Saturday, February 28, 2009

Super Fun Bowl Party

We hosted a little party for SuperBowl XLIII. We had a few friends over: John A. and David & Gina H. & their kids. We had some great food: crab-layer dip, Lil' smokies, fruit & creamy dip, and chips and salsa and cheesy dip. And we had a little contest: when everyone arrived, I asked them what team they thought would win: the Arizona Cardinals or the Pittsburg Steelers, and had them predict the score. (note: I thought the contest would make the football game more fun since neither I, John, Gina, or David are really into football!!)Some of the commercials were hilarious, like: the Budweiser one where the Clydesdale fetches a bigger stick than the dog, or the Coca-Cola one where the bugs took the Coke bottle from the sleeping picnicker, or the Grease Monkey one. (note: John used to think Grease Monkey was a restaurant. That's maybe why I remember that commercial as being so funny!) The half-time entertainment of Bruce Springstein was a little disappointing; I love his music, but I think his prime has past. The final score of the game was: Steelers, 27 and Cardinals, 23.
Jonah won the "Super-sized-Bowl" of No Bake Cookies for his predicted score of 24-21, which was the closest to the actual score. John won a "Symphony" bar as a consolation prize for his predicted score of 36-46 , the furthest from the final score. We had a great evening together...but then, Good Food plus Good Friends (and a little Football) always equals Fun!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Seriously, sometimes kids say the darndest things that bring out that unexpected moment of happiness in the midst of chaos.
I had several errands today, and at the grocery store stop, Jonah said "Mom, I want a fruit-fro-up". "Fruit Frowup?" I asked. "No, a Fruit FRO-UP!", he replied. "Ohhh, a fruit roll-up!!!"
After we got home from all our harried errands and the baby was ready to blow a gasket, I put Kanyon back in his room for a nap, and came out to the living room where Micah was building blocks. "Whew, the baby was sure crying a lot today", I told him. "I know, that's why I want a different baby", he said. What? I couldn't believe that, so I said "Micah, you would miss the baby if he was gone." He said nothing. "What are you building?" I asked him. "Norick City" was his reply. He was building tall towers of blocks to replicate New York City!!!
Kids...they can be the worst part of my day, and they are also definitely the best! They make me want to pull my hair out (most of it has fallen out anyways), and they also make me laugh the hardest, smile the biggest, and love the most!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ice Fishing

Every year in Salmon, the Fish & Game, along with other businesses, sponsor a kids' ice fishing derby. This was a first for Jonah and Micah, but Ammon's third. Each one of our boys have been taught how to fish by their Grandpa Perkins. Grandpa taught Ammon the summer of 2006, so the following January, Ammon went to his first ice fishing derby. Since Grandpa taught Jonah and Micah this past summer, this derby was their first ice fishing experience.
Ammon, the experienced Ice Fisherboy

On that Saturday morning, I watched Josh (yes that's right, I stayed home where it was nice and cozy with the baby) as he packed up food and drinks, took some camping chairs, got a portable heater, prepared all the fishing gear, and made sure the kids were dressed warmly from head to toe. It was obvious that he'd gone before and knew just what was needed for the
several-hour, roughing-it-in-the freezing-cold, fishing-in-the-hole experience.
All the holes on the frozen pond had already been augered, and after arriving and signing up at registration, the boys found an available hole and started fishing.
Jonah, braving the cold

Micah, hoping for a fish (see all the crowds of people that ACTUALLY give up a Saturday morning to sit outside in the cold for a few hours around a hole in the ground!)

Jonah and Micah had a hard time just sitting by their hole the entire time. They ventured around, slid on their tummies and butts on a snow-covered hill, and Micah accidentally stepped in one of the holes in the pond. Luckily Josh (the Eagle Scout) knew just what to do! Unfortunately, none of our boys caught any fish this year. But, they all came home with prizes: a fishing patch, new hooks, a fish ruler, some magnets and stickers, and some sugary treats!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pinewood Derby

At the end of January, two local scout troops combined for the annual Pinewood Derby. This was Ammon's second year participating in the event. Last year, he took a green car (his favorite color) all decked out in stickers with a lego-man driver.
This year, he spent more time planning specifically how he wanted it to look. He helped Josh decide on a shape, and he helped with sanding it. He chose to paint it the colors of the NFL Patriots team: blue, red, and white.

The derby was so much better organized this year! When we arrived, they weighed his car and gave us a few extra weights so that everyone's cars were the same. Then they assigned him a number (which was #1!!!) and the scouts and their cars competed two at a time, using a double bracket system.

We had a lot of fun! Ammon did so well; he finished 5th of 13 racers. At the end, the leaders gave all the boys a mounted plaque for their cars to be placed on.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Super Star #2

Micah was the Super Star at preschool the last week in January. He helped me make a poster about him to share with the class.Micah took Butterscotch pudding for his class to make together and eat. His teacher Miss Savanna helped him make a crown with his name on it. When it was time, we talked about all the photos on our poster. Then he took the Star wand and picked one child at a time to ask him a question. Micah's favorite colors are red and orange and green.
His favorite place to eat is McDonalds.
His favorite food is macaroni and cheese with hot dogs.
He likes playing with cars.
He is really good at putting puzzles together.
He enjoys camping and playing with his brothers.
Micah has an awesome smile and is very smart and has a great memory.

Super Star #1

Jonah was the SuperStar for a week at preschool last month. He helped me make a poster about him to share with the class.
He took chocolate pudding for the kids in his class to make together and eat! His teacher Miss Darla helped him make a crown with his name on it. When it was time to talk about the poster, we shared with everyone what the photos were about. Then Jonah used a star wand to choose one child at a time to ask him a question.
Jonah's favorite colors are blue and black and green.
His favorite place to eat is McDonalds.
His favorite foods are lasagna and pizza.
He likes to play with cars.
He is very good at playing Nintendo.
He enjoys camping and playing with his brothers.
Jonah has a terrific laugh and he has a good sense of humor and is great at telling stories.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I hope...

that I never forget the joy I feel while watching my children play.

Monday, February 2, 2009

and one more makes four

Jonah has been giving the Tooth Fairy job security with four teeth now in the last four months!