time. I missed the first 3 scenes, though, which unfortunately included my favorite one "Master of the House". I laughed so hard at that scene! The students loved my loud laughter, and I've taken on the role in this town of being the loudest fan! Performers feed off the audience; and it's important to have energy coming from the audience as the actors are performing. I remember when I was in high school that there was a teacher who took on that role: Mrs. Allman. She came to almost every showing of every play, and would laugh and cheer and I remember what a boost it was when I was on the stage. Since Ammon worked back stage for the performances that week, he came to find out how much they all loved me being there, and I was suddenly "cool" in his eyes for the first time in his high school years! The students have been working on this play for a solid 6 months. It was an unbelievable accomplishment, and the play was incredible! I was uber proud of all the students and directors involved. I wanted to document a few of my favorite, most emotional, most inspirational parts of the play so I never forget how truly awesome it was...
Jesse played "Javert". His voice gave me chills; he sang with
a deep, booming quality and his songs had so much power. 

Trey was "Thernardier"--as a senior this was his first musical and first starring
role, and he aced it. He was HILARIOUS!! His quirkiness was stellar!
This was the "Master of the House" that got me rolling every night!!!

I never tired of watching this scene, when the revolutionists decide to rebel.
It was extremely moving, and I was in awe every. single. night!

When the barricade rolled out at the start of the 2nd half, and spun around
on the newly-built, revolving stage, I was wowed!

Caleb portrayed "Jean Valjean" (he is another senior who's never performed
in a musical before). When he sang "Bring Him Home", he was able to hit the
 high notes and invoke such emotion that it made me emotional and I cried. 

Eli played "Enjorlas", the rebellion leader. At the end of the barricade scene,
when everyone basically dies, his death was extremely poignant; I felt pained
every night when the barricade revolved around to show him hanging upside down.

Ethan played "Marius". During the song "Empty Chairs, Empty Tables", the
lights reflected his deceased friends behind the white curtain, and he was
singing with such pained emotion that I cried every night at this scene as well. 
Annie played "Fantine", and did an excellent job with the role. She is also
a senior, and I've loved watching her perform through the years. When she comes
to Valjean's side at the end of his life, it was a powerful moment that also
moved me to tears. 

After Valjean's death, Eponine (played by another newcomer McKenna) joins
them in singing together "One More Day". I felt renewed every time!

At the end of the first half, and the end of the second half, when the entire cast
came on stage to sing together, it was very powerful and gave me chills every
time. I loved this play so, so, SO much! Even better than the movie version!

John made banners of everyone's characters as well as the play title, and
they were displayed in the Oddfellows Hall where the play was performed.
p.s. I hate that neither our school nor this town has an auditorium!!!

French treats were served at intermission each night,
including Creme Brulee. I finally had some of it on
Saturday night. It was absolutely divine!!
After the final show, gifts were given to the seniors, the directors, and the volunteers. I was so glad that I'd gotten to see and visit with Darcy every night (she helped with the reservations)! We made a great team, and think we'll do this job again in the future. All the directors/volunteers wore red & black at the final showing, in reference to the song during the performance with the same name.

I was given this flower with part of my
gift of appreciation. It bloomed for over
a week and smelled so beautiful!

Ammon and I stayed for the cast party that night, too! There was food, games, pictures, and lots of laughter! I left after about 2 hours, but Ammon stayed with Eli at it until about 3am.

This whole table was full of like 20 pizzas.
The only one with any leftovers was John's
favorite kind "Margherita" with tomatoes/basil.
I always give him crap about how gross it is,
but he always defends it. This was just proof
that nobody else likes that pizza, either!!!

Today was Stake Conference. Josh and I decided to sleep in instead of getting up and going to church. Originally Josh had planned on taking us camping this weekend, but once he realized I'd committed myself to the play, that plan never materialized. The Petroni family came over for dinner this evening. It was Jonah's turn to invite a friend's family to dinner this month, and we'd never had them over before. Autumn came with her 6 children--4 boys and 2 girls; Michael is Jonah's age and he is the oldest. Her husband stayed home because he didn't feel well. We ate homemade hamburgers, and the weather luckily cleared up, and the kids played outside together for hours afterwards.