Thursday, March 20, 2008

The art (or stupidity) of being hypnotized!

Last Friday, a Hypnotist came to town. My husband bought tickets for him and I to go to the show, because he had never been to one before. Growing up, I had been to several. I never believed in it, but went along because he actually bought tickets for us to go on a date together-which is somewhat rare for him to do.
So we arrived, and our friends came and sat by us, and the Hypnotist began with a comedy act. He was hilarious, and we had a great time. After intermission, he began the hypnotist act. My friend Celyn wanted me to go up, but I said no. I asked Hailey if she wanted to go, but she said no. I asked Celyn if she wanted to go, and we agreed that we would go up together, Celyn and I. Everyone else who volunteered was still in high school and under the age of 18. Mind you, I am 28. Old enough to know better.

The hypnotist began his schpiel to get us to go to sleep. Celyn woke up after a few minutes of going under because of a loud noise and someone falling in her lap. That left me alone up there with teenagers. Which I was completely unaware of. Needless to say, I did the stupidest things, in front of hundreds of people in the community that I knew and didn’t know. He had us taking off our shoes and socks. We rubbed the stinky things (shoes) on our heads. We put the wet, nasty socks on our hands and sang the sponge bob song. We danced like belly dancers, acted like cows, supposedly got spit up on by a person chewing tobacco. To which I flipped the guy off, (and apparently the entire audience). It got so hot, I was trying to take my shirt off. I was so cold, I grabbed the guy next to me for warmth and held on for dear life. The list goes on and on.

After the hypnotist show ended, I went up and sat by Josh in the stands. I was in a daze. It felt like I just woke up too early from a nap, and I am a completely nasty person in the mornings and when I am awakened early from sleeping. So everyone around me is asking me questions, and I rudely reply to them all "I was just sleeping. Sleeping and sweating." Goll, I just wanted to be left alone. It takes me a while to get out of the daziness phase, and that night was no exception.

The hypnotist had played tricks on each person, and when he said the word "passion" I was to kiss my husband like he was the only man in the world for me and I wanted him with all my being. As soon as he said it, it was like I was a possessed rabid mad dog or something. I literally jumped onto my husband and for 30 seconds my tongue was down his throat and I was all over him. My friend recorded it on her cell phone and I couldn’t believe what I saw! Josh thought he was going to suffocate to death. But he also said it was the best kiss of his life!! I am an extremely timid kisser. I rarely use tongue. It was so unlike me, truly.
In the beginning, I couldn’t remember anything that happened. Later that night, I would hear or see something, and it reminded me of these dreams that I had. It was as if it was all a dream. And then it hit me a few days later. As I thought about that kiss, and then watched the video of it, I realized that that person wasn’t me. I WAS hypnotized. And then I felt like a complete idiot. Salmon is a small town, with about 3000 residents. But news travels very quickly here. Ever since that night, no matter where I go, people (many of which I don’t even know) talk to me about how hilarious they thought I was. People call me everyday telling me they had the best laugh of their lives watching me. Many people tell me they weren’t even there that night, but they "heard ALL about it". Lovely. I feel like a celebrity, and not the good type. I feel like Britney Spears or someone like that, a celebrity that everyone knows and ridicules.

Hypnotization is such a strange sensation. Needless to say, I will NEVER volunteer for anything like that again. I just can’t wait for the next idiot to make headlines, so that I can come out of hiding again!