Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012 on FB

Jan. 2: 12 reasons i loved today: sleeping in, going to one-hour church, finishing a 1000 pc. puzzle, eating turkey, playing games, being with friends, visiting with Josh's family, watching home videos, laughing, having a clean house, hearing Josh say he loves me, knowing that I don't have to go to school tomorrow!!!

Jan. 7: Today is full of possibilities!

Jan. 11: Happy Birthday, Ammon! 12 years ago, he was born around 1:00 in the afternoon, so at 1:00 this afternoon, I took my first grade music class and we serenaded him during his Jr. High P.E. class! It was so much fun!

Jan. 13: It's Friday the 13th...and it's gonna be a long one since Ammon is having a birthday sleepover with 6 extra boys. So, the number of boys in the house compared to the number of girls in the house is gonna be a ratio of 11:1! Bring on the testosterone!

Jan. 15: Wishing and hoping for snow sometime soon.

Jan. 16: I'm proud to live in a country where Martin Luther King Jr. is honored. I talked about him and showed short music videos that are tributes to him to my elementary music students last Thursday, and every time I watched them, I got chills. Sometimes, it is required of great leaders to stand alone--it's an important lesson for all of us.

Jan. 17: Don't get too close to me--you might catch my crazy and I don't want the disease to spread.

Jan. 18: I don't like today.

Jan. 21: soaking in hot springs while snow is falling on my head feels heavenly!

Jan. 26: Just saw WarHorse. I hated it AND loved it. And in a totally unrelated way...I cannot get Coldplay's "Paradise" song tune out of my head.

Jan. 27: I've got a bad case of the winter blahs.

Jan. 28: I spent 4 hours this morning doing our taxes--which is the first time I've ever done them. Unfortunately, since I worked this year, the return is significantly less than we've had in several years--bummer deal. But the upside is that I have a job to claim, right? that's what I keep trying to tell myself...

Jan. 29: triple duty today: doing music during relief society, teaching a lesson in sunday school, and giving a talk in Sacrament Meeting. And I'm having the hardest time getting motivated to even get out of bed...

Jan. 30: In the next 10 weeks, there will be 20 musical performances done by 5 of the grades I teach. I will survive...I will survive...

Jan. 31: My favorite song on GLEE tonight was the "Annie you okay" song by Santana and the Warbler. I was disappointed after the big Michael hype...sadly, I think GLEE is going downhill.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Family Life

I taught a lesson today in Sunday School about family relationships and family responsibilities. I really enjoyed preparing this lesson, and part of my research led me to read this from an Ensign article written in 2004:

"...In 'The Family: A Proclamation to the World' it says: "successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and whole some recreational activities."

President David O. McKay taught: "The home is the first and most effective place for children to learn the lessons of life: truth, honor, virtue, self-control; the value of education, honest work, and the purpose and privilege of life. Nothing can take the place of home in rearing and teaching children, and no other success can compensate for failure in the home". Parents are the master teachers. They do their most effective teaching by example.

Parents teach and families learn by doing things together. PRAY together, to offer thanks for blessings and prayers for common concerns. WORSHIP together, participating in church services and family devotionals. STUDY & LEARN together, including group reading and discussion of the scriptures, as well as discussing other valuable subjects, such as the practical knowledge necessary to funciton in a modern world. WORK together, as mentioned in the next paragraph. PLAY together, so that happy recreational experiences are associated with the activities of the family. COUNSEL together, treating all matters of concern to the family and its members. EAT together, mealtime is a natural time for the family to assemble and communicate.

Families unite when they do meaningful things together. Children should work together under the leadership of parents. Common employment, even on a part-time basis, is valuable. So is a family garden. Common projects to help others are also desirable. Families can organize family reunions. They can educate family members in the basic skills of living, including managing finances, maintaining property, and broadening their general education. The teachers of these subjects can be parents or grandparents or other members of the extended family..."

During the Sunday School lesson today, we talked about valuable lessons our parents taught us, and we discussed important principles that need to be taught to the youth of today. I enjoyed listening to the input that the class members gave, and I reflected on what my parents taught me. My dad taught me to value the scriptures and the words of our prophets. He taught me to be accountable and responsible and respectful. My mom taught me to love and serve others. She taught me to be forgiving and kind and prayerful. I am grateful for the way that my parents raised me, and I know they did the best they could.
Being a good parent is no easy task. Even though Josh and I do a lot of those things together as a family like it mentioned (pray, worship, learn, work, play, eat), a lot of the time, I still feel like I am failing as a mother.

I love watching the TV show "Malcolm in the Middle" because I feel like I can relate to so much of it. The show is about a family with 4 boys; four crazy, wild, physical boys. And from raising the boys, the mom has become a control-freak, and the dad is so laid-back and goofy. The boys get into so much mischief, so the mom is always angry, and the dad is always trying to calm her down or hide from her.

Raising 4 boys of my own is...well, crazy at times. I feel like an angry control-freak too and so when I watch that show, I laugh at the way that Lois (the mom) reacts to all the stupid things her boys do!  Watching the show also makes me feel better about being a parent, and the way that I choose to discipline my boys. Lois does her best to teach her boys what's right, so she disciplines them (a LOT) and she yells at them a lot, but she makes them be accountable for their choices. I feel like I am the same--I discipline a LOT, and I use my loud voice a lot, and I give punishments that are natural consequences for the choices they make. Even though I may feel like I am failing as a parent because they still choose to do and say things over and over that aren't right, I recognize from watching this show that boys are boys and they do dumb things and it's still my responsibility to teach them (even if it is the same principles over and over and over). Heavenly Father entrusted these boys in my care, and I'm doing the best I know how to teach them and raise them to someday be outstanding men.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

In with the New for 2012

My Goals for 2012 are all centered around the word "New". I'm excited for the NEW year ahead, and all the possibilities of NEW changes it will bring!

1. Learn to play a NEW instrument.

2. Learn and apply a NEW exercise technique.

3. Go to at least one NEW temple that I've never been to before.

4. Go out with Josh to at least one NEW place.

5. Make one NEW food recipe a month.

6. Do one NEW and different entry every day in my happy journal.

7. Do a NEW service for others every day (never the same one twice in a week) and record it.

Those last two goals are an extension of something I began last January. In addition to last year's goals, I also did a "Live and Love Life 365" daily journal on my blog. It came as an inspiration from a friend who wanted to try something similar on her blog. My desire was to find something that impacted me in a positive way on a daily basis and record it, so that I could focus on the good things that were happening in my life and love living all 365 days in the year! I am happy to admit that it worked! I wrote something every day; sometimes I sat for 10 minutes thinking and pondering and searching my mind trying to find one positive thing that happened, but I always found one. I loved doing it, and I've enjoyed looking back over the past year and reading what happened every day, and it puts a smile on my face and a happy feeling in my heart! But since I want to do all NEW things this year, I'm going to do the daily journaling differently this year.

I bought little notebooks for everyone in my family, and starting at the beginning of January, every day at dinner we all talk about a service we did for someone that day, and I record them all in everyone's notebooks. The rule is that there can be no two services the same in one week. I hope that we can continue this for the entire year of 2012.

My other journal is a {Things that make me} Happy Journal. It is located on the sidebar of my blog, and my goal is to record just one new thing every day that makes me happy, and at the end of the year, there will be 365 completely different things listed. When I was at college, I borrowed a paperback book from a friend that was titled "14,000 Things to be Happy About". The book was just a list of items, but I read it all and loved the feel-good attitude it ignited within me as I read it.  I hope that by doing this Happy Journal, it will have the same effect on me this year by reading my own happy items as it did in 1997 when I read someone else's happy items.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Pass or Fail: Goals of 2011

1. Go to the temple 6 times...PASS!
--I went to the Manti, Utah temple (with Josh), the Spokane, Washington temple, the Logan, Utah temple, and the Idaho Falls, Idaho temple (twice with Josh & once with Savanna).

2. Finish reading the Book of Mormon...FAIL
--I did read it on several occasions, but I'm still in the book of Alma.

3. Do service for others once a week...PASS
--Some of my favorites included: making dinner for the missionaries, washing a friend's dishes, babysitting children, driving out of town with a friend so they didn't have to drive alone, taking cookies to neighbors, inviting guests for dinner, going to the care center, and spending time with others who were lonely.

4. Go out on a real date with Josh at least once a month...PASS!
--I made this a goal because Josh and I's dates had become the weekly trips to the grocery store. Although it was nice to be alone with him, I wanted to go on "real" dates together! I documented them, and we went out every single month--and sometimes multiple times in one month! Some of the things we did on our dates were: went dancing, went out for dinner, sang karaoke, golfed, attended concerts, soaked in the hot springs, watched movies, went to receptions, rode horses, took long walks, went to the temple, and took a drive  down river. I loved completing this goal!!

5. Go out with friends at least once a month...PASS!
--I made this a goal because I'd become a sort of hermit, and I wanted to push myself to get out more often. Throughout the year, I went out with different friends and had a great time! Together, we: sang karaoke, watched movies, danced, watched TV, ate at restaurants, soaked in hot springs, went on drives, played games, laughed & talked, floated the river, and took walks. I had a lot of quality time together with my friends.

6. Invite friends over to my home once a month...PASS!
--One of the reasons I fell in love with this house when I walked through it for the first time was the open layout. I knew it would be perfect for entertaining guests. I had never had a home big enough to entertain, and I wanted to take advantage of the space and invite people to our home. We had parties and get-togethers and invited friends and family over every single month. The biggest ones were the New Year's Day party, Malachi's missionary homecoming, the Sunday School class barbecue, and Thanksgiving dinner. We also hosted game nights multiple times and had people over for dinner several times. I enjoyed so much having people in my home throughout the year!

7. Save up at least $500 for my future trip to Italy...PASS
--I've been dreaming for the past 2 years about taking a trip to Italy in 2012. I knew it would never happen unless I started saving money. I had over $1000 saved for it, but this summer, I decided we needed a deck more than I needed a trip to Italy, so I took my savings and combined it with Josh's savings to purchase that instead. Although I was sad to see my savings account emptied, I haven't regretted my decision. We love the deck! We've always wanted one, and it's been a wonderful addition to our home.

8. Finish the England vacation scrapbook...FAIL
--This has been on my list of goals for 3 years now. I'm ashamed to say that I didn't even work on it once this year, in fact, I'm sad to admit that I didn't even work on scrapbooking AT ALL this year.

9. Exercise 5 times a week (in an effort to lose 36 pounds)...FAIL
--This was a terrible goal, because the first week that I didn't exercise 5 times, I knew that I had failed the goal and so I quit exercising altogether. And that was in February. I did exercise a lot with Amanda in August and September, and it felt good to be moving again, but I only lost 7 pounds--which I've gained back over the Christmas holiday.

10. Get a new job!...PASS!
--I cleaned the Credit Union for 4 1/2 years, and I was so tired of it and desperately wanted a new job. I'd been on the job search in 2010, but never was hired. However, in January of this year, I got a part-time job as a bookkeeper at the golf course, and in February I was hired by the school district mid-year to teach music at the elementary school. I quit my cleaning job at the credit union in February, and I was so excited to be in a new career that brought me self-esteem and motivation again!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Facebook's 2011 Year-in-Review

Jan. 2: I love things that start with the letter F: having Fun with Fantastic Family and Funny Friends, eating Fabulous Food, and F......

Jan. 2: New Years was fun with family and friends! Christmas Break was long and cold! School starts again tomorrow, so the kids are in bed early tonight! Hooray for schedules!

Jan. 3: New Years Goal #1: Find and get a new job that I really like. I'm tired of my current job--I've been cleaning the bank for 4 years and it's non-inspiring to me. I'm tired of applying for new jobs. I'm tired of the waiting time between interviews and rejection letters. I just want a new part-time job that I love!!!

Jan. 4: 'tis the season for 500 and 1000 pc. puzzles!!!

Jan. 7: When I drive at night, I miss seeing the sparkling Christmas lights. What a downer to realize the season is over.

Jan. 7: learned what the acronym SOSDD means today. Never even heard it before!! (Same Old Stuff Different Day)

Jan. 8: Tonight's gonna be a good night, tonight's gonna be a good good night, yeah!!!!

Jan. 9: Sometimes I feel like such a good person, and other times I feel like just a poor excuse for one.

Jan. 10: I am a completely open and honest person. Therefore, I despise when others use dishonesty with me. So don't even bother being my friend if you're going to lie to me.

Jan. 11: My oldest son turns 11 today, on 1-11-11. He's requested that 11:11, I take birthday treats to his class at school! How cool is that?!!

Jan. 12: It's Wednesday! For me, that means my volunteering at school day! Love it!

Jan. 12: Started working as a bookkeeper at Salmon Valley Golf Course.

Jan. 13: why does ice cream always sound so good after 9:00 at night?!!

Jan. 15: on the road again....just can't wait to get on the road again....the life I love is making music with my friends...and I can't wait to get on the road again.

Jan. 17: love the excuse of a holiday that gives me a reason to sleep in with my husband!

Jan. 18: If it looks like a Monday, tastes like a Monday, feels like a Monday...then how come it's Tuesday?!!! Seriously, does anyone else have this identiDAY crisis today?!!

Jan. 18: We finally watched "Despicable Me" the other day, and we all loved it!!! Tonight, Kanyon & Micah were playing and Kanyon called him "Kevin". Micah didn't know who Kanyon meant, and Kanyon's reply was "you know, the guy on TV." Then we all got it--Kevin, the minion from Despicable Me!! hahaha!!

Jan. 19: Why hello, seasonal depression. I've been expecting you. I would offer you a chair, but I don't want you to stay a while...

Jan. 23: people who need people are the luckiest people in the world.

Jan. 26: I substituted as a lunch lady at the school today, and I get to do it again tomorrow! It was fun to serve tater tots to all the kids!! tee hee!!

Jan. 27: life is so unpredictable

Jan. 28: I hate being cold and achy. I feel a sickness coming on...

Jan. 28: Sometimes wrapping myself up in a cozy blanket and laying on the couch while watching a classic chick flick fixes any problem!!!

Jan. 29: Classic Tom and Jerry episodes are timeless! I don't care who you are, they're funny! They appeal to everyone: all ages, genders, races, and religions. I miss the good ole' cartoons! Thank goodness for Boomerang and DVR!

Jan. 29: 2 years ago today, I opened Josh's facebook account for him. And now I think he's more addicted to it than me!!!

Jan. 30: ever wonder why it's called babysitting when you're not actually sitting on babies? Why not call it babytending?!

Jan. 31: It's the last day of January! Hallelujah! Going to get our taxes done this morning since I FINALLY got my W2 back!

Jan. 31: I Box Tops Contests!

Feb. 1: I believe it's time to bring out the Valentine's decorations!

Feb. 1: I'm hoping the groundhog forecasts spring comes SOON!

Feb. 3: Happy Chinese New Year! I get to celebrate by watching the twins parade through their school halls as a giant dragon that their class made!

Feb. 5: I love Saturday nights!

Feb. 6: absolutely LOVED the new glee tonight! Oh, how I've missed it! It definitely didn't disappoint! I'm so excited for Tuesday Glee nights again!

Feb. 7: loved teaching music to the elementary school kids today!

Feb. 8: Oh my gosh!!! I LOVED glee tonight! What did I ever do before its existence?!!

Feb. 9: ate school lunch with Jonah and Micah today. It was so fun to be surrounded by first graders!

Feb. 10: Happy Birthday to my baby, Kanyon! He's 4 today!! I've felt bad all day because I was substituting & I couldn't spend the day with him. When I got home, he had just barely fallen asleep, so I tried to wake him, but when he opened his eyes he said "I don't like you, I don't like you, I DON'T LIKE YOU!". I didn't know if I should laugh or cry!!!

Feb. 11: I wish this weekend wasn't synonymous with the word "work", because all I want to do is "relax".

Feb. 11: I love watching Top Chef!

Feb. 12: I love my husband. And I love it when he takes me on a date and opens the car door for me like he did tonight. What a handsome gentleman!

Feb. 14: Loved Valentines Day today! Celebrated in Jonah and Micah's class with them at school, and Josh brought me flowers & chocolates! And then he surprised me with a new hairdryer that I so desperately needed! What a happy day!!!

Feb. 15: Started working as an elementary music teacher at Salmon School District #291.

Feb. 18: I'm savoring every single possible minute during this 4-day weekend!

Feb. 19: My goal for the day: don't leave the house.

Feb. 20: liked watching the movie "Red" yesterday with my hubby.

Feb. 20: Yay! Loved seeing those cowboys again! But I'm hoping they aren't eliminated on the first leg of Amazing Race!

Feb. 21: How craptastic

Feb. 23: sometimes life is like a dirty diaper, and thus, change is a good thing.

Feb. 24: i think i can i think i can i think i can...

Feb. 25: Josh and Ammon are headed to Klondike Derby today. They're going to make snow caves and sleep in them in the freezing weather tonight. Sounds dreadful to me, but they both think it sounds fun. I will be enjoying a chick flick in my nice, cozy house in their absence!

Feb. 25: playing wii Super Mario Bros. is like canning: once you start, you can't stop until it's finished!!!

Feb. 27: It's the Oscars tonight!!!

Feb. 28: I actually love Mondays now. Well, except for the part of getting out of bed.

Mar. 1: I wish spring would come already. I'm so tired of the sicknesses getting spread around!

Mar. 2: had so much fun dancing around with the kindergartners today!

Mar. 3: Loved watching the Polynesian dancers perform today! It was so awesome!

Mar 4: Why is it that on my days off, the boys wake up extra early?! Ugh.

Mar. 4: I love going to the hot spring with good friends! Double Bonus!!

Mar. 5: road trip!

Mar. 6: I'm too old to stay out past midnight anymore. I keep forgetting that I'm not the up-all-night party animal I used to be!

Mar. 7: Came home from work to a sparkly clean house. Thanks Josh! You are one awesome hubby!

Mar. 9: Love the spring weather! Hate that Ammon has pink eye. Love that Josh made a yummy dinner! Hate that Kanyon threw up.

Mar. 9: I can't believe Carla was eliminated from Top Chef. I LOVE her!! Now I'm rooting for Richard or Antonia to win.

Mar. 11: How devastating for the people in Japan. I am so blessed to live where I do.

Mar. 11: woot woot! I am going out with my hot man tonight!

Mar. 12: you put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you put your right foot in...and you get to work! Yep, Saturday's here.

Mar. 12: in one week from today, Josh and I will be seeing Lady Gaga in concert!!!

Mar. 13: LOVED today!!! Church was awesome! And being surrounded in my home with family and friends to celebrate Malachi's missionary homecoming was like heaven!

Mar. 14: Happy pi day! 3.14

Mar. 15: In one week from tonight, I will be seeing Bon Jovi in concert!! This has been on my bucket list for a while, and I can't wait!

Mar. 16: Loved watching one of my music classes perform "Seussical Musical Jr." for their parents today. They did a great job and I was so proud of them!

Mar. 17: Best parts of the day: watching my last 2nd grade class perform the play "Seussical Musical" (they did a fabulous job), and seeing Josh after his 4-day excursion to Kansas (it brought an instant, perma smile to my face).

Mar. 18: I can't wait for tomorrow! I just have to make it through today first...

Mar. 19: Being with my husband, hanging out with a longtime friend, seeing lady gaga in concert....I officially love today!!!

Mar. 20: Lady Gaga concert was awesome! And the crowd-watching was out of this world!

Mar. 20: Golfing in Moab, walking around the gorgeous Dead Horse Point, and having buffalo for dinner sure made for a fabulous day alone with my hubby!!

Mar. 21: Driving, walking, and hiking around Arches Natl Park today was amazing!!! And windy! And my feet are killing me! Time to take a relaxing bath in the nice hotel's jacuzzi tub!

Mar. 23: Bon Jovi last night was amazing!!! I totally LOVE him! Mmm Mmm :)

Mar. 24: Hooray for Spring Break! I'm so excited for this vacation from teaching school for the next 10 days!

Mar. 25: Item #1 on my to-do list today: sleep in. CHECK!!!

Mar. 26: Hoping to be productive today...

Mar. 27: I love Jet & Cord (cowboys on the Amazing Race)!

Mar. 27: I found Josh's first gray hair tonight! And I immediately plucked it out, thus expanding his youthful looks for just a teensy bit longer!

Mar. 28: Snow Snow, Go Away! I'm driving all by myself to Spokane today!

Mar. 29: spent the day with my grandpa.

Mar. 30: Alejandro, Alejandro, Ale Alejandro, Ale Alejandro (I was singing it in the car on my way home from Spokane today. I needed upbeat music since I was driving alone).

Mar. 30: I totally want to try Mike's pepperoni sauce. But I'm still in favor of Richard Blaise! And I'm glad Carla won the fan award, because I think she deserved it! I totally loved this season of Top Chef. I'm sad it's over!!!

Mar. 31: goodbye March. not at all sad to see you go.

Apr. 1: It's April Fool's Day!

Apr. 2: I'm not quite ready for spring break to end just yet...

Apr. 4: I can see the light! Only 8 more weeks of school left!!!

Apr. 6: My 5th grade classes are recording new cartoon theme songs that they've created over the last month. The first class recording was today and they did a great job! I'm so proud of them!!! I can't wait for the two being done tomorrow!

Apr. 7: Hooray for Today!!! I love having 4-day school weeks now!!!

Apr. 8: I'm hoping for sweet dreams tonight, after having peculiar dreams last night due to watching "Black Swan" right before bed.

Apr. 9: holy snow!

Apr. 10: Celebrating 13 years of life together with my incredible husband Josh Tolman!!! I am one lucky lady to have a man like him!

Apr. 11: I wish I had a room in my house like the room in Willy Wonka's factory: I want to eat the flowers and the grass and drink the river water and have it all be chocolate. mmm mmm!

Apr. 12: LOVED the sunshine today!!!! It works wonders for my happiness level! Too bad I spent all afternoon inside... :(

Apr. 13: blah blah blah rhymes with la la la. Pretty much sums up my day.

Apr. 14: I LOVED today! The glorious sunshine, the good students, and the awesome play!!

Apr. 15: yay for fun family time!

Apr. 16: I loved starting out the day with watersliding! And I can't wait to end it by watching the play "Joseph..."!!!

Apr. 17: Loved teaching my Sunday School lesson today about the Life of Jesus Christ!! Easter is only one week away!

Apr. 18: I've had a losing streak playing "Old Maid" with my family for weeks now, and thankfully tonight, Kimi Beers came to visit and played with us, and she took that role from me!! Thanks Kimi!

Apr. 19: I completely and utterly dislike Tuesdays. All except for when a new Glee episode airs--which happened tonight!!! Dear Glee, how I have missed thee!

Apr. 20: not looking forward to tomorrow...but I can't wait for Saturday to come!

Apr. 21: watching MegaMind with the boys

Apr. 22: Today's to-do list is rather long, but I'm determined to get everything done today so that I can have an ENJOYABLE Easter weekend!!!

Apr. 22: Hi. I'm Kala. And I'm addicted to carbs and chocolate.

Apr. 23: I watched Yentl for the first time last night and I really liked it.

Apr. 24: Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day!

Apr. 25: I hate when I have to send a student to the principal's office.

Apr. 26: My days and nights are being consumed by first graders!!!! I've been working with them a lot to prepare for their perfomances this week and now I'm dreaming about it all night long, too!!

Apr. 27: Just one more day. I think I actually might survive!

Apr. 28: The first graders did awesome today in their spring music performance for their parents! I was so proud of them! And now I'm just glad it's done; I'm exhausted after this crazy week!!!

Apr. 29: my purse is being over-run with 2 months' worth of receipts. ugh. today i will balance my checkbook so i can throw them all away. yee-haw.

Apr. 30: yay for sunshine! and friends! and gardening! and fundraising dinners! hooray for today!

May 1: May Day, May Day...only four more weeks of school left! :D

May 2: I'd like to thank the inventor of enemas. My 4-year-old has been constipated for 2 weeks. I finally couldn't take it anymore. I told him I was going to the store to get "poopoo medicine". He said "okay, I like poopoo medicine". Well...it got it's intended results, and I'm so glad, but now he's not liking it so much!!! TMI?! ;)

May 3: I hated today.

May 4: I love breathing in sunshine. Ahhh, how it delights my soul!

May 5: I feel like I'm in the wrong profession. The students are driving me CA-RAZY!!!!! If you are a teacher, tell me this is normal to feel this way at this time of year!

May 6: I was so looking forward to sleeping in today after the horrible week I've had at school...then I had a nightmare about teaching music and woke up at 4:30am.

May 7: watched "The Tourist" last night. I loved it; Josh hated it. But a few weeks ago when we watched "Black Swan", I hated it and Josh liked it. I think we have polar opposite attractions to movies!!!

May 8: Today was a fabulous Mothers Day! I absolutely LOVED the chocolates, cards, and apricot trees that my boys got me! I sure love my hubby and sons!

May 9: I will be glad when this week is over: my 3rd grade classes have two musical performances, my piano students have their recital, I start coaching a kids' soccer team, and more...

May 11: Just one more day stands between me and a happy weekend. My 3rd grade students are performing their program "Appreciate Planet Earth" tomorrow.

May 13: The boys and Josh are going to Father/Son campout tonight. That leaves me alone at home. The possibilities are endless!!

May 14: I forgot how enjoyable driving out of town by myself can be! I can pick my own music to listen to, I don't have to take potty stops for the boys, and I don't have to shout over the boys or hand snacks to the back seat! My loner trip to the temple was absolutely lovely!

May 15: It's piano recital day!

May 17: What disappointing news...makes me sad that people in Salmon are so ignorant and selfish. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll ever get a new school that our children so badly need. First we're screwed by the legislature, and now by our own community.

May 18: I can't believe there's only 5 more days of school. I've been counting down the days for months now, but the reality hasn't set in yet.

May 19: I'm loving today...half of my music classes are gone on field trips, Ammon's band concert is tonight, Ammon's on a field trip to Montana, Jonah and Micah have a field trip that I will go to, and the twins have their first soccer game of the season!

May 19: Road Trip TOMORROW!!! I can't wait to spend some much-needed time away with my besties!! And I'm SOOO glad that I have such an amazing husband who's willing to stay home with the kids so I can go, too!

May 21: It's five o'clock somewhere...and I can't sleep.

May 22: Loved today. Had adventures with my bestest friends, watched the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie alone in the theater, ate lunch at Five Guys for the first time, and partied til after midnight with new friends!

May 23: The perma-grin on my face is evidence of a truly fabulous weekend! Also, I am so not ready for my last Monday of the school year!!

May 24: loved watching the boys play soccer tonight!! So fun in the light rain!!! It turned my lousy, awful, no-good, very bad day into a good one!!!

May 25: I had my 4th and 5th grade students play wii competitions for the games "Just Dance" and "Guitar Hero", and I'm proud to say that Ammon scored the highest out of everybody on the "Guitar Hero" game (and it was a game he'd never played, too)!

May 25: It's the night before school's last day, and all through the house, not a creature is stirring, except me--I'm wide awake.

May 26: well, my schedule just got a whole lot more open!!! Welcome summer!!! I can't wait to see how you look on me!

May 26: Don't you just hate it when your kids grow plants at school in little cups, and then they bring it home and you accidentally kill what they've been growing for weeks?! Not that I'm admitting to it or anything...

May 27: My little friend Kimi Beers is graduating from High School tonight!!! Congrats! I'm gonna miss you!

May 27: Laundry, I despise you. I hate the way you've accumulated in everybody's bedrooms and I feel like no matter how much I wash you, I never see the end of your dirty ways.

May 28: I forgot how much I enjoy sleeping in!!! Until I realize that I made an appointment with a contractor at 8am, and the knock at the door rudely wakes me up, and I scramble to get a robe on, and I'm talking to him with morning breath and crazy hair, and I'm wishing I could just crawl back in bed...

May 29: I bathed in the sunlight for an hour yesterday, just laying on the lawn allowing all the rays in! It was glorious!!! Even though my skin isn't any tanner, my soul sure feels brighter!

May 31: All work and no play sounds a lot like today.

May 31: Kanyon said the prayer before dinner tonight and thanked Heavenly Father for the trampoline, the water in the ditch, and snow. And as soon as the prayer was over, the other boys argued and argued about the snow part..."there's no snow on the grass....there's snow in the mountains...he's talking about snow from winter...no he's not..." Sheesh! Who knew a child's prayer could create such tension at the table?!!

June 1: It's been over 6 months since I read a book. I started reading "Austenland" this morning and I just finished it! I read it all in one day and loved it! Shannon Hale is one of my favorite authors of all time!!

June 2: Holy Thunder/Hail storm at 4am!! Wowsers!

June 2: My baby sister Trina is graduating from high school tonight!!! I can hardly believe it! Congrats, sister! Wish I could be there for it! Love you!

June 3: Watched "127 Hours" last night. Then I had nightmares of...well if you've seen the show, you can probably imagine!

June 3: Golfed tonight for the first time in almost a year...I love going to couple's league with my hot hubby!

June 4: I accidentally got sunburned today!! It's so delightful to feel what the sun has brought me! YAY!

June 5: LOVED today! It actually FELT like summer! Josh BBQ'd dinner, we ate it outside, and I spent the remainder of the evening sitting on the grass reading a book and enjoying the sunshine while the boys stripped down to their undies and played in the ditch! PERFECT Summer Sunday!

June 6: Just finished reading "The Memory Keeper's Daughter". WOW! I've never read anything like it, and I couldn't put it down. What an amazing, thought-provoking book.

June 7: Ammon competed in his first Jr. IGA tournament of the summer yesterday, and he tied for 4th place and got a medal. Great job, son!!!

June 8: One year ago today, we moved into this house. I love this house and my life in it! And now I can't imagine where my life would be without it!

June 9: Josh's grandmother passed away this morning. Such a rainy, blustery day.

June 10: so raise your glass if you're wrong in all the right ways...

June 11: my sisters are in Salmon!

June 12: I think we're alone now. There doesn't seem to be anyone around.

June 13: It's the beginning of a ca-razy week around here!

June 14: Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying...that I can get everything done today that I need to!

June 14: Off to Big Wood in the wee morning hours tomorrow. Big Wood as in the Golf Course in Ketchum, Idaho for Ammon's next golf tournament!

June 15: I am sunburned and sleepy tired.

June 17: Today is Josh's grandma's funeral. We have a musical number in it, and I hope we can do it justice.

June 17: My favorite food is always served at Mormon funerals: ham, cheesy potatoes, and rolls. Yum Yum Yum! I also have it every year for my birthday meal...is that a bad omen?

June 18: The extended family is gone, and the crazy week is done, and I have no agenda for today. What a strange feeling.

June 19: Happy dad's day, Josh. I picked a good one when I married you.

June 20: Beautiful weather! LOOOOVE it! The kids have already gone swimming, golfing, bike riding, and it's only 2:00!!

June 20: There's nothing better on a warm summer evening than sitting and eating a giant bowl of ice cream.

June 21: Apparently it's hay fever season. I've been sneezing and my nose and eyes are watering non-stop! Our home is surrounded by hay fields, which I love! I just hate the effect it has on me at certain times in the year.

June 22: Took the boys to swimming lessons this morning, then to "Art in the Park", and free kids lunch at the park. It is really feeling like summer this week! FINALLY!

June 23: I LOVE rhubarb! My rhubarb plants are lookin good, and I'm in the mood to pick them and make something delicious!

June 24: Excited for the all-you-can-eat shrimp party tonight!

June 25: Rode our horses today with Josh. This was a big deal for me because I don't like riding horses!

June 26: Another beautiful day. I could definitely get used to this...

June 27: I love summer and the simplicity of life this week.

June 28: Mmmmm....popsicles

June 29: Had a wonderful time with the family tonight! We ate a giant, fresh pizza from the Oddfellows Bakery and watched the movie "Secretariat" at home! Loved it!

June 30: Last day of swimming lessons, last day of June. Had a great evening: ate dinner with some of our cousins, and some cousins of our cousins! Fun fun fun!

July 1: Excited for the parade today!

July 2: Demo derby tonight!

July 3: yesterday I got sprayed in the face by an unsuspecting water gun. i freaked out, not knowing what had just hit me. everyone was laughing at me because of my exaggeration, but i told them all it could've been a bird poop hitting my face. sure enough, within an hour, a bird actually DID poop on me!!!!

July 4: I seriously LOVE playing board games!!! Especially with Josh's family when we all get together!

July 5: That was the longest 4th of July ever! 4 days of celebrating! Whew...time to go back to real life today. 

July 6: We're getting a new deck installed this week!!

July 8: Couples Golf tonight! Family Reunion in Raft River tomorrow! City of Rocks on Sunday! I'm so happy about this weekend, I could shout!!!

July 9: had a fabulous time at the Steadman Place in Raft River today for the Tolman Reunion!!! The waterslides were awesome, and I went on a zipline for the first time! (and last time, too--since the zipline stopped midway and I freaked out!) The boys had so much fun!!!

July 11: City of Rocks was fun! The boys climbed and hiked and found lizards! It's just another Idaho treasure that we're glad we've seen!

July 12: me and the boys just LOVE Vienna Sausages! we like them plain out of the can or cut-up and put on bread smothered in Miracle Whip. Yum!!! Josh thinks they're disgusting because of that slime that they're packaged in. How do you feel about them?

July 15: had an uber fun time golfing on couples league with my hot hubby tonight!

July 17: Spent the entire day yesterday sanding the new deck. And my body is SO stiff today as a result! But at least the deck looks gorgeous!!

July 18: SO much to do today to get ready for vacation tomorrow!!! I can't put off to tomorrow what needs to be done today, either!

July 19: This morning: Ammon's golf lessons, younger boys' library summer reading program. This afternoon: twin's dentist appointment in Idaho Falls. This evening: arrive in Logan!!!

July 20: I love my mom's potato salad. No matter how many times I try, I cannot duplicate it perfectly. Today, I didn't even try--I just ate my mom's salad and loved every bite of it.

July 21: My purse was stolen last night from my parked car in my parents driveway in Utah. Damn Utahns. Then somebody from Montana found it and recovered most of its belongings and called me to get it.

July 22: Gonna see the last Harry Potter movie today with Ammon! At the beginning of summer, I told him if he read all the books before July 15, I'd take him to see it in the theater! He totally completed the challenge, and we've watched all the movies, too! :D 

July 23: Took the boys to the 24th of July Tremonton City celebration this morning. Can't wait for the fireworks tonight!

July 24: the boys all got to play with sparklers tonight! Fun way to end Pioneer Day!

July 25: Had an awesome day! Went to the Clark Planetarium in SLC, ate at the Purple Turtle in Pleasant Grove, played cards and drank hot stuff with my Grandma, and visited the Thanksgiving Point farm country tonight! Loved being with my boys and doing so many fun activities together! 

July 26: I've never hit so many museums in one day, let alone with 4 boys in tow! We went to the Treehouse childrens museum, 3 Union station museums, and the air force museum! Then we played some miniature golf, and watched a double feature at the drive-in theater in Ogden!!! It was a full, but fun, day!

July 27: Saw "Joseph and the Dreamcoat" tonight at the Pickleville Playhouse in Garden City with a friend and LOOOOOVED it!!!!

July 28: Consumed my first Raspberry Shake from LaBeau's tonight. It was delish!!! Also, I'm in love with Bear Lake.

July 29: So happy to be in Salmon after 10 days of vacation...my bed is more perfect, the cherries turned red, the corn has grown a foot, the deck is stained, and my home feels like the best place to be!!! 

July 30: I'm in denial that August is almost here.

July 31: I can't stop singing music from the play "Joseph"....I need to get some new tunes stuck in my head!

Aug. 1: It's August and I FINALLY get to go camping today for the first time this summer!

Aug. 2: Just read "the Kite Runner". What a powerful book. Hated the first half of it, couldn't put it down during the 2nd half.

Aug. 3: today, I WILL: get last month's photos off my camera, create a family reunion photo book, pick the ripe cherries from our tree, create homemade cherry pie filling, and get some work done to create a cleaner desk!

Aug. 4: I'm going to attempt canning apricots today for the first time ever...

Aug. 4: The wind knocked over our shade tree in the backyard tonight, which consequently fell on top of a power line, which consequently came undone from the power pole. Thank goodness for a handy husband who took a chainsaw to the tree to get it off the wire, and then climbed a 25 foot ladder to reattach the power line to the pole! 

Aug. 5: Saw "Soul Surfer" last night and devoured some spinach pizza while watching it. Such a good movie, and great food, too! Thanks Amanda!

Aug. 6: Watched "the Adjustment Bureau" with Josh last night. A very interesting and thought-provoking film!

Aug. 7: My parents are in town and they brought my niece and nephew with them! It's awesome to have a clean house AND have it filled with people that I love!!!

Aug. 8: it's 4:30 am. Josh and the boys just left to climb Mt. Borah. Of course, since I was hoping for a good night's sleep for my hubby who's driving, Kanyon was up puking half the night, and we didn't go to sleep until 1:30am. I'm crossing my fingers for Josh today!

Aug. 9: Took the younger boys swimming this afternoon while Ammon went golfing. It was absolutely a lovely afternoon for all of us!

Aug. 10: CRAZY day today...taking the 4 boys to Idaho Falls by myself to go to 4 dentist appointments and do their school shopping, and we gotta be back to town by this evening for a work meeting I have to go to! Crossing my fingers that we'll get it all done! 

Aug. 11: I'm tired of people asking me if I'm "ready for school". The answer is no, no, no, no, and still no. I'm pretending school doesn't exist. I'm pretending that summer lasts forever. I'm pretending that I'm a stay-home-mom with a paycheck. And every time someone asks me that question, I'm reminded that I'm living in my fantasy world rather than reality.

Aug. 12: Going camping today. I'm SOOO excited for this!

Aug. 14: Tomorrow I'm giving a birthday gift to myself by passing off a bucket list item: rafting down the Salmon River!!! I can't wait to spend the day with my hubby and two best friends on the water! 

Aug. 16: two more weeks til school starts, and I have no more summer plans up my sleeve... :(

Aug. 17: the boys are beginning to drive me crazy at home. perhaps it's the first sign that going back to my school job in 2 weeks isn't such a bad thing. 

Aug. 18: i love big decks and i cannot lie...

Aug. 20: Had a great day with my hubby in IF going to the temple with his siblings...thanks to Ashley for watching my boys so I could!

Aug. 21: At my older, wiser, resourceful, (and new) age of 32, I have decided that peeing in the shower is okay because it saves money on toilet paper!

Aug. 22: trying to can applesauce...but making a mess of it instead.

Aug. 23: The boys all entered pumpkins in the fair this morning--and I almost missed it because they changed they dates of open class entries from tomorrow to today! whew!!

Aug. 24: work, more work, and then some fair time!

Aug. 25: Visited the "Bodies" exhibit in the Idaho Museum today! So interesting... 

Aug. 26: I feel like I am oozing applesauce...Day 2 of canning it!

Aug. 27: Day 3 of canning applesauce...my feet are killing me and I'm losing steam! One more day and I will be done! Also, so many of our pumpkins magically turned orange this week! The color change has never happened this early in the growing season, and I'm a little worried...

Aug. 28: Day 4 of making applesauce, and I am officially DONE! I'm feeling good about the 60 jars I made, and I refuse to do anymore--even though there's still hundreds of more apples on my tree! So, I guess it's time to begin dehydrating them...

Aug. 28: the big forest fire in the mountain behind our house has sure created some beautiful sunsets the last few days, as well as noisy days of constant helicopters passing overhead to get water to pour on it. I like the sunsets, my boys like the helicopters, so we all benefit from it--well, except Josh who has difficulty breathing with all the smoke it's producing!

Aug. 29: Attending 3 school orientations and working at the school in between them all day...so I am not really looking forward to today. 

Aug. 30: My first day back on the job teaching music at the elementary school was awesome, and the boys all had a good 1st day of school, too! And I voted YES for a new school--we need one so badly!

Aug. 31: It's sad to belong to a community that doesn't value its youth enough to vote for a new school that they so desperately need.

Sept. 1: I overheard one of my morning students telling their friend that I was "SUCH a cool teacher!" It made me so happy all day long thinking about it, until the last class came in, and a student asked me why I am so weird. I told her it's because I was born that way! (thanks Lady Gaga for the inspiring words). I may be weird, but I am still cool!!!

Sept. 3: these are a few of my favorite things... laughing with friends, singing karaoke, and going camping with family. And my 4-day weekend is complete because I get to do all three!!

Sept. 5: Where has the 4 day weekend gone? I loved [almost] every moment of it, and it went by far too fast! I can't believe school starts again tomorrow...and I still don't have any lesson plans done for this week!!!

Sept. 7: None of my 300 students are old enough to remember 9/11, and almost all of them were born after the fact. I feel sorta old.

Sept. 9: I wanted to sleep in this morning, but I was startled awake at 6:30 remembering that I never unloaded the groceries from the car yesterday, and Josh had already taken it to work this morning! whoops...

Sept. 9: I asked my kindergarten students yesterday what another emotion or feeling is besides happiness. One of the kids raised his hand and said "my parents are running out of money". Yes, I guess that is an emotion....

Sept. 10: At Ammon's football game today in Anaconda MT, I shouted out "We love you" to his team. A boy on the other team began making fun of me--out loud, and then to his friends. I was appalled, and I was so sick of the cheap shots he was taking, so I yelled at him and called him a "Sasquatch". Then I got yelled at by the ref, I yelled back at the ref, then the mom yelled at me, and I yelled back at the mom. Who won the argument?

Sept. 11: watched "Moulin Rouge" tonight for the 'very first time' and loooooooved it!!

Sept. 12: Am I in the wrong profession if every Monday I begin counting down the days til the weekend?

Sept. 13: I wish there were a few more hours in the day...just so I could sleep just a little bit longer!

Sept. 14: I wish I could update my status with something other than teaching...but nothing else comes to mind anymore.

Sept. 15: Finally watched "17 Miracles" tonight and cried and cried and cried!

Sept. 16: 4 days a week, I deal with 300 students. 3 days a week, I just have to deal with 4. Amazing how sometimes the 300 is actually a little bit easier than just the 4... Why do Friday mornings have to be such a battle?

Sept. 17: the most important thing we must learn...is to love and be loved in return. Also, I feel a karaoke coming on...

Sept. 17: I love looking at photos of happy times...they put a smile on my face and fill my heart with gladness!

Sept. 18: my hubby Josh made and baked some delicious cookies tonight! what a pleasant treat! i sure love that man!!!

Sept. 19: Before saying the prayer on the food tonight, Kanyon waited for everyone to be reverent. And then he loudly exclaimed "SHUT YOUR EYES, Dad!" It was so funny! We all laughed! And then he told us all to not laugh when we pray! That 4 year old is sure a cutie at times!

Sept. 20: Happy Day!!! Glee's new season is premiering, Josh made dinner tonight, DADT (Don't Ask Don't Tell) is officially gone, and I ended the work day with a smile!

Sept. 21: so proud of Ammon's football playing abilities! it was a great game tonight!

Sept. 22: I  wanna pour me something tall and strong... (I poured me a big ole glass of water, after having tons of caffeine today to make it through the day!!)

Sept. 23: Happy #8 to my twins Jonah and Micah!!!! One more week and we're having a double baptism! I can't believe it's been so long since they were born...

Sept. 24: Ammon is finishing up hunters ed at the shooting range today! He passed his test last night, too! Can't wait for when he can start shooting some of the dear that eat our apples and pumpkins and poop all over our yard!!!

Sept. 25: I really liked today.

Sept. 26: Hooray For Monday!!! Every Monday in school, all my classes do an "HFM" (Hooray for Monday) sharing time, where they each share something fun with the class that they did over the weekend. After 4 weeks of doing this, they are all really getting into it. I loved listening to what my students said today!!!

Sept. 27: i feel so paper thin...like a house of cards...one move from caving in... (and today I caved....the tears finally came after dealing with a group of kindergartners. But, after eating some chocolate and downing some ice cream and caffeine, I feel better!!!)

Sept. 28: I'm so in love with Josh! Good thing I married him! Also, Ammon's football team won their first game tonight!!! Go orange!

Sept. 29: soaked for an hour in a hot tub tonight...almost made the 3-hour drive with noisy kids worth it. almost.

Sept. 30: Tomorrow the twins are getting baptized! 12:30 in Salmon! Anybody want to come?! Hardly anyone is coming from our family...so any friends are welcome to join us to help make the boys feel loved on their special day!

Oct. 1: I had such a wonderful day! The twins' baptism was amazing, the dinner with family at our home afterwards was awesome, and seeing "The Help" in the theater tonight with friends was awe-inspiring!

Oct. 2: Finished canning corn today! We shucked 150 ears of corn, and I've got 30 freezer quarts of it!!! And that wasn't even HALF of our crop of it! I love this year's bounteous harvest!!

Oct. 3: 3 Cheers of Joy: it's a 3-day work week, it's Ammon's last week of football, and October has arrived!

Oct. 4: SOOO glad that GLEE was on tonight! I needed to check-out of life for a little bit, and it was the perfect answer! Wow...that last song on the show was incredible! It made the whole episode worth it!

Oct. 6: Hooray for a 4-day weekend. So much time, so little to do... No, scratch that! Too much to do and it seems like too little time to do it all!!!

Oct. 7: Ammon's in the homecoming parade today with his football team. We are all SO excited to see the parade! I just wish the weather would cooperate...it's much too cold right now!

Oct. 7: The boys just helped me finish picking ALL the rest of the apples and the pears off the trees! Yay for harvest! Now I've got to get it cooked! What a perfect way to make the house warm on a cold fall day!

Oct. 8: The sun has arrived! And just in time for Ammon's last football game today! Hooray!

Oct. 8: I want to get off of this emotional roller coaster ride. 

Oct. 13: The Lil' Munchkins' Patch of Pumpkins opens TOMORROW! It will be open every Friday and Saturday from 11-5 til the end of October. Pick pumpkins from the field for just 15 CENTS/lb.! We also have a haybale maze, cinderella pumpkin carriage photo backdrop, outdoor photo scenery, fresh pumpkin pies, and guessing contests for discounts and prizes! Come on out! We have so much fun!!!

Oct. 15: Just picked a pumpkin from the patch yesterday, processed it this morning, and am making true fresh pumpkin pie right now to sell at our pumpkin patch today! yum yum yum!

Oct. 16: When ward boundaries change, it seems to feel like death to me. I experience mourning, denial, sadness, tears, anger, and acceptance. Right now I'm in the mourning phase. 

Oct. 17: Getting ready to sing in the Salmon Idol Jr. Show tomorrow as a "special" musical number with two of my besties. I wish this week-long cold and sore throat and runny nose would go away already!

Oct. 18: Performing tonight was SO MUCH FUN!!! 

Oct. 19: I'm in love with the colors of fall. Autumn is so gloriously gorgeous! Also, I love DVR.

Oct. 20: I've had all 300 of my students guessing all this week on how much a pumpkin weighs that I brought in to school from our patch! The winner gets to keep the pumpkin! And surprisingly I had 4 winners! So now I gotta bring in more pumpkins to school for them! It's been so fun seeing their guesses that have ranged between 1 and 250,000 pounds!

Oct. 21: We just ate homemade French Onion Soup with onions out of our garden. SOOO yummy and filling!!!

Oct. 22: SOOO glad the sun came out and turned the cold morning into a beautiful afternoon! Because of it, we had an AWESOME day at the Pumpkin Patch!!! Thanks to all of you who came out! We enjoyed seeing your family having happy times here!

Oct. 23: My to-do list for the day includes: balancing my checkbook (i haven't done it since june and i keep putting it off), making apple crisp, doing lesson plans for next week, watching Amazing Race, and going nowhere! I love Stake Conference Sunday!!!

Oct. 23: On the mornings when I floss my teeth, pluck my eyebrows, AND shave my legs, I feel like I lose 5 lbs.!!! 

Oct. 24: Today I wore fuzzy pajama pants to school because the dress-up day for drug-free week was "wear sweatpants". I loved it so much! I wish I could wear pajama pants EVERY day to school!!!

Oct. 26: Oh what fun it is to sing Halloween songs all day long! Yay!

Oct. 27: I'm excited for the church Halloween party tonight! I love any reason to dress up, eat good food, and hang out with friends! 

Oct. 28: I am so excited for the Salmon HS Football team tonight as they are playing the first round of playoffs on their home field!!!!

Oct. 29: Just finishing up baking my last two fresh pumpkin pies made from pumpkins from our patch to sell in the pumpkin patch today!!! In the last 15 days, I've made 12 of these babies! I'm happy Thanksgiving isn't for another month because I'm all pied out!!!

Oct. 30: Carving pumpkins with the family today--and not a day too late, either!

Oct. 31: What was I thinking...wearing high heels for 12 hours straight just to make my feet look good for my costume. My feet HATE me right now!!!! Stupid, Kala, stupid! But...even so, I had a great Halloween! Too much fun packed into one day!

Nov. 1: I get to scratch lottery tickets tomorrow at the "Scratch for Schools" event to hopefully win lots of money for our Pioneer elementary school! I'm excited to go and I hope luck is on my side!

Nov. 4: Putting away all the Halloween decorations today...and pulling out the Thanksgiving ones. Even though I'm already singing Christmas music, I refuse to skip over Thanksgiving by decorating for Christmas already! I can't believe all the stores already have their Christmas stuff out, too.

Nov. 5: It's 1:00 on a Saturday, and the only things I've accomplished so far today are sleeping in, playing Super Mario on the wii with my boys, and doing a blog post. Not very productive...but SOOO enjoyable!!!

Nov. 6: Just booked a room for two at the Destinations Inn for Josh's birthday!!! So freakin excited about that!

Nov. 8: I asked my music classes today if they knew what holiday was going to be this Friday. In one of the 4th grade classes, the answers were Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. In one of the 1st grade classes, the answers were vetantines and san pats day. I told them all that it's called VETERANS day!!! And to that response, a 2nd grader said "I know what a VET is! He takes care of my dog!". Silly kids...

Nov. 9: I love that it's the TV season for new episodes: Glee, Top Chef, Amazing Race! Yes, Please!!!

Nov. 10: I love the Tijuana Surprise Soup at Bertrams!

Nov. 11: Thank you veterans, including my brother, dad, and grandpa. I talked to all my students this week about what a veteran is, and I was proud to tell them that my family members were veterans, too!

Nov. 12: Paid for my first full-body massage yesterday. It was lovely!

Nov. 13: Made some pumpkin cheesecake as the finale for Josh's week-long birthday celebration. We all can't wait to eat it today! Kanyon even prayed on Thursday "bless that daddy will like his cheesecake", so I KNOW it's gonna be good!!!

Nov. 16: After serving in the elementary school PTO Presidency for 5 years (President for 3), I just resigned. I have mixed feelings...a heavy heart and a happy heart.

Nov. 17: So stinkin excited for the midnight premiere of twilight tonight!!! It's what's gotten me through this week!

Nov. 18: That was my favorite twilight movie yet!!!! And while I was at the movies last night, it snowed and snowed and the boys are playing in two inches of white wonderland this morning! I'm just lovin today so far!

Nov. 19: technology frustrates me...errors in technology that can't be fixed frustrate me tenfold. argh.

Nov. 21: i loved singing Thanksgiving songs with my students at school today! 3 cheers for a 2-day work week!

Nov. 22: School's out!!! And I can't wait to host my first Thanksgiving in my home since I was married!

Nov. 23: must. thaw. turkey. must. clean. house. if you do them, they will come.

Nov. 24: eek! I just saw a mouse!

Nov. 30: I loved the music on last night's GLEE. Especially the slow version of "girls just wanna have fun" that Finn sang...amazing!!!

Dec. 2: Now that the tree is cut, set up, and decorated---we are putting up all the rest of the Christmas decorations today!

Dec. 3: We finally just finished eating the rest of the Thanksgiving leftovers tonight!

Dec. 6: I find myself counting down every work day as just one day closer to Christmas vacation. Getting out of school on the 15th is wonderful, but trying to cram everything into these next to weeks is just Ca-razy!!!

Dec. 7: Wednesdays are always my longest/hardest days at school. I'm always glad when hump day has passed in the week!!

Dec. 8: I can't believe we fit it all in tonight...Ammon's first junior high dance, Ammon's scouts, My work Christmas party, Josh refereed a high school basketball game, and the boys and I shopped main street's after hours event!

Dec. 9: I love our Christmas tree this year! It's so beautiful and big and full! And the blue and silver decorations look perfect on it!

Dec. 14: I was so excited for this week's Glee episode when I saw the previews for it last week...but I was disappointed when I saw it tonight. But...I was definitely NOT disappointed in Ammon's band concert tonight--he did a great job playing the trumpet and his band group sounded awesome!

Dec. 15: [Posted by Josh] Great job to the Kindergarten Christmas Program performers, their music teacher Kala Tolman, and the narrator Joey Foote! You all did AWESOME! It was inspiring, and fun to watch!

Dec. 16: Marathon week has ended! Whew....I survived. I felt like the energizer bunny all week, but I ran out of batteries yesterday morning and didn't think I would make it! Also, Ammon's last basketball game was tonight and he did awesome! He scored 20 points for his team!! Way to go, son!

Dec. 17: I feel so blessed to have awesome friends, an amazing husband, and adorable children!

Dec. 19: Played a new game tonight called "Things". LOOOVED it!!! I love game night: eating snacks, being among friends, playing and competing, and laughing hilariously!

Dec. 20: The presents are wrapped and under the tree, so now I want to do something for me.

Dec. 21: I'm so happy! It snowed in Salmon last night, we are headed to Utah today, and I loved my blog post this morning.

Dec. 22: Went indoor ice skating today with our family and my brother's family. Josh and I haven't gone ice skating in 15 years! And we've never gone together! I was horrible--he was fantastic! The boys all surpassed my abilities (even 4-year-old Kanyon) but I still had so much fun! I loved today!

Dec. 23: Going to visit temple square today with our family, gonna pick up my Christmas present at Ikea, and then drive through Willard Bay on the way back to Tremonton to see their lights display. It should be another great day!!!

Dec. 24: The boys are all nestled snug in their beds, and I'm so excited to sleep in my own bed tonight! I love spending Christmas Eve in my own home!

Dec. 25: Loved today! Happy Christmas to all! And to all, a good night!

Dec. 26: The tree and all the Christmas decorations are down and out of the house! It took all day, and it felt like a work-out! Whew...

Dec. 27: Rearranging furniture today! It makes me so happy! (and my husband so grumpy)

Dec. 28: I LOVE Christmas Break! I've been sleeping in and blogging every day!

Dec. 29: i love eggnog.

Dec. 30: The debate over today's agenda: Drive a half hour to go sledding at the top of the mountains where there's snow or Drive an hour to a hot springs with a lap pool?

Dec. 31: love clean sheets