Thursday, October 10, 2019

June 2019


Josh and I took a motorbike ride down to Challis for their classic car show at the beginning of June. We'd never been to that car show before, but we really enjoyed it! The weather was beautiful, there was lots of different cars, and there was some food booths set up there too which we took advantage of. I loved taking a motorbike ride with Josh to it, too! It was such an enjoyable ride!

We took a jeep ride together up Perreau Creek one evening. The wildflowers and views overlooking Salmon were so pretty!

I got a new t-shirt, and we both happened to wear the 
soda pop t-shirts on the same day!

We took a ride to Iron Lake together one day. The road needed a little clearing at a few points, and there were some thick snow drifts that we had to attack to get across, but we made it in!

At the end of the month, we went on an overnight campout in the jeep for the first time. We drove up to Yellowjacket Lake. It was my first time being there. The drive was long (nearly 3 hours), but the views were gorgeous and we had the campground to ourselves! We got the tent set up, then went on a little walk around the lake, and then watched the sun set over the cliff that overlooked the lake. We made dinner over our campfire, and then went to bed early. We brought the foam pad from the trailer, and put that under our sleeping bags, and that worked wonders! I haven't slept in a tent for years, and I was really worried about it, but I slept great! The only visitors we had to the campground was a curious singular deer that kept circling around our campsite watching us, and a plane the next morning on its way to the Flying B for the breakfast flight. After we packed up, we headed out and drove a little out of the way to go to the entrance to the Bighorn Crags (one of Josh's favorite places on earth!). It was an awesome 2-day excursion, and I'm so glad we went! And surprisingly, for how nervous I was to go, I couldn't wait to go again after we returned!
All packed up and on our way!

There's our doe friend who kept visiting our campsite. 

We passed by this beaver dam next to the road on the way there and back. 


We pruned (and when I say "we", I mean "Josh" pruned, and the rest of us cleared away the limbs and supervised the cuts being made) the maple tree along the ditch. Some of the branches were starting to hang over so low into our yard, that the hedge wasn't getting enough sunlight. The pruning wasn't too major of a job, but because it's such a big tree, it took some finagling for Josh to reach the branches that needed to be pruned: he had to climb up the tree, balance himself, and then hold onto the long-handle chainsaw as he made the cuts. It's always amazing to see him up there, doing a balancing act to get the job done!

I bought a shelf from my friend Hailey after she went out of business. Jason had made the shelf for her store, and I admired it when it was in her store. Originally, I was going to have him build me one in a different size for a designated space in the garage, but then when she said I could buy this from her, I changed the location of where I wanted it to be based on its dimensions. It fits perfectly on the front wall between the garage door and the entrance door. I put all of my holiday boxes on it, because I was tired of having to go to the back of the garage and unstack them all every time I wanted to get into one box. I love its new location! I changed up the back corner after moving the boxes to the front of the garage, too. 
BEFORE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - AFTER
This is the wall between the garage door and the entrance door. 
It has been used for the irrigation boots since its construction. 
Now it has all my holiday storage boxes, so I don't have to go to the back of
the garage every time I need to switch out the monthly & seasonal decorations. 

BEFORE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - AFTER
All the holiday boxes were in the back corner, and then the "grow boxes" were 
stacked in a perpendicular line (you can't see them behind the tarps). Now the 
"grow boxes" are on the back wall, and there's room for the A/C's and 
jeep supplies in the back corner. 

BEFORE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - AFTER
This is a better view of that perpendicular line between the motorcycles and the tool
shelves that had all the grow boxes. Now there's a bench there and a rack for the
irrigation boots and aprons for when the boys change pipe, and it's right next
to their motorcycles, so it's better situated there, too. 

ShopKo went out of business in June, and I kept going shopping there as the deals got better. One day, I picked up a shelf for the storage shed. Even though I had no intention of purchasing a shelf when I walked in the store, it was the perfect fit for the sporting goods and was priced well! I love the way everything fits on the shelf, and all the equipment is so easily accessible, and the shed seems more open, too

I tried to save a few bucks, and thought I could cut Tiki's hair by myself. It seriously took over a week, because she didn't like to sit very long while I trimmed her, so I could only do it for about 10 minutes at a time. First, I used scissors, then I used an old animal trimmer that we have, then I bought a new trimmer, and used that with the help of Josh. It was a big project, but I got it done!! She has some really THICK hair in spots!! I've tried starting this project in previous years, but was never able to finish it. I don't know how often I'll want to do it again in the future, though!! Such a process!

The juniper bush on the terrace was getting so overgrown and needed to be pruned. It took me two days to do it--that sucker was thick and I didn't realize how much overgrowth there was! The juniper scratched me up something fierce, and I had a rash on my arms and hands for a week, but it was worth it. I do like the finished product! 

For years, the antlers from all the deer that the boys have hunted have been in a pile over by our firewood stacks, and I've been wanting to hang up the antlers. I looked online about how to process them. I used the camp chef, got an old stock pot and filled it with water and hydrogen peroxide to boil the skulls (bleach breaks down the bone, so I didn't bleach them). Micah helped me scrape some of the old cartilage and fur off before they got soaked in the boiling mixture, then I scraped off the remainder of the guts from the skull after they had been softened in the hot liquid, and then I laid them out to dry. Josh helped me look up who's antlers were whose (by searching through pictures) and I wrote the name of the person and the year that they got the deer on the back of each antler. It was a very smelly project, but another one I was glad to finally get done! I'd been debating for a few months where the skulls should be hung when they were done, but I finally decided that they could go on the fence posts that align the driveway. I took off the old birdhouses that were on them, and Josh helped me hang the antlers the next day. They look great in their new spot! 


We got Josh a few shirts, a new gnome, and I paid Aunt Linette to make a t-shirt quilt for Josh with some of the cross country shirts he had from when he ran in high school and when he coached a few years ago. I asked her to put the shirts in the shape of an X and C. He picked out the fabric with me a couple of months ago, but then he forgot about it, so he was totally surprised when he opened the gift and absolutely loved it! I'm not the best gift giver, but I was proud of myself for coming up with such a meaningful gift, and I was glad that I kept this one a surprise as Father's Day neared (I'm not good at keeping secrets), so that seeing him open it was so fun! Aunt Linette did a great job, and we are so happy with it!


A gorgeous sunrise at the golf course

A pretty sunset on the way home to Salmon from Mud Lake

There were some stunning skies and a rainbow after
a storm blew through town. 

A colorful sunrise as seen from the golf course


One day, Micah thought of cousin Jud and how much he loved the mud, and he went and played in the mud to honor his late cousin, and wanted me to document it! He's such a sweet, thoughtful boy, and this was so amazing that he wanted to take part in a fun memory that reminds him of his awesome cousin!

Kanyon went golfing with his friend Aidan one day, which was so cool, because he usually goes by himself, or with our family. 

One Sunday afternoon we went golfing as a family. I enjoy being on the golf course that my husband works so hard at beautifying, and watching my husband and kids play the sport together. It's so fulfilling for me!

I only had one peony that bloomed this year!

I love my hammock time!

We hosted our first friend get-together of the summer. We had the Fritz-Lamaire, Hobbs, Linger, and Williams families over. I made homemade ice cream for everyone (vanilla and raspberry), and then the adults played games and the kids played in the yard. As it got late, we played some JackBox games on the TV, too. It was such a fun night for me! I truly love having people over!

The boys went to their first scout campout of the summer at Napias Creek.

I tagged along with Josh one night as he fertilized the greens at the golf course. 

I was so excited to see the first strawberries from the new plants that we put in the ground in May!