Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 2013 on FB

Apr. 2: I swear I could post song lyrics that describe my life every day. Today's would be "I'm walking on sunshine, oooohhhh, I'm walking on sunshine, oh oooooh, and don't it feel good?!" I'm so in love with this summer-like weather at the beginning of spring!

Apr. 3: Today's lyrics: "These shoes were meant for walking, that's just what they'll do....these shoes will walk all over you". And when I say "you", I'm referencing the ground between my music building and the elementary school.

Apr. 10: Today's lyrics: "Fifteen, there's still time for you...Fifteen, I'm all right with you...Fifteen, there's never a wish better than this..." Happy Anniversary to the love of my life, Josh Tolman

Apr. 11: So excited to see the performances of my 1st grade students' musical show "Celebrate Spring" this afternoon!

Apr. 11: Just saw the SHS play "Little Shop of Horrors". They did phenomenal! I was so impressed! It is definitely worth seeing (and I will again this weekend!). It took me back 16 years ago, when I was a doo-wop girl myself. Gosh, I how I love that play!!!

Apr. 15: today's lyrics: "I'm in control, never gonna stop. Control, to get what I want. Control, I got to have a lot. Control, now I'm all grown up". That's me--the control freak!!

Apr. 17: today's lyrics: All that glitters is gold--only shooting stars break the mold.

Apr. 18: today's lyrics: But you don't really care for music, do you? It goes like this: the 4th, the 5th, the minor fall, the major lift.

Apr. 19: Earth Day 2013--all students in grades 1-4 cleared gravel off the sidewalks surrounding the school, and then colored pictures about earth on the cement with sidewalk chalk. The sidewalks are looking so beautiful! 

Apr. 22: These are some of my students drawing pictures with chalk on the sidewalk by my music room building to celebrate Earth Day. "Heal the world, Make it a better place..."

Sunday, April 28, 2013

"chubby bunny"

Once a year, we like to purposefully humiliate ourselves in front of our family members: for the "Chubby Buny" Contest with the Perkins Family at Easter.
These are the rules: put a marshmallow in your mouth, and say "Chubby Bunny". Everyone who enters the contest has to do it over and over and over, while keeping all the marshmallows in--and no chewing or swallowing is allowed. The last one still standing and repeating the words without the marshmallows coming out wins the cash prize.
There's a kid's contest, and an adult contest. Ammon has always won the kids' contest, but this year, he entered the adult contest. So the 3 younger boys vied for the title...

Then it got narrowed down to just these 2--and Micah ended up winning! He was super excited!
Then it was the adult round. The first year we did it, Josh won. The second year, Cody won. Last year we didn't do it because we were having our Perkins Reunion, and we had to clean up the rental home after Easter dinner, so we didn't have time to play it. This year, the contestants were Josh, me, Ammon, Tawna, Tabbi, Trina, cousin Liz, and Trina's college roommate.
Tawna has a really high gag reflex, and she couldn't make it. She was the first one out. Then we all started laughing, but trying to keep all the stuffed marshmallows in our mouth while laughing didn't work too well in our favor. Trina's roommate won the competition...because we all ended up spitting out our foaming remains (some more gracefully than others).

I made it to 9 marshmallows before I couldn't contain it any longer...

Tabbi's gonna kill me for posting this photo, but my dad and I were laughing so hard at her when she was trying NOT to laugh and say "chubby bunny" with an overstuffed mouthful of marshmallows all at the same time--the marshmallows ended up all coming out of her mouth and she lost, very grossfully!

Good times, good times! We had some big laughs at the expense of others! But it's all in fun, and we had a great Easter weekend! The chubby bunny was the last thing we did at my parents' house before loading up the car to come back home to Salmon. Spring Break was truly 10 days of happiness for me, and I was glad to finish off the week spending time with family!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Easter 2013

I loved Easter this year! It was fun, and spiritual, and uplifting! I was so happy to spend time with my family in Utah on the special holiday, too.

On Easter morning, we woke up to find the goodies that the "Easter Bunny" left. Although the 3 older boys know the truth about the Easter Bunny, they still acknowledge that Kanyon doesn't. The 3 older boys were given new 4-wheeler helmets and different items in their buckets, and Kanyon received a remote control 4-wheeler with extra goodies in his bucket.

Then the boys hid the dyed eggs in the front room that they had made with grandma the previous day. Ammon hid the other boys' eggs and made them find them, then the twins hid Ammon's eggs and had him find his own. Josh and I sat on the couch, watching them hide and search and find, and it was delightful to see them participate in the festivities and have fun without having to do it ourselves!!!

That afternoon, we went to church with my parents. It's always interesting for me to go to church in the ward I grew up in, and see some of the older people I remember from my youth looking even older now, and seeing people my age who now attend with their own families and children. It was the 5th Sunday of the month, so the men and women met together, and I enjoyed sitting next to my husband for the entire 3 hours of church! Most of my siblings joined us for Sacrament meeting, too, which was really nice.

After church, we headed back to my parents' house for the traditional Easter dinner of ham & potatoes au gratin (my favorite meal!), rolls & salads. With the family that came, we filled up the dining room and kitchen counter, and it was a delicious meal with enjoyable company!

Following dinner, we lounged in the living room, and told the story of Jesus Christ's crucifixion and resurrection through scriptures and small objects found in numbered eggs that we traditionally use every year.

My mom spoke to us afterwards, and gave us the rules for this year's family egg hunt. My parents go all out for the annual family egg hunt! My mom is in charge of the money and organization and rules, and my dad is in charge of hiding all the eggs.

The kids' egg hunt was first in the front yard. This year, Ammon got to be in the adult egg hunt for the first time, and the twins were so excited at the prospect of being able to find the gold egg--since Ammon has always found it in the kid hunt in the past. The 3 younger boys and cousin Brendan waited at the start line to begin (notice how Micah has his foot over the line--he's always trying to bend rules so that he come out as the winner!).

Plastic eggs were hidden in the grass and the bushes, and each boy was allowed to pick up 10 eggs. Each egg has a monetary value that is discovered once the egg hunt has ended. After the boys picked up their quota, they searched for the big value one: the gold (which is worth $5).

Jonah emerged as the big winner after finding the gold egg. It was hidden in the bushes, and fell out onto the ground as they searched the branches. We could all see it laying on the ground as the three boys were crowded around the bush, but Jonah was the first one to realize it and pick it up!
Next up was the adult egg hunt in the backyard. The adults were all allowed to pick up 10 eggs, too. In the adult hunt, there is also a gold and a silver egg hidden; the gold egg is worth $20, and the silver egg is worth $10. All the other eggs have a lower monetary value that is tallied up after the hunt has ended. We all waited on the start line of the cement sidewalk in the backyard to begin the hunt.

We searched all over the backyard, listening to clues from my dad (i.e. hot, cold) when no one had found the big-ticket eggs after a while.

Josh and Trina came out victorious! Trina found the gold egg (she found it pretty quickly, but didn't tell any of the rest of us!), and Josh found the silver! He was pretty stoked to once again be a winner!

We counted up all our eggs, and realized we were short a few--cousin Liz didn't have her quota of 10. So then the search began to find the last four hidden eggs for her.

We found three of them, and then gave up to go inside and tally up our egg winnings. Each egg is numbered, and the tally sheets show what number equals what monetary value. After everyone had added up their totals, we turn our totaled tally sheets in to receive cash back! Micah got the lowest cash value of all the kids' in their hunt, so my mom offered him an extra $2 if he could go find Liz's missing egg in the backyard. He was very determined to find it--so he immediately went back outside!

After a while, Micah came back in with the egg and received the $2. When I questioned Micah on where he found it, he was very vague and acted like he didn't know. I soon realized it's because he's not the one that found it--Jonah had gone out to help Micah find it, and Jonah had found it. But Jonah knew that Micah wanted the money reward, so Jonah gave it to Micah to turn into Grandma, and then he kept quiet about what he'd done. That melted my heart, and brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet brother!

I love my family, and even though we're all very different from each other, I'm glad to belong to a family who believes in love, and truth, and following the example of Jesus Christ the best they know how. Sometimes when all of siblings get together, it can get loud and crazy, but this Easter wasn't the case. It truly was so great to spend time with them all!

I love this picture of "All the single ladies": my sisters Tawna, Tabbi, Trina, and cousin Liz (who didn't have any sisters growing up--just brothers, so we gladly accept her as a 'sister').

After we left to go home to Salmon that night, my boys talked about what an awesome trip it had been to visit Grandma and Grandpa--they were so happy to spend one-on-one time at their house doing fun activities on Saturday, and have fun family time with the extra family members who came on Sunday. With the lovely weather added to the mix, it was the perfect equation for a happy Easter weekend.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Putting Practice & Prizes for Par

Before we headed to Utah for Easter weekend, my dad had told us to bring some golf putters with us. He'd been planning for a few months on creating a mini golf course in his backyard for the boys to play on when they came. He'd never done it before, and the boys were excited about it! My dad de-thatched the backyard, so there was piles of dead grass everywhere. Then he raked out nine different pathways, and at the end of each pathway he scooped a golf-ball-sized hole into the ground. 

While Josh and I were gone that afternoon, they played on the mini golf course over and over again. They absolutely loved it! Every time they beat their score from the previous round, grandpa would give them a candy bar. That was incentive enough for them to keep track of their shots, and try to improve!


After Josh and I came back from the wedding, Josh wanted to try playing on it, too. The boys showed him how to go in order on the designed holes, and they all played against each other! The small 9-hole course began with hitting the ball off the deck on hole #1:


Hole #9 ended right before the backyard shed:

This was such a great activity for the boys, and it was wonderful that the weather was so beautiful on that Saturday, too. They enjoyed playing outside and having the house to themselves with just their grandparents!


Thanks dad for creating such a fun outdoor activity for my boys to do while at your house! It was a big hit!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Colorful Creations & Delectable Designs

The day before Easter, while Josh & I were at his cousin's wedding in Brigham City, our boys were busy doing fun activities with their Grandma and Grandpa Perkins at their home in Tremonton.
My mom had prepared things for them to do throughout the day. They started off the day by dyeing hard-boiled eggs in the morning. They colored, dyed, glued, and applied stickers to their eggs.

I call this one "Total Eclipse of the Egg"

The boys called this one "Volcano Eruption"
The creative process is always a messy one!

 In the afternoon, Grandma got out the sidewalk chalk and the boys wrote colorful messages to welcome the family members who would be arriving the next day.

After dinner that evening, my mom set out mini cakes shaped like eggs for them to decorate. They applied frosting and a whole assortment of sprinkles. They were so yummy!

Kanyon ate his before I even had a chance to photograph it!

The boys had a fantastic day! Thank you mom for all the colorful and yummy and fun projects you did with them!