Thursday, July 31, 2008

Grandma's Cooking Class for Kids...


During our Fish Lake vacation, while Grandpa was busily entertaining the kids on the fish boat, Grandma spent just as much time entertaining the kids in the kitchen. She prepared three fun treats that they got to learn how to make and take part in creating each day!

Creating Cinnamon Knots...

Creating Frosted Cupcakes...

Eating Worms straight from Dirt!...

The kids had a lot of fun! They totally loved it! Thanks Grandma!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fishing at Fish Lake with the Fishers...


Last week, we went on our big family vacation of the summer to the first Perkins Reunion. My parents hosted it this year at a rental cabin in Fish Lake, Utah - which is in southern/central Utah near Richfield.
It is over an 8 hour drive from Salmon, so we decided to leave Kanyon home because he doesn't do well being strapped in a carseat, especially for that length of time. Ammon was so excited to meet his Fisher cousins from Virginia that he has never seen! Jonah and Micah were so excited to go fishing for the first time! Grandpa bought them both new fishing rods and they couldn't wait to try them out! For weeks prior to the vacation, they would count down the days until they could go "Fishing at Fish Lake with the Fishers"!! Grandpa rented a large pontoon boat and everyone enjoyed being on the lake and the kids loved going fishing. He even let all the grandkids take turns driving the boat, which they absolutely loved! Thanks Grandpa!
Although the men never caught a large trout (there were a few close calls!), the children caught dozens of Perch. It was delightful to see them so thrilled to be fishermen! We threw the majority of them back in the lake, but it was such an awesome experience to see them catching so many and being so excited about it!

My sister Lisa and her husband Mack brought their two boys, and my brother Mick and his wife Jen brought their three girls, and my sisters Tawna and Trina were there. We were missing 4 family members: Kanyon, my brother Cody and his wife BreAnne, and my sister Tabbi. So all in all, 18 people were there! It was such a fabulous vacation, we all wish it could have been a little longer! (Isn't that how good vacations are supposed to feel?!)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Welcome Home!

After being on vacation for 5 days, these are 3 things that I was super happy to be welcomed home by:

My Littlest Boy (we didn't take him with us this time, and we were SOOO happy to see him again!)
My Comfortable King Bed (always a welcome sight after sleeping in hotel beds)
Our Cherry Tree (it's at that almost-ripe-enough-to-pick stage!!!)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bella-Mia and Micah's calamities

Last year, our mare horse QT foaled a little earlier than we expected. Mia was born in March; we named her Mia (pronounced Meea) because she was a PreMie. After several weeks, we moved QT and Mia into the small pasture by our house. Jonah and Micah became very friendly with the horses, a little too friendly - they became comfortable playing by the horses in the pasture. One day in May, Mia kicked Micah and broke his nose and cut his face between the nose and mouth.

Mia is now weaned from her mother, and she and the neighbor's horse Bella are now in that same small pasture. When Josh moved them there a couple of weeks ago, the twins were so excited! They immediately ran out to the fence and started petting them. Jonah gets a high voice whenever he talks to them, like he's talking to an infant. It's so cute! Micah has no fears towards Mia, which surprises me. He says they are friends! Any time we leave home, Jonah and Micah like to yell to them "Bye Bella, Bye Mia!" (Mia is the black and white paint horse, and Bella is the brown one)

I was looking for a recent photo of Micah to show how his scar has healed, and saw this one from July 4 weekend. No, Micah did not have a fight or get kicked by the horse again. He got bit many times by mosquitos. (yes, I did use repellant) Jonah and Micah are both allergic to mosquito bites. They swell up something fierce! See the little pink line underneath his left nostril? That's the little reminder that the accident really did happen. I personally am afraid of horses, but I am grateful that the incident last year wasn't worse than it was, and I am so glad that he still loves Mia and still likes horses.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Green Goggle Boy

Today marked the end of Ammon's swimming lessons for this summer.

Last year, the pool had to close just 2 days into his lessons due to mechanical problems. So this year he took two rounds to make up for it. In June he took Beginner II, and for the past two weeks he's been taking Advanced Beginner. He's improved so much this year, and it has worked out so great having lessons back-to-back because he's really retained what he's learned. His greatest accomplishment was being able to jump off and dive off the diving board and swim to the side without wearing a life jacket or needing the lifeguard to catch him. He kept trying to run off the diving board before diving, but it always ended up in a belly flop! OUCH! So, he learned that it worked best to walk to the edge of the board before attempting to dive!
The boys enjoy staying up late and sleeping in during the summer. Since Ammon didn't want to have to wake up any earlier than necessary, he made sure each night before that he had the 3 essentials ready for the next morning: green swimming shorts, green towel made by Grandma, and green goggles. (Guess what his favorite color is?!) He couldn't find his goggles the first morning of lessons, and had a difficult time swimming, so he didn't make that mistake again! Those green goggles always made it easy for us to spot him in the pool too!

We are so proud of him and how well he has done! Next year will be the end of lessons for him, and the beginning for Jonah and Micah!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Do you see what I see?

My boys love to read the I Spy, Search & Find, and Where's Waldo books. When they bring those books home from the library, or pull one of those types of books off the shelf at home, I find myself staring for hours at pages searching for all the listed items! I thought I would play it with you and see how you fare!

"Can You See What I See, American Edition!"
On my previous post about Independence Day, do you see:
1. An American Flag
2. A BLUE baseball cap
3. 2 WHITE socks with 2 RED stripes
4. A star
5. 3 Army tanks
6. The number 1
7. Our own little grand Kanyon x4
8, 9, & 10. The letters "U", "S", and "A", using a different picture for each letter

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth = Family, Fireworks, Fun, & Freedom!!!

We had a totally terrific Independence Day 2008! It started on Thursday with the parade in Salmon. The boys took their buckets and got some candy and several Otter Pops thrown to them! It was a nice, hot day and at the end of the parade, a Fire Truck hosed everyone down, and Ammon LOVED that!

Josh's sister Tiffany arrived with her family on Thursday night. We all went to eat at the Baldwin's who were hosting the Batz family reunion (they are Josh's cousins). On Friday, Josh's brother Gideon arrived with his friends Joe and Alyssa. Now that everyone was here, the Tolman Sibling Reunion was ready to begin! A huge game of Lightning (or as Joe and Alyssa like to call it "Knock-Out") lasted for a couple hours. We had a lot of people play! Grandpa, Josh, Kala, Gideon, Joe, Alyssa, Malachi, Jessalyn, and Ammon. Wow! We all sweat and ran and laughed and enjoyed it! Sorry, there's no picture of it-this is a photo from a round we played in May with just Josh, Gid, Mal, & Ammon.

Grandpa borrowed the Harris' (more cousins) barrel train, and pulled the grandkids around in it with the 4-wheeler all afternoon.

That night we watched the Salmon fireworks from Dump Hill. I think it's strange that that's the location where they set them off, but hey, what do I know? I'm from Utah where they set them off at a park so everyone can see them comfortably! It was an excellent 15 minute display, probably the best I've seen here. This is a shot of one of the "bombs bursting in air".

On Saturday, we had a nice lunch together with Malachi's friends the Whittiers. Then the adults played "Cranium" and "Taboo". I'm sad to say that the boys creamed the girls at Cranium!

All the grandkids had their photo taken together before Tiffany's family left. We decided to take it just as they were: dirty, wet, and happy to be at Grandma's!!!

Then Josh and I took our 3 older boys and Joe to see the BIG event: the demolition derby!!! The twins thought it was too loud! Ammon loved it, of course! Our neighbor Brian won the beer heat, and got a cooler of beer! Yeah for Brian! (His is the black car on the left backing into the beastly pink car)

We returned from the demo derby to have our own fireworks in Grandma's yard. Josh and Mal were the official lighters!

Everyone got to bed very late after night games. The next morning, this was the display. It looks like a big hangover of what took place the night before!

Happy Fourth of July! Hip Hip Hooray for Freedom and Independence! Like Joe said at the reunion, "we should celebrate this cause every day, well, minus the fireworks"!!! We are so lucky to live in this wonderful country, and I am so grateful for all the men and women who have made this country a free one. I am ecstatic to celebrate that!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My First TAG

Thanks to my sister Tawna for tagging me for the first time! I will get you back! This was very interesting and very thought-provoking for me. Instead of just making it about me, I'm doing it on behalf of my family! Well, here goes:


20 Years Ago:
1. Kala just finished 4th grade in Tremonton, which was the first year she lived there.
2. Kala's family got a new car: a GMC Astro Van. This was a big event for the Perkins family because they traded the orange VW Bus to get it, a car that my family had owned for YEARS and was fondly called the "Perkins Pumpkin" by the neighborhood!
3. Josh completed the 6th grade and took band for the first time, learning to play the trumpet.

10 Years Ago:
1. Kala completed two semesters of college at SUU in Cedar City and then subsequently quit--after getting two scholarships to get there: theatrical and academic!
2. Josh bought his first home in Tremonton, and worked two jobs to pay for it: fertilizer and diesel mechanic.
3. Kala and Josh were married in the Logan Temple.

5 Years Ago:
1. Kala was driving the 2 1/2 hours quite frequently to visit the OB/GYN in Idaho Falls to have many ultrasounds of the twins' pregnancy.
2. Josh went to Yellowstone National Park for the first time, even though he's lived in Idaho his entire life!
3. Ammon was going to daycare while mommy worked at the credit union full-time, and his best friends were Dillon, Kaitlyn, and Evie.

3 Years Ago:
1. Kala went to Seattle for the first time to see her brother Cody get married. She visited the SpaceNeedle and Pike's Market while there.
2. Josh coached High School Cross Country by himself - the previous 2 years he had assistant coaches.
3. Ammon was getting ready to start Kindergarten in the afternoons. Jonah and Micah were just learning to walk.

1 year ago:
1. Kala gave birth to Kanyon, and after her first real attempt with breast feeding, she quit after 4 months because he was allergic to milk.
2. Josh was finally released from being the Scout Master after 5 years, and got called to the Young Men's Presidency instead.
3. Ammon completed his first year of Little League Baseball (a step-up from T-Ball). Jonah and Micah finished their first year of Preschool at the Child Development Center.

So far this year:
1. Kala has hit her ultimate latest time at group scrapbooking of 5:00 am.
2. Josh took Kala to England and visited people that he met on his mission there 11 years ago.
3. Ammon was baptized by his dad. Jonah and Micah found more eggs at the annual Easter Egg Hunt than their older brother and cousin-an absolute first for them! Kanyon turned 1, and we celebrated with a giant sheet of brownies made by Grandma.

1. Kala lost at a game of Cranium at the Tolman party (it was boys versus girls).
2. Josh lit all the family's fireworks for our entertainment when it got dark.
3. Ammon played Wii with his cousins. Jonah and Micah went to their first demolition derby. Kanyon liked watching a water fight.

1. Kala skipped church because the boys all went to bed late and Micah's face was completely swollen from mosquito bites.
2. Josh helped his dad work on the Swather.
3. Ammon, Jonah, Micah all drove 4-wheelers this evening. Kanyon took a long nap during the day.

1. Kala will be doing laundry, chauffering the kids, making breakfast lunch and dinner, and checking her email a couple of times.
2. Josh will go to work at 5 am, come home in the afternoon, cut hay with the swather for several hours, and change sprinkler pipe in the evening.
3. Ammon will start his second round of swimming lessons for the summer. Jonah and Micah's chore is vacuuming the living room. Kanyon will be happy when dad comes home from work.

In the next year:
1. Kala will be the elementary school's PTO President.
2. Josh will serve his first year of a 3 year term on the School Board.
3. Ammon will start playing in state jr. golf tournaments. Jonah and Micah will be working on another year of preschool since they have September birthdays and can't start Kindergarten just yet. Kanyon will be speaking in sentences (well, we hope he will at least start using more words!)

TAG: D'Neill, Emily H., and Heather C.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

365 days ago

My mom took this photo of My dad, Uncle Fred, Grandma Perkins, Grandpa Perkins, and sisters: Tabbi, Lisa, Tawna, Katrina, and Kala with Kanyon.

Last year at this time, I was visiting my Grandma and Grandpa Perkins in Spokane. My grandparents birthdays are July 4 and July 6; they turned 90 and 91. That is so amazing in itself. My dad did something so neat: he paid for my sister to fly in from Virginia, he paid for my gas to drive up, and my other sisters and my parents all came. We surprised my grandparents for their birthdays! It was SOOO awesome! I hadn't visited them at their house for 9 years, and I hadn't seen my sister Lisa for 12 years. It was so special to see my grandparents, and to have all of us sisters be together for it. We had a great time eating, visiting, and being together. Uncle Fred was there from Virginia as well, and Cody and BreAnne stopped by for a bit on their way to Utah. A real treat was when I went shopping with my Grandma and Tawna just like old times. Another great event was seeing the fireworks over the Lake Coeur d'Alene. It was a very memorable trip that I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of, and I will treasure the memories forever.
But, that meant that I was gone for the 4th of July festivities with my own family. The three older boys stayed home with Josh and were taken care of during the day by family and friends. It was the second time since moving to Salmon that we missed the Demolition Derby - a HUGE event in Salmon! (Side note: the only other time was when my brother got married in Seattle in 2005.) All last summer, Ammon kept asking when we were going to it, and we never had the heart to tell him that it was already over. Today we went to the parade, tomorrow we will play with the cousins and visit family, tomorrow night we will see the fireworks, and Saturday night we will go to the Demo Derby! I can't wait! It will be the first time that Jonah and Micah get to go, and they are so excited! And of course, Ammon is definitely planning on attending it! Our neighbor Bryan enters the Derby every year, and we have already checked out his very loud, spray-painted, beast of a car! Hooray for good old-fashioned fun! Aren't traditions great?!

P.S. I realized after I posted this blog that I incorrectly titled it. Duh, Kala, it's Leap Year. So, the correct title should be "366 days ago"! But I am choosing to not correct it, because it sounds better the way it incorrectly is!