Sunday, September 10, 2017

June 2017 - Week 4

June 26 - July 2

Monday: I did some errands in town in the afternoon, and stopped by to see Josh for a bit at his work at the golf course. He was planting seed on a new ladies teebox on #8. I love watching him work--he can do so many different things and it always amazes me at the vast amount of knowledge he has and skills he uses to make the golf course look so good! He took me on a drive in the mountains that evening in the jeep we purchased the previous week. We went up South Fork and over to Williams Lake and back. It was on the drive that we realized the clutch has a leak, and it ran out of fluid. Thankfully, there was a quart of oil in the car, so Josh used that to fill it up with so we could make it back home. What an adventure!
Our Peonia plant only grew 2 flowers again this year.
This was the second flower--about 1/3 of the size of the first bloom.
It was so interesting how it grew flat on the grass! It was so heavy for the stem,
it leaned way down, but then grew facing upwards!

Here Josh is using the roller to compact the seeds into the dirt before adding
peat moss over the top. 

What a pretty view on our drive!

Our new jeep on its initial mountain voyage

Tuesday: I gave the boys haircuts. I finally convinced Kanyon to try a mohawk after months of suggesting it. I cut it as the style, much to his dismay, and told him to try it out for a week, and if he hated it, then we could cut it. But--he ended up liking it. He especially liked it when his friend Abby spiked it for him a few days later when he went to her house to play! ;)

Wednesday: The 4 boys had dentist appointments in Idaho Falls. I took them all, and they did some early school shopping, too. We went to Old Navy, Ross, and Walmart, and they were smart about their clothing choices. We stopped by KFC to eat dinner before heading home (which is where I finally took Kanyon's photo above of his new haircut).

Thursday: The YM/YW had a combined activity at Williams Lake. We had dinner, and played on the water. It was awesome! Since Josh and I both drove, we brought Kanyon with us, too.

Using the inflatable canoe for the first time that was part of Jonah and Micah's
birthday present last year. 

This was my favorite part--Kota tipped over, and all the boys out on the lake
swarmed around him as he swam back to the dock. Such good friends!

The canoe came with 3 seats, but we only inflated 2 for the trip, thinking
that 3 teenagers couldn't fit in the boat. We were wrong! Payton rode even
though he didn't have a seat--next time we'll go with all 3!

Kanyon trying kayaking for the first time.

He loved it!

Friday: Kanyon's scout troop was in the 4th of July parade, but he was really reluctant all week about riding on the float. We thought he wouldn't be in the parade, but on Thursday night, he changed his mind and said he would. He had a good time, and I'm so glad he decided on participating! The twins came with me to watch, and it was fun to see their friends crowd around them and catch candy throughout the parade. On Friday night, we had our second family/friend BBQ of the summer. This time, the Oliversons, Lingers, and Hobbs came. Josh cooked us up some yummy burgers, the kiddos played in the yard, and the adults talked and played dominos on the deck. It was an enjoyable evening!

Saturday: The twins began hauling hay bales for Grandpa this week, taking turns driving from the field to the location where they dropped the bales off at. They're such good workers and helpers for Grandpa! They can now: mow, change irrigation pipe, haul hay bales, drive truck, and haul hay bales! On Saturday night, we went to the Demolition Derby at the fairgrounds. There were less cars than normal, but more herby derby cars! Also, the balloon bust was good this year, which was a first--usually it takes forever and there's fights, but this year, they kept it moving and it was exciting to watch.

Sunday: There were so many visitors at church, so I opted to not play the contest. I conceded and took treats to the Hobbs house that evening with Josh, and took treats to the Roseburoughs too.
Ammon looked so handsome in his church outfit!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

June 2017 - Week 3

For the week of June 19-June 25, Jonah and Micah were at Scout Camp at Bear Lake with my dad (they had a super fun time and made two new friends from his ward), Kanyon spent the week in Tremonton with my mom (reading, playing, working out, and swimming), and I went to Girl's Camp at Challis Hot Springs with my ward for 3 nights/4 days. Josh and Ammon stayed home and worked; and since it was so quiet around the house, Josh took the opportunity to take a few motorbike rides into the mountains, too.

Josh came to visit me Thursday night at Girl's Camp, and we ended up buying a used Jeep from a seller in Challis. That was unexpected!!! His reasoning was that he wanted to be able to take me for rides with him into the mountains (awww--my heart melted when he told me that--which perhaps was a good lead to convince me of the purchase? Usually I put my foot down for vehicle purchases!). And since I'm not a motorcyclist persay, then he thought this would be a good solution--and it was affordable, too.

On Friday, after I got home from camp, I spent the rest of the day lounging in summer PJ's in the yard, listening to music, and doing NOTHING. I had been gone for 2 weeks, and I was so tired and needed a break. When Josh came home from work, I watched him mow the lawn, and then he hung out in the yard with me. It was my VERY favorite day of the whole summer!

On Saturday, I drove down to Utah to attend my 20 year class reunion. There was a meal catered at the high school, a slide show, and everyone talked in the microphone to share their happenings in life. It wasn't very well attended, but I had a wonderful time nonetheless. I laughed so hard at hearing classmate Laura's adventures and lessons of being a stewardess, and her husband was super funny and I loved his humor, too. I attended church with my parents on Sunday, we ate dinner with them afterwards, and I brought the three boys back home with me to Salmon.

Our theme was centered around Rosie the Riveter. I opened camp with a
presentation talking about Rosie, and how we can use the strengths within us
to empower ourselves in today's world. 

Our hike was a Value Color walk. It was so much fun!

We were COVERED in the colored chalk! So much so, it sorta stained my underwear!

One of my favorite parts of camp was teaching the girls how to play
Mexican Train Dominoes. I loved playing it, talking the smack talk, and
giggling and having fun with them during down time.

The girls' skits were another highlight for me. I'm a sucker for performances!

The YCL's skit was hilarious--a take on the movie "Inside Out", where one of
the girls was being interviewed by another girl acting the part of the Bishop,
and every time a question was asked, the different emotions in her brain
would talk and discuss with each other their answer. SOOOOO funny!

I was also in charge of the craft. We made tie-dye socks.
It was my first tie-dye project ever!!!

They turned out so unique and cute!

On Wednesday night, our campfire devotional was about
the light of Christ, and sharing it with others. Hailey had these
balloons with lights in them, that the girls got to release.
It was a peaceful, breathtaking moment that I won't forget.

Josh's motorbike ride into Iron Lake

Instead of snow drifts blocking his path,
this time there were downed trees!

But he was able to make it all the way in
for the first time this year!

I love his little signature snowmen

The lake still had ice cover

A few days later--his motorbike ride to Freeman Peak

Looking down onto the Keller Ranch

A little Mtn Dew at the top of the mountains

Kanyon swimming at the Nat

Having a picnic lunch with a neighbor girl Trenika

He worked on a cub scout fitness goal while
he was there--he ran, lifted weights, and did jumping jacks

They went to the library several times, and he
was able to get a lot of reading time in!!

The boys helping Grandpa unload the truck after camping all week.
BTW, my dad got a new truck!

The table I sat at for dinner at the reunion. 

Happy 20 years ya'll! 

A lot has changed in the school since I attended there, but the gym still
looks the same, which was nice to see!