Monday, January 21, 2008

2007 Christmas-time Rhyme

I spent hours creating our Christmas newsletter this year. It turned out pretty good and I am so proud of it that I am posting it!!!

D is for Dad, Josh is his name,
Doesn't matter which kind, sports are his game!
He coaches both H.S. cross country & little league baseball teams,
He refs basketball, watches football, and his work (play) at the golf course makes him beam!

Q is for Queen, since she's the only female in the home,
Kala claims the house with its day-to-day tasks as her throne.
She volunteers for PTO, MOPS, the county fair committee, and more.
She sings, scrapbooks, cares for the children, and washes the dishes and laundry galore!

A is for Ammon, at the age of 7 he's our oldest son.
He excels in math and reading in 2nd grade, and he's a talented one:
He plays piano, golf, and baseball, rides his bike, and likes to fish.
His loves are Pokemon, his friends, Nintendo, and the Satellite Dish!

J is for Jonah, twin number one of two.
The family celebrated their 4th birthday at the Hogle Zoo.
M is for Micah, the second twin,
He is full of mischief with a sneaky grin.
They go to preschool and get to ride the bus each day,
They sing the ABC's, and the numbers and colors they can say.
They like to play with cars & trucks, dig in the dirt pile, and help on the farm.
They enjoy being read to and have fun wrestling (which always brings harm!)

K is for Kanyon, who arrived in February as son number four,
Which means our family is full--there will be no more!
He's a busy boy; he crawls, stands, loves to eat, and explores.
He likes music, the cats, and his brothers, by whom he is adored.

T is for Tolman, our family of 5 boys and a girl.
We think the year 2007 went by in a whirl!
We went camping, swimming, and vacationed together.
Memories were made that will last forever!
We love you and think of you and wish you the best,
Not just for now, but also next year and all the rest!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My (not Pee Wee Hermans) BIG ADVENTURE!

2008 is going to be a big year for me! Among many other things, it marks the 10 year anniversary of my husband and I! I can't believe we're still together, but I am proud of it!! We had a rough couple of years (well actually 4) but we have really evolved into a marriage that I am grateful and happy to be a part of. So, to celebrate the landmark event, we are going to England for a week in February. This for me is HUGE. I have never been on a plane, I have never been out of the country, and I have never spent that much time alone with my husband. We didn't even go on a real honeymoon (unless you count two nights in a bed and breakfast in Logan).

I CAN'T WAIT! We will be spending time in London and Leeds and Grimsby and Manchester and Preston and a day in Scotland as well. Josh went on his mission to the Leeds England area and we are so excited to visit some of the people and places that he did 11-12 years ago. I have been making plans over the internet and do a little bit of research each day, but it's beginning to consume my life!!! Now that the vacation is creeping up on me, I'm starting to get overwhelmed and apprehensive. But I always do this. I require having events to look forward to get me excited and keep a focus in my life. I look forward to it and plan and organize and itinerize everything until the event draws close, and then I realize how much laundry and packing and all the details that have to be done and then I get bogged down and don't want to go anymore. So now that I've been excited and working towards this for almost a year now, I'm beginning to stress over the little details and beginning to get frazzled! It's just quirky me and the way I work, I guess. But then usually I enjoy myself when I'm on vacation or visiting family or camping, once the details are worked out anyways. So hopefully this will be the best week of my life!!! I am so glad that I convinced my husband to go last March, and to use the so-called tax returns on a positive thing in our life instead of just paying off more bills. Mostly I'm glad, because now that I am in the beginning stages of my "Trip Stress Anxiety" he is convincing me that we definitely need to go!

I CANT WAIT!!! Ten years ago, Josh proposed to me on Valentine's Day, and our plane arrives in London on Valentine's morning. Isn't that awesome!? I'm grateful I get to spend the time with my husband now. I think it's actually better that we are spending the time and money to go now rather than on a honeymoon. We are more comfortable with one another and more mature and more like good friends rather than new lovers. I think I will truly enjoy my surroundings more and appreciate the trip more than when I was a newly married woman. I can't believe that one of my dreams will actually come true! Do you know those goals in the back of your head that you dream of and desire and hope that "some day" they will happen? Well, since my humanities class at S.U.U., I have wanted to go to England and France. They are countries rich with history and beauty.

I CAN'T WAIT!!! I am so excited for the chapter in my life titled "Kala's Big Adventure". Mind you, I adapted it from Pee Wee's movie, but mine is so much more than a glorified bike ride!!!!! (By the way--this really has nothing to do with my blog--I used to love Pee Wee Herman's Playhouse on Saturday mornings.) Stay tuned for the post-trip blog!!!