2011 Live & Love Life 365

Day 365: Josh drove us to the top of the mountain pass, and we went sledding on the ridge road where there was snow. Gid & Lys and Malachi came with us in the truck, and we spent two hours there. We packed down a trail on the road so that we could sled, and everyone took turns sledding and snowboarding and penguin sliding! It was so much fun! On the way home, Ammon and Malachi were pulled on their sleds behind the truck, and they rode for over 5 miles that way. I loved watching them! Tonight, we had the New Years Eve radio contest at Josh's parents house, and we won! We got all the songs and artists in the medley right! We did a few sparklers and fireworks, and worked on a 1000 pc. puzzle, and ate snack food, and played games. It was an awesome day!

Day 364: I deep-cleaned some more in my bedroom today, and it feels and looks so wonderful! Tonight I went to Kerry's house and we watched two movies and ate snacks, and I enjoyed watching chick flicks I haven't seen before!

Day 363: I put the vinyl lettering on the family room wall this morning. I love the look of it! I also cleaned off the desk in my room and made a few scrapbook pages, and I feel so decluttered and creative now!!! It rained last night, and it was so warm today. All the snow melted and the sun was shining. When Kanyon woke up, he put on his beach shirt and swimming shorts and couldn't wait to go play in the warm weather outside! He was so excited for dad to come home from work so he could jump on the tramp with him. Kimi came over this afternoon and I loved being with her! We talked, made food, ate dinner (Mikey came, too), played games, and watched youtube. I've misssed her!

Day 362: Tonight I went over to Denise's to create some vinyl lettering for the family room. I spent a few hours at her house and I enjoyed chatting with her. I felt sad today for no reason, so it was nice to get out of the house and create something with my dear friend!

Day 361: I rearranged furniture and deep cleaned, and it feels so good to be in a new space! John brought over the red couch I bought at Ikea, and we put it in the family room and changed couches and chairs all around. It looks great!

Day 360: I put away all the Christmas decorations today. It took all day, but it felt nice to reclaim our home again. Josh burned the tree and wrapping paper in a bonfire and the twins loved watching it burn so fast! I also moved around furniture and changed pictures on some of the walls to change things up.

Day 359: Today was Christmas. We started out the morning at 7:30 with the boys looking at their stockings and Santa gifts. Then they took turns opening gifts, and had half of them opened when we stopped to eat breakfast, get dressed for church, and go to Sacrament Meeting. Church was so nice; I liked going for just the hour and fifteen minutes today! After church, Josh and I made dinner and his parents and Malachi joined us for the meal. Then we all took turns opening the remainder of the gifts, and we didn't finish until around 2:00. I loved having Christmas in my home today! It was a wonderful day!

Day 358: The boys opened a few of the gifts from Grandma this morning, and then we packed up and drove back to Salmon. The boys were good in the car for most of the drive, which was nice and unexpected, so I napped a lot as Josh drove. It was a peaceful Christmas Eve tonight. The boys watched a movie, then we read Christmas books, wrote letters to Santa, and acted out the nativity scene with figurines as I read from the Bible.

Day 357: This morning my mom helped the boys decorate gingerbread sleighs. After lunch, Josh and I took the boys to SLC. We went to IKEA first, where I bought the red leather loveseat that I've wanted to buy for years! I was so happy! Then we drove to Temple Square, and walked around for a couple of hours seeing the Visitors Centers and the Conference Center and the lights. We watched half of the "Testaments" movie, too. We went to eat at Costa Vida afterwards, and the boys had never eaten there before but they liked it as much as Josh and I do! Then we dropped the couch off at John's parents' house in Ogden so that he can deliver it to Salmon in his truck. Our last stop was driving through the 'Fantasy at the Bay' lights at Willard Bay. The line was extraordinarily long, and it took us over an hour to get through, but it was a good show! When we got back to Tremonton, the boys watched "The Christmas Story" in the living room and slept. It was a long, but full and happy, day!

Day 356: We went ice skating this afternoon with Mick's family. Josh and I hadn't been ice skating in 15 years, and we've never gone together!! It was the first time the boys and I have ever skated in an indoor ice arena, and it was awesome! For two hours, we skated with Jen and her girls, and we had such a great time! I'm a terrible skater, but the boys steadily improved as we were on the ice. It was Kanyon's first time in skates and by the end, he could skate 20 feet unattended! I had so much fun!! This afternoon, I went to the temple and it was peaceful and quiet. And tonight we had a family Christmas party at Tawna's huge home. It was a delicious dinner, and we had a good time exchanging white elephant gifts and watching the kids do a nativity puppet show. It was a wonderful day today!

Day 355: We drove to Utah today, and the boys were so good in the car ride. We visited Grandma Kathy in the hospital on the way. Tonight, we saw some really neat Christmas lights at a Tremonton home that were coordinated to Christmas music. Afterwards, I spent some quality time with my mom in her kitchen!

Day 354: I went to a birthday party for our friend Kevin tonight at John's house. We sang karaoke and snacked and talked and laughed, and I had a wonderful time!

Day 353: I was so grateful that I didn't have to go to work today. We are out on Christmas break for 18 days, and I got so much done at home! I completed my Christmas shopping, wrapped gifts, did errands for the golf course, went grocery shopping with Josh, and finished handing out our neighbor Christmas treats. It felt great to relax and not stress about work!

Day 352: We had game night tonight with Amanda and John and the Pace's and Malachi. It was so much fun! We snacked, and drank John's eggnog concoction, and played "Things" and "Music Scene-It". We laughed and had such a wonderful time together! I loved tonight!

Day 351: I worked on the neighbor Christmas gifts this afternoon, and we took them around to our friends and family in Salmon tonight.

Day 350: Ammon played his last basketball game of the season tonight, and he did awesome! He scored 20 points and it was so fun to watch him play! After the game, we took the boys out for ice cream treats! When the boys went to bed, we went to Amanda's to watch a movie, and John came too. I just love being with my friends and family! I had an incredible night!

Day 349: The Kindergarten Christmas program was this morning, and it went so well! I was so proud of my students! Tonight was the ward party, and we sat by the Hobbs', Linger's, and Amanda and John and we had a good time visiting. After the party, John and Amanda and I hung out, and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

Day 348: Today and tonight were crazy-busy. I had lunch with Josh and Kanyon, and it was nice to have some time {nearly} alone with my husband!

Day 347: Ammon's band concert was tonight, and he did a great job! I was so proud of him! His band group sounded awesome! I played the piano for the show choir at the concert, too. I was so nervous--that was the first time I've played piano at a performance for an audience since I was in high school! I messed up during two measures, but I was so grateful that I didn't screw it all up!!

Day 346: I had a rough day at school, and I was so happy to come home and see that Josh made dinner and he gave me a big hug.

Day 345: Josh spoke in church today, and I enjoyed listening to him speak about keeping Jesus the center of our Christmas celebrations. As a family tonight, we watched the Amazing Race finale together. I sure love that show, and it's fun that the boys all like to watch it with us, too!

Day 344: I got a lot accomplished today with projects, and it felt good! The boys helped Josh load wood and shoot pumpkins this morning, so I had the house to myself in order to accomplish more! Tonight, Josh took me out for dinner and karaoke and Amanda and John joined us, too. We had a good time together! I love dancing with Josh; it makes me so happy.

Day 343: Soaked in the hot springs tonight with Amanda, John, and Josh after we came home from Ammon's basketball game. It was hot, and we've never gone when it was so cold out! Walking out of the hot springs and dripping water on the cement caused it to form ice! We were alone there, and it was so relaxing for me!

Day 342: Josh and I went to my work Christmas party tonight and there was a lot of good food! It was delicious!

Day 341: Wednesdays are usually a very long and hard day for me at work. My last two classes were so well-behaved today, and it ended my work day in a good way!

Day 340: My first class of the day was unusually wonderful--they're usually the opposite, and it started my work day off in a good way!

Day 339: Made peanut butter cookies tonight to have for dessert at Family Home Evening. I haven't baked cookies in a really long time, and they were good!

Day 338: I really enjoyed the Relief Society lesson today about miracles, and my lesson in Sunday School was about service and I loved giving it, too!

Day 337: I stayed home all day and got projects done around the house, and it felt so good! Tonight I went over to John's and he fed me yummy dinner and I put up his Christmas tree. It was a delicious trade-off!

Day 336: Saw the high school play tonight with John, and we went for a bite to eat afterwards and sang karaoke with Amanda and Dustin. I had a wonderful evening out of the house. I loved seeing a theatrical production, eating some soup, and singing on stage!!!

Day 335: Cousin Mikey came over to play with the boys this evening, and they were so glad! Kanyon has been praying every day for a few weeks that "his friend Mikey could come play"! I rented movies for us to watch tonight (one for the boys and one for Josh & I), and I enjoyed laying in bed with Josh watching our movie.

END of November

Day 334: I do not like Wednesdays at school. The things that made me happy today all happened tonight after I got home from my long day...Josh had made dinner, I played wii with Kanyon, I got some laundry done, and I made some more pumpkin puree.

Day 333: Josh put the lights on the Christmas tree today while I was at school, and I'm so glad! I am the one who usually puts the lights on it, and it was so nice of him to do it for me this year!

Day 332: Josh was home for Family Home Evening tonight, which is rare because he usually is gone to meetings. I'm so happy when we can all play and be together at FHE!

Day 331: I went for a day trip to Boise today with John and Amanda. We sang the entire car ride down and most of the way home! I love singing and harmonizing with them!

Day 330: Josh's siblings left today to go home, and the house seemed so quiet. We had the missionaries over for dinner, and they played Uno with us while we waited for dessert. Then tonight, Amanda and John came over for cheesecake and we played Scruples. Being with Josh, Amanda, and John always feels like home to me. I love my friends!

Day 329: We got our Christmas tree this morning. We went with members of Josh's family to cut it down. It's a gorgeous and full tree! Josh picked it out and he did great! This afternoon, we played games with Josh's siblings and we had such a fun time! We played Scruples and Apples to Apples and the Dice #100 game. This evening, we saw the Parade of Lights on Salmon's Main Street, and it was the best one I've seen yet. I just loved today!

Day 328: We hosted our first Thanksgiving ever today! Josh made the turkey and mashed potatoes, I made the stuffing and gravy and pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake. Kathy brought ham, rolls, salad, and drinks, Scott brought cherry and apple pies, Gid brought yams and salad, and Barb brought ice cream, salad, and little weenie wraps. Dinner was SO delicious!!! The turkey was cooked perfectly, the mashed potatoes were made with the red potatoes from our garden, and the gravy turned out so good! It was the most peaceful and relaxing Thanksgiving we've had in many years. After dinner, we all sat around watching home-movies and then played the wii together. It was just an amazing day!

Day 327: We cleaned the house all day getting it ready for Thanksgiving here tomorrow. Josh was a great help and we got so much accomplished! It feels so awesome to be inside a clean house!

Day 326: Today was the end of my 2-day work week, and I am so glad...I need a break from school!

Day 325: I loved showing Thanksgiving youtube videos to my classes at school today. We had so much fun in music!

Day 324: Josh was called to be in the new Elder's Quorum Presidency today. He is 1st counselor again. As he got set apart after church, I felt so peaceful and surreal. I enjoyed feeling the spirit.

Day 323: We went to Amanda's tonight and Josh and I got our {much needed} haircuts. We sat around with John and Amanda's brother Billy and his wife. We giggled and chatted and ate, and then we decided to have Amanda wax us. I got my feet done, Xandi got her eyebrows done, and Josh and John got their upper arms done. It was so enjoyable to be together and try something new!

Day 322: Today was the most pleasant Friday I've had in a long time. It snowed 2 inches during the night, so when the boys woke up, they were SO excited to see snow! They played outside in it all morning, and they got along, too!!! They made a snowman with Josh this evening in the backyard, too!

Day 321: I went with Amanda to the midnight premier of "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" tonight at the theater in Salmon. It was my favorite Twilight movie yet! We had such a great time! Before the movie, we went over to John's house, and he fed us Tomato Bell Pepper soup and it was SO delicious!

Day 320: I worked all evening making soup and pumpkin cheesecake for teacher's birthday treats to take to work tomorrow. I was glad that I was able to be home all night so that I could get everything done that I needed to!

Day 319: I was able to use my digital projector and new laptop this morning for the first time at work! I used it for the 5th graders' lesson and I loved it!

Day 318: I had an awesome class today at school--my last class of the day with 2nd graders. They were the most perfect class that I've ever had. They listened when I talked, they obeyed when I gave them directions, they were kind and polite and nobody ever had to be scolded or reminded to do something. It was like a dream for a teacher! It's never happened before and it made me so happy!

Day 317: We ate the pumpkin cheesecake I made for Josh's birthday dessert after dinner today. It was the last of our week-long celebrations for his birthday. It was so yummy! The kids have been dying all week to have some! On Thursday, Kanyon even included in his dinner prayer to "bless daddy to like his cheesecake"!

Day 316: Josh and I went to the Idaho Falls temple today and did a session. Then we did some shopping and had lunch at Costa Vida. I LOVE eating there!! After we got home this evening, we went out with Amanda and John and karaoke and danced. It was a peaceful day and I had a spectacular night dancing with Josh!

Day 315: Josh and I went to Idaho Falls this afternoon for an overnight stay that I gifted him for his birthday. We each got hour-long massages simultaneously at the massage school, and it was my first hour-long one ever! They were so relaxing! We ate dinner at Chili's and then we spent the night at the Destinations Inn in the Hawaii room!

Day 314: We finally started celebrating Josh's birthday tonight. The boys and I wrapped his gifts, gave them to him after he came home from work, and then I took Josh out for a birthday dinner at Bertrams. He had steak and mashed potatoes, and I ordered some pumpkin cheesecake for him, too. I had a bad day at school today, but I loved celebrating his birthday with him and my family tonight!

Day 313: I love watching Top Chef, and I'm so grateful a new season is airing on TV again. I watched the new episode tonight, then watched old reruns of music from GLEE episodes. DVR is definitely my friend!

Day 312: I found a remote that goes to my CD player at school, and it has really helped me be a teacher. It's amazing how a simple remote can make such a difference in my day. I've been wishing I had one ever since I took this job last year, and I found it over this past weekend in a bag stuffed in a drawer with all the manuals. I'm SO thankful I found it!!!

Day 311: Today was Josh's birthday, and even though we were unable to celebrate today due to work all day and meetings all night, the boys and I serenaded him while he was still in bed this morning! And then at the dinner table this evening, we all talked about things we love about him. I sure love that man!!!

Day 310: Because of Daylight Savings ending today, I got to sleep in a whole extra hour! I was so overjoyed!!! Tonight we watched Amazing Race together as a family; I just love watching that show! I made home-made seasoned popcorn for us as we watched, and it was yummy!

Day 309: Josh and Ammon went to Pocatello for the Salmon football playoff game, and I stayed home with the three younger boys. I played Super Mario Brothers on the wii with them for a while, and we had fun doing it! Then tonight, I took down all the Halloween decorations and put out the Thanksgiving decorations. I love decorating my home for holidays! It makes me happy!

Day 308: I worked most of the day at home for my golf course job, and it felt good to get things accomplished for it that I've been needing to do for a month! John took me out for a late lunch this afternoon for a break, and we had good conversation! After dinner, I took the boys to Family Fun Night at the Sacajawea Center put on as a fundraiser for the Alt School. The boys had a great time, and I was glad we went. Then tonight, Amanda and John and I went to see the movie "Moneyball" in the theater and sang karaoke after. The movie was inspirational and good, and we sang new songs at karaoke and had a good time together!

Day 307: I watched old TV episodes of  "Top Chef" and a chick flick in bed this evening. I was somewhat depressed after school, and after dinner, I put myself to bed. I'm so grateful for DVR, because the shows kept my mind off more stressful things, and I felt better after several hours.

Day 306: Josh, Kerry, and I went to Idaho Falls this afternoon to participate in the "Scratch for Schools" lottery. We won $165 for the elementary school, and we had fun, too!!!

Day 305: Josh made dinner tonight, then he helped the twins with their school magnet projects, and then he went to Ammon's Parent Teacher Conference all just to free up time for me to get my own projects done that I'm behind on. I love him so much and I'm so grateful for his kindness!

END of October

Day 304: I dressed up today as a "witch dressed up as a music teacher" for Halloween. When my first students of the day came in, one of the boys looked at me and said "that looks just like you--it's very fitting for you". I laughed so hard! I helped the twins with their class Halloween party this afternoon, then I picked the boys up for school and took them trick or treating on main street, and we all went to the carnival. I ended up volunteering to work at the carnival for an hour and a half, and I had a great time. It was a crazy busy day, but I had a fun time all day long!!!

Day 303: We carved pumpkins today, and they looked great!

Day 302: It was another beautiful day, and it was so peaceful for me to sit in the pumpkin patch and observe the fall colors and be among the calming surroundings. I was so grateful that today was our last day the pumpkin patch was open! It's been a lot of work, and I'm ready for my weekends to be freed up again!

Day 301: The weather was beautiful for the pumpkin patch today, and we had several customers come out. We are down to slim pickings now, which has never occurred during previous years, and we are happy with the amount of pumpkins we've sold.

Day 300: Tonight was the ward party, and we had a great time! The boys all dressed up, and played games, and they were so happy to go trick-door-treating! It's been a while since we had a ward party and we all came home happy!

Day 299: I played the wii with the boys after dinner tonight--it was fun! Amanda came over tonight and we looked at photos and videos and reminisced.

Day 298: Josh made a yummy dinner of grilled pork chops and mashed red potatoes! And cousin Mikey made a surprise visit right before dinner was done, so he joined us at the table! And then he played with the boys for an hour after and it was so wonderful!

Day 297: Our dessert for Family Home Evening was oreos and milk. It was simply delicious!

Day 296: The Forsgrens came up from Stanley today to Stake Conference, and the boys played with them for a couple of hours in the beautiful weather outside. They were all so happy! I enjoyed the sunlight, and took our family photo for the year in its rays this afternoon.

Day 295: The sunshine today was awesome and dispelled the cold, cloudy, rainy morning. And I was so glad! Because of it, we had a LOT of customers today at the pumpkin patch! We sold out of white pumpkins, mini pumpkins, pumpkin pie, and apple cider! We all had a great day in the patch!

Day 294: I was alone in the pumpkin patch all day today with Jonah and Micah, and although the weather was blustery, we had several customers who came and had a great time in the patch and they lifted my spirits!

Day 293: Twice a week I play piano for the show choir during their class time as part of my teaching schedule, and today in show choir, they played group games for an hour. I played with them and had such a ball!!!

Day 292: It was a long day, and Wednesdays have become my least favorite day of the week. I had a meeting after school, and when I got home, I noticed that Josh had made dinner and had left a plate for me, too. I was so grateful!

Day 291: I performed in the Salmon Idol Jr. Show tonight. John, Amanda, and I were a trio singing "I Think We're Alone Now". We all dressed in 80's apparel, and Amanda and I had big hair and big makeup! We choreographed it and I loved singing and dancing and performing with them on stage!! I was on a natural high all night!

Day 290: We had a nice Family Home Evening tonight! Josh wasn't gone to a school board meeting, and he was home for it too which is rare! We talked about reading the book of mormon, and we watched the end of our "Amazing Race" marathon to catch up, and we played games and ate ice cream!

Day 289: I tried to teach by the spirit today during my Sunday School lesson on sacrifice. I'm thankful for how this church calling expands my learning and spiritual growth. This afternoon, we had a marathon of watching "Amazing Race" and I enjoyed just sitting around with my family in the warmth of my home while it rained outside.

Day 288: We were so busy at the patch today, and I enjoyed being around the customers and seeing all the fun they were having! The weather was good, and I was so happy today!

Day 287: We opened the pumpkin patch for the first time this season today. We had several customers, and business was steady for most of the day. The weather was so beautiful, and it was so peaceful for me to sit in the patch and converse with people and watch families having fun!

Day 286: I came home during my prep hour today to clean the kitchen and do the food prep to feed the missionaries this evening. I listened to a Tori Amos CD super loudly as I cleaned, and I truly enjoyed being alone for an hour and I got the kitchen all clean while singing and jamming out with Tori!

Day 285: Kanyon and I ate lunch in the elementary cafeteria today. The students around us were so nice, and I liked my lunch date with him!

Day 284: When I got home from school, I noticed that Josh had added wheels to my cinderella carriage project I've been working on the last 3 days. I was so glad! Then when I walked through the door, I realized he'd made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner for us. I was so relieved! I was in the mood for soup because it was a cool day, and I was ecstatic that Josh had made what I felt like!

Day 283: All my classes were good today, and I didn't have to yell once! I was so glad--especially because I just got sick with a sinus infection. Tonight, Amanda and John and I practiced our special musical number for Salmon Idol, and we got a lot accomplished in an hour!

Day 282: I was grateful to give my Sunday School lesson today about the Sacrament, and it really helped my current perspective about taking on the Savior's name. This evening, Amanda came over with her brother Lance and his wife Amber and we played board games and laughed and laughed! We had a great time!

Day 281: Ammon's last football game was today against Anaconda in Salmon. Although his team lost, they played their hearts out and scored two touchdowns and I was so proud of him and their team! We had a weanie roast over a bonfire today with Josh's family and Malachi's friends and it was a fun lunch! This evening, our neighbor Frank helped me with a project I'm working on for the pumpkin patch. He did some welding and cut a piece of wood with a jigsaw, and I was so grateful! His kindness really made my day!

Day 280: We went to the Homecoming parade today and watched Ammon go by with the Little Savage football team. It was a great parade! The kids got a lot of candy, it was short, and we had fun! This afternoon, the boys helped me pick all the rest of the apples and all the pears off the trees in our yard, and I made 4 batches of spiced apple/pear freezer jam. I can't wait to eat it! Tonight, we went to the Homecoming football game, and it was packed! The game was awesome, the half-time show was great, and we had a good time sitting behind the Tarkalsons and Kauffmans. Oh, and of course our HS team won again!

Day 279: Today began a 4-day weekend, and I was glad to not have to school. I have so much I have to accomplish this weekend, and I had a large agenda for today. But three things that weren't on my list of things to do, that I did, actually made the happiest: I ate a hamburger lunch at the high school, I put out my halloween decorations this afternoon, and I watched TV with John tonight.

Day 278: I usually do not like Wednesdays at school; they are my hardest day. But I managed to stay composed the whole day and I was very proud of myself! After school, I did errands for an hour until Jonah and Micah were done with their first scout meeting. They were so excited to go! I was so happy that they were so happily anticipating it! Tonight was Ammon's last football game against the black team. They played at a later time, under the stadium lights and the scoreboard was lit up and an announcer called the plays over the PA. It was raining the whole time, and we were all wet and freezing, but Ammon had a great game and I was so proud of him for all his tackles and ball carries. After the boys went to bed tonight, I watched "Steel Magnolias" and cried, and it felt good to let out the tears. And when Josh came home late tonight after being gone for 3 days, I was so glad!

Day 277: The last song on Glee tonight was just brilliant! I DVR'd the show and watched it after the boys went to bed, and I rewound it and watched the ending song 5 times--I loved it that much!

Day 276: I had a great work day at school. I got to walk with Amanda tonight around the track while the boys played together outside. And FHE was pleasant tonight.

Day 275: I enjoyed listening to General Conference today. I felt inspired and some of the talks really touched my spirit. I'm grateful for the opportunity to see and hear the General Authorities speak! This afternoon, I finished canning freezer corn. I now have 30 quarts of it made from 150 ears of corn. And that wasn't even half our crop! I love the harvest season, and it feels especially bounteous this year, for which I am so thankful!

Day 274: Today was the twins' baptism. It was so peaceful and wonderful and nice! The program was perfect, the food was yummy, and the company was pleasant! I was so happy with how it turned out! Tonight I saw "The Help" in the theater with Amanda and John, we ate cheesecake afterwards, and Josh joined us for dancing and karaoke! I truly enjoyed the whole day!

END of September

Day 273: We went miniature golfing and riding the carousel in Missoula before heading home, and both activities were so much fun for me and the kids!

Day 272: We went to Missoula to celebrate the twins' birthday as a family {a week late}. I sat in the hot tub for an hour at the hotel, as the boys went down the waterslides and played in the pool, and the hot water felt so good on my feet!

Day 271: Watched Ammon's football game tonight, and they won!!! I had so much fun sitting by Kitt and laughing and watching Ammon make great plays!

Day 270: Tonight I...cleaned out my school office, walked with Amanda, and watched Glee. All 3 made me happy.

Day 269: I enjoyed listening to my students share their reasons for "HFM" (Hooray for Monday). Tonight at Family Home Evening, we had a special edition all about "Baptism" for Jonah and Micah's upcoming baptismal date this week!

Day 268: I got to sleep in with my husband this morning, and I loved it! It's so rare when it happens! After church, we had a picnic with Josh's parents at the Guard Station. We ate burgers and chips and watermelon, and it was so delicious! I love this warm weather that we've been having! Tonight, I was feeling sad, and I went over to John's house. He fed me yummy soup and we watched a movie, and I felt so much better.

Day 267: I canned corn all day. I already got 16 freezer bags full, and I only picked 1/4 of our corn!!! Tonight, Josh and I went for a soak in the hot springs with Amanda and John. We had one of the pools all to ourself, and it felt good. Josh and I were both feeling sore, and we felt so much better after!

Day 266: We ate Micah's birthday dinner tonight with Josh's parents: shepherd's pie. The twins played all afternoon with some radios that my mom sent them, and they were so happy! After dinner tonight, they opened gifts, and we had cake and ice cream. It was such a quiet birthday, but they were happy, and they played all night with their new legos! I love birthdays!

Day 265: I got to take birthday treats to Jonah and Micah's class today for their birthday, and Josh cooked Jonah's birthday meal for dinner: pancakes and sausage links! I had a hard afternoon at school, and came home in tears, but blogging about my birthday and then watching W&G with John and eating ice cream made everything all better!

Day 264: We watched Ammon's football game tonight, and he played so well! His team has really improved and it was fun seeing them play!

Day 263: I went for a walk tonight with Amanda and John, and we had a great time exercising and laughing and talking and dancing--and somehow all simultaneously! Then John and I watched the premier of Glee! I'm so happy to have new regular TV programs back!

Day 262: We read stories and played games at Family Home Evening tonight, and for dessert we ate the delicious cookies that Josh made last night! Yum, they were so good!

Day 261: I did my laundry today for the first time in 3 weeks. I was SOOO happy to have clean jeans again to wear!

Day 260: Josh, John, Amanda, and I went out for dinner and karaoke tonight. It's been too long since we last did it, and I remember how much I used to love it! I came to life, and started letting loose, and it felt so good until I became purely exhausted!

Day 259: John taught me how to do grades on the new computer program at school today, and then we sang songs for a little bit and listened to music, and it was so fun! Tonight, I sat by Amanda and Josh at the football game, and they made me so warm on a cool evening! And the Savages won again, too!

Day 258: Josh made corn on the cob and pork steak for dinner, and it was ready by the time we got home from school. I'd been craving corn on the cob all day, and he'd had no idea! It was so perfect and super delicious! I sure love that man! Then this evening after dropping Ammon off at football, I went to see the movie "17 Miracles" playing at the Stake Center. It was such a great movie and I cried and cried! And while waiting for Ammon to get out of Hunter's Ed Class tonight, I went with John for a quick bite at Bertram's. Even though I had another not-so-good day at school, my evening was absolutely terrific!

Day 257: I had a terrible day at school, which ended in a mental breakdown at the end of the day. The bright spot of the day was when John came to visit me during first hour, and he brought me chocolates and coke, and told my class they were lucky to have me as a teacher. It meant so much to me!

Day 256: Josh visited me at school mid-day today, and it was such a nice surprise to see his face!

Day 255: Josh made dinner for us tonight, and it was a welcome break for me! Amanda and I walked around the track tonight instead of down our road, and I'm happy to be exercising more.

Day 254: Sacrament meeting was so spiritual today and I felt the spirit so strongly when Amanda and her family spoke on faith and personal experiences.

Day 253: I love the way my husband loves on me. After he came home from work, he hugged me for several minutes, and I loved the feeling!

Day 252: We had a yummy dinner of fresh corn-on-the-cob from our garden, and fresh mashed yukon gold potatoes from our garden! I invited Edward and Kathy up to join us, too. After dinner, we went to the H.S. football game, and we won again! It's fun to go to football games on Friday nights in the fall!

Day 251: I was exhausted tonight! I went to bed early and just crashed!

Day 250: Went to Ammon's football game this evening. It was just perfect: Ammon played the sport he loves, Josh helped out on the field with the men, the boys played ball and climbed with friends, and I got to hang out with the ladies. After I got home, I went on a walk with Amanda. I just loved tonight!

Day 249: Took the younger three boys to a playdate tonight to a new family's house in Salmon, and they all had a great time! It was fun!

Day 248: We took a drive up the Lemhi Pass today and went as a family to the Sharkey Hot Springs. It was so wonderful!

Day 247: We went camping tonight, and Amanda brought up her family and joined us for the night. Edward and Kathy and Malachi even surprised us with root beer floats while we sat around the campfire.

Day 246: Worked in the house and yard, and it felt good to get projects done. We went to the Farmer's Market today for the first time and I enjoyed looking at the different and unique items that the vendors were selling.

Day 245: We had a BBQ tonight, and invited John and Amanda because they've  never had one of Josh's homemade burgers! It was my mother-in-law's birthday, so we invited Josh's parents and brother Malachi, too. The food was so good! Josh's burgers were delicious, and we picked fresh corn from the garden and had corn on the cob, and John brought chips and dip, and Amanda brought a yummy salad and beans. And then for dessert, I made applesauce cake with my home-grown, homemade applesauce and it turned out pretty good! We chatted over dinner, and John and Amanda stayed longer and we watched the 2nd half of a college football game on TV and talked and laughed. I felt like my insides were so full: between eating good food and being with my family and friends!

Day 244: I overheard a student in one of my morning classes tell his friend that I am "SUCH a cool teacher!" and it just made my day!


Day 243: Josh and I both went to Ammon's football practice tonight and we took all the boys with us. Josh and I sat/layed on the grass, and the boys played with friends, and it was very relaxing!

Day 242: I enjoyed all my classes today, and we had fun in each one! It was a relief to have the first day of school go so well! And I came home exhausted! Josh made dinner and took Ammon to football, so I took a mini nap, and felt so rejuvenated! I sure love my husband!

Day 241: Between school orientations and working at the school all day in between, it was a very long day! But the best part was tonight, when Josh gave me a blessing and loved on me because I am SO nervous and anxious about starting to teach school again tomorrow!

Day 240: I taught about the Post-Mortal Spirit World in Sunday School today, and I enjoyed the discussions we had as a class about the spirit world. Amanda came over after church, and we ate dinner together. She made yummy roast beef and homemade gravy, and I made home-grown mashed potatoes and biscuits. It was a yummy meal! Then I canned applesauce again all afternoon, and finally finished! I did a total of 60 jars of it this week, and I am so proud of myself!

Day 239: I canned applesauce all afternoon and night, and it feels like I'm finally getting somewhere!

Day 238: I canned applesauce all afternoon, and felt productive. Tonight, Josh and I went with Amanda to the hot springs. We were the only ones there, and it was so peaceful and relaxing soaking for an hour.

Day 237: We drove to Idaho Falls today for Kanyon's and Micah's dental appointments. They both did well, and we went to the Museum of Idaho's "Bodies" exhibit this afternoon. It was so fascinating, and I loved learning more about the human body! I was so glad that Josh could come with me today, and he was so sweet to me! On the drive home, I had to make a pit stop and he was more than accommodating. I just love that man!

Day 236: I went over to Amanda's tonight to get a coupon, and ended up staying for hours. We laughed and talked and laughed some more. I love laughing with Amanda!

Day 235: Amanda came over tonight. We sat on the bridge for a while with our feet in the water, watching the boys play in the ditch. Then we moved to the deck, and ate some Pumpkin Bars I'd made from last year's pumpkin patch. It was a relaxing evening and I enjoyed it so much!

Day 234: I hosted a BBQ tonight for everyone in my Sunday School Class and their families. I anticipated about 40 people attending, and we had 33 come! It was the biggest BBQ I've ever hosted. I prepared all day for it, and by the time all my preparations were done, I still had 15 minutes to spare before it began, so I was very relaxed and happy during the BBQ. It turned out very nice, and I had a nice time chatting and eating good food on our new deck!

Day 233: Taught about the "final judgment" in Sunday School today and was able to make it through all of the lesson, so I was quite pleased about it. We went on a picnic to Cougar Point after church, and I relaxed while the boys all hiked with dad, grandpa, and Uncle Tim. Canned applesauce all by myself for the first time ever this evening. It started out rough, but I got the hang of it by the 3rd batch, and I was so proud of myself! I love looking at the newly canned bottles; I think they're so gratifyingly beautiful! Tonight, John and I went to Amanda's house to greet her after her weekend trip to Boise, and we ate ice cream and laughed together for a couple of hours; it was so therapeutic!

Day 232: Went to Idaho Falls today with Josh to the temple with his siblings. It was so peaceful to be in the temple with him and his siblings, and we got some shopping done, too. It was awesome to spend the day alone with my husband and I was so grateful that my friend Ashley watched my boys so that we could go!

Day 231: Went golfing with Josh tonight--the last night of couple's league this year. We played horribly, but I had a nice time with him. My dad came while we were golfing, and when we got home, he ordered pizza and we ate it together before the boys went to bed. It was a nice night!

Day 230: I finished working on an outdoor beautification project on the north side of the house, and I love the way it looks! We've picked rocks, Josh planted bushes, I put a rock border around it, the twins helped me fill it with bark, and then tonight I got gravel and filled the space between the flower bed and the driveway. It was satisfying to work on it and it felt good to create the beautiful outdoor space!

Day 229: I took the boys swimming this afternoon while Ammon and Josh golfed. I was having a bad day--everything was annoying me, and I felt better after relaxing in the water for a couple of hours!

Day 228: Kissing Josh this afternoon was the highlight of my day! And tonight, he planted his birthday gift for me: a flowering plum. We cut down the Box Elder tree that was beginning to bend towards the house, and we planted the new tree in its place. It was a lovely gift, and it makes me happy to see the new colorful tree in the yard that doesn't block the view from the deck like the old tree did.

Day 227: I booked a float for today for a birthday gift to myself. Josh, John, and Amanda came, too. It was the first time I'd rafted and I absolutely loved it! I had such an enjoyable time on the water, and we laughed so hard! I loved today, just loved it!

Day 226: We took a hike this morning from our campground to the little Bayhorse Lake and did some fishing. It was nice to exercise, and it was lovely to be practically the only ones on the lake. It was beautiful and calming! Today was my birthday, and after we got home from camping, Amanda surprised me with my favorite meal! It was a true delight, and I'm so grateful for her! She made ham, potatoes au gratin, corn on the cob, rolls, and strawberry rhubarb pie! We had John over for dinner too, and everyone gave me a gift after dinner. It was such a lovely birthday dinner party tonight!

Day 225: We took a little excursion to the old town of Bayhorse, and I really liked reading about all the old buildings and imagining what life would've been like there over 100 years ago.

Day 224: We went camping tonight to Bayhorse Lake. We've never been here before...but I really like the remoteness and the quiet and peacefulness!

Day 223: Amanda colored and cut my hair tonight, and then she gave me a pedicure. It felt wonderful to have my feet massaged! And I haven't had it colored in a long time--it looks great! And I enjoyed the 3-hour time alone with her while she worked her wonders! And she did it all as a birthday gift to me! It was such a wonderful treat, and I appreciated it immensely! I'm so lucky that she's my friend!

Day 222: All the boys had dental appointments in Idaho Falls today, and I took them by myself. I was so proud of myself for my time management skills in getting all 4 appointments done, at 3 different places within 2 hours, as well as shopping at 4 stores for school and home supplies, getting gas and food, and still making it back home by 5:30 in order to make it to the golf course meeting at 6:00!!!

Day 221: I took the younger 3 boys swimming this afternoon while Ammon golfed 9 holes. I love swimming, and we had such a fun time with each other! The water was warm, the weather was perfect, and I absolutely loved it!

Day 220: It was so wonderful to have the boys' cousins here to play today! They jumped on the trampoline, played with remote control trucks, rode bikes, played nintendos, and set up a tent together on their own! They wanted to sleep in it, too, but the weather didn't work out and they slept on the floor together in the living room watching a movie instead. I loved having Quinn and Aspen here for the boys to play together with!

Day 219: Worked on cleaning the house all afternoon, and it feels great to be clean! My parents came for a visit this evening, and they brought my neice Aspen and my nephew Quinn with them. The kids all played together so well all evening, and I enjoyed watching them interact with each other!

Day 218: Got so much work done in the yard today, and it felt great to be outdoors working! We weeded the pumpkin patch, took a load of schtuff to the dump, picked rock in the area next to the deck, unloaded the rocks in front of John's house, and put new stepping stones by the driveway leading to the back door. We went swimming this afternoon as a family, too, which was super fun, but unfortunately after a half hour, we had to get out due to lightning. But we are looking forward to going again once more before summer ends!

Day 217: Went golfing with Josh to couples league tonight. It was the worst we've golfed together all year, but I still had a good time! Afterwards, we rented "the Adjustment Burea". It was a great movie, and so thought-provoking!

Day 216: Made a batch of apricot preserves! I've never attempted preserving apricots before, and it was a long process. The apricots were so small, and I had to pit and peel them all. It took me over 2 and a half hours and my fingers turned orange, but the end process smells and looks delicious and I can't wait to eat it! Tonight I went to Amanda's and we watched "Soul Surfer" and ate spinach pizza. I had such a good time! I really enjoyed the movie, the food was delicious, and the conversation was just what I needed!

Day 215: Josh and I went for a walk tonight down to the river and back, and on the way we found an apricot tree growing in the wild. We came home and got a bucket and filled it up with apricots! I was so excited! I tried to make cherry pie filling today, but the cherries growing on our trees are filled with teeny tiny white worms, so I couldn't do anything with the cherries and I felt so disappointed. But discovering the apricots and picking them felt so redeeming and I'm excited to make something new with them!

Day 214: I finished reading the book "The Kite Runner". It was a difficult story to read, and I didn't like it the first half, but I couldn't put it down during the second half. This afternoon, I rearranged the twins' room and Kanyon's rooms. Jonah and Micah were great and helped me a lot. For the first time since we brought them home from the hospital, Jonah and Micah are now sleeping in separate beds! And Kanyon is sleeping in the double bed now since he hasn't slept in the bunkbeds for months because he didn't like it. I just love the look of rearranged rooms! It's like being in new spaces and it feels so clean!

Day 213: We went camping for the first time this summer! We went to Williams Lake, and I loved relaxing and reading while the boys climbed rocks and rode bikes.

End of JULY

Day 212: Took a nap this afternoon, and played Dr. Mario on the nintendo against Josh and the boys. It was a relaxing Sunday, and I really needed to do just that!

Day 211: Went to a reception tonight with Josh and it was delightful! They had live music and a refreshing buffet, and the outdoor setting and the company in attendance were so wonderful!

Day 210: I loved being home from our long vacation today. We had Malachi and Amanda and her kids over for dinner tonight. I enjoyed sitting on the newly stained deck this evening with Josh and Amanda, and looking at the ripened cherries on the tree. I was so happy to see Josh again, too. I've missed him so much the last 10 days, and I was grateful to spend time with him and to go to sleep with him tonight.

Day 209: Took the boys to Bear Lake today with Mick and his family and Tawna. I am in love with Bear Lake. I love swimming in the water and hanging out on the beach, and being with my family and making memories. I loved being there today, it made me so happy!

Day 208: Went bowling this afternoon with the boys and my mom and sister Katrina. I don't remember ever going bowling with my mom, and she beat me! Ammon and the twins played really well, too! Tonight, I saw the play "Joseph" at the Pickleville Playhouse in Garden City with John, and I absolutely loved it! I laughed so hard! It was a talented cast and they did a fantastic job! Afterwards, we went to LaBeau's, and I ate my first Raspberry Shake from there, and it was delicious! I've missed John this summer, and it was the perfect evening with him!

Day 207: Toured so many museums today in Ogden: Treehouse Childrens, Union Station (trains, cars, guns), and Hill Aerospace. I learned so much, and was fascinated by so many things! The boys and I had a great day together! We also played miniature golf and ended the day with a double-feature at the drive-in movie theater. That was definitely my favorite part, and although we didn't get back to Tremonton until 2am, it was definitely worth it to watch both movies so late! The boys had never experienced a drive-in movie, and I hadn't gone since I was a teenager. The younger 3 boys sat in the back of the car with the seat folded down, and Ammon and I sat in camping chairs. We ate and drank and watched and it was pure enjoyment for me!

Day 206: Took the boys on a trip to SLC and beyond today. We went to the Clark Planetarium, which I have wanted to visit since I was in high school. It was very interesting! We drove to Pleasant Grove and ate at the Purple Turtle, which I haven't done since I was a kid! It was delicious! We visited my Grandma Rose, and drank hot cocoa and played cards. I absolutely loved doing that! It was so reminiscent of visits I had when I was a child! Then we went shopping at Roberts, and I bought myself two new cricut cartridges! And I can't wait to try them out! And lastly, we went to the Thanksgiving Point farm country tonight, and for family night, they did a little astronaut program. The boys crafted some astronaut helmets and jet booster packs! And they played with rockets, and did a scavenger hunt, and played with the interactive farm displays, and rode ponies, and went on a wagon ride. It was a wonderful event and we loved it! Today was just awesome!!!

Day 205: The boys did sparklers tonight, 12 boxes worth! My dad and mom even joined in the fun, surprisingly! I loved doing sparklers when I was a kid! It was the first time all summer the boys have played with them, and it was a fun way to end the holiday of Pioneer Day.

Day 204: Took the boys to see the Tremonton City fireworks tonight in honor of Pioneer Day. They were spectacular! We watched them at the park, and I got the boys glow sticks, and they ran around playing until the fireworks started. It was so fun for me to watch the boys enjoying the night, as well as seeing the beautiful fireworks!

Day 203: Saw the last Harry Potter movie tonight. I challenged Ammon at the beginning of this summer to read all 7 books, and if he did so by July 15, I would take him to see the last movie in the theater. He read them all in 3 weeks, so I took him with me tonight! We went with Trina and my dad, and afterwards, we had a lovely dinner at the Maddox restaurant. I haven't eaten at that place for over 20 years; it was absolutely delicious!

Day 202: Took the boys to Crystal Hot Springs this morning with their Fisher cousins. They all had a blast together! There was no lines, so they got to go down the water slide as many times as they wanted! Kanyon even went twice by himself (and hated it). I went down several times myself, which I haven't done at that place for 20 years! And I had a late-night, one-on-one chat with my older sister Lisa. We stayed up until 2am talking, and I was so grateful for that opportunity. I truly enjoyed getting to know her on a deeper level!

Day 201: Had a nice picnic with my kids and siblings and parents this afternoon at a park in Logan.

Day 200: Right before we left Salmon this afternoon, I took the boys to get ice cream cones that they'd earned from the library summer reading program. And the first 10 minutes of the trip were absolutely heavenly as they ate and it was silent in the car! The rest of the 7-hour car ride didn't quite go as smoothly!

Day 199: The boys and I got so much done today in preparation for leaving on a 10-day vacation tomorrow: we cleaned the whole house, got all the laundry and dishes done, cleaned up the yard, mowed two lawns, the deck got completed today and I finished sanding the stairs, and I made my first batch ever of rhubarb-strawberry jam! We had family home evening tonight and went grocery shopping, and I feel so good knowing that everything is ready for us to leave! Usually the day before leaving on a trip, I'm so stressed out!

Day 198: Took a short nap this afternoon, and it really rejuvenated me!

Day 197: I sanded the new deck all day long, and even though it was hard work, I felt great satisfaction in seeing its beautiful transformation.

Day 196: I had the funnest time golfing with Josh tonight at couples league! I played terrible, but I enjoyed playing with him and relaxing after a stressful day.

Day 195: Today was such a nice day. Ammon and Josh were gone to Idaho Falls for a Jr. Golf tournament, and the three younger boys played so well together and they even got to have friends over too!! We ate dinner with the Evans', and Amanda cooked up some yummy pizza! I made two rhubarb recipes, and ate one topped with ice cream tonight at Amanda's. We watched a movie and chatted and laughed, and it was the perfect ending to a lovely day!

Day 194: I took the boys to "Art in the Park" today, and I really enjoyed watching them having fun making crafts. Kanyon did so well making marshmallow/toothpick creations and a beaded necklace. Ammon liked making sand art keychains and color scratch masks. Micah did well with the paint spin art and painting the stained-glass picture. And Jonah liked coloring his mask and making a colored sand bracelet.

Day 193: Kanyon pooped in the toilet 3 times today!! We've been struggling with him to do his number 2 in the toilet for over a year, and it's been stressful and upsetting for me, so I was so happy and so proud of him today!

Day 192: I picked more rhubarb tonight from Terry Weeks' garden, and I was so thrilled that she let me!

Day 191: We took the boys to the City of Rocks today, and my favorite part was when all of us climbed up the backside of Bath Rock. Ammon and Josh climbed all the way to the top of the rock! The boys were so happy to climb all over the rocks, and I loved watching them in their element!

Day 190: We went to a BH Tolman family reunion today in Raft River at the Steadman Place. I totally loved watching the boys have so much fun riding on the waterslides together! It was such a delightful reunion, and it was nice seeing family members that I haven't seen for a long time, too!

Day 189: Josh and I went to couples golf league tonight and it was very relaxing. We had fun together and we played consistently, too.

Day 188: We are having a deck built on to the back side of the house, and it was neat to see the framework be put together and tonight I helped Josh put some of the boards on the frame and I was glad to be a part of the project.

Day 187: Josh and I took a mile walk tonight and it was wonderful and peaceful.

Day 186: I trimmed trees in our yard this evening, and I thoroughly enjoy doing that! I love looking at the final product and knowing that I helped make it better!

Day 185: I had fun playing games with Josh's family again, today it was Taboo and Oodles. And tonight, I absolutely loved the Salmon fireworks display that was coordinated to music! It was wonderful and delightful!

Day 184: Had a backyard BBQ with Josh's family, and the food and company were great! The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins! And I enjoyed playing board games with the adults: we played Cranium and Balderdash, and I loved every minute of it!

Day 183: Ate lunch with the extended Tolman family and had a good time. Played Blokus with Malachi and his friends, and I won! Went to the demo derby tonight with the whole family for the first time, and the boys were so good! When we left, Kanyon told me he wanted the black derby car with the yellow stripe for his birthday...such a cute thing to say. Watched the boys run around while we did our own fireworks tonight, and laughed at their excitement! It was a great day.

Day 182: Took the kids to the 4th of July parade in Salmon, and it was fun to see the excitement on Kanyon's face when he got a piece of candy and all the boys lit up when they saw the demolition derby cars coming!


Day 181: Today was the 3 younger boys' last day of swimming lessons. I loved watching them all jump off the diving board at the end of lessons and seeing how happy that made them. Tonight, we went to an outdoor dinner with some Tolman cousins and their Hodges/Cockrell relations, and it was yummy and fun!

Day 180: Tonight, we went out for dinner as a family. We had giant, fresh pizza from the bakery! And then we came home and watched the movie "Secretariat" together in the living room. It was an enjoyable, peaceful, relaxing evening!

Day 179: Watching a movie with Kimi in the afternoon and riding our horses with Josh in the evening.

Day 178: I enjoyed watching the movie "MegaMind" with the boys again tonight, and as soon as it was over, Josh came home from a meeting, and he started dancing to the Michael Jackson song that was playing at the end of it! It was so funny to watch him, and I laughed and laughed! It was definitely the highlight of my day!

Day 177: The afternoon was gorgeous, and after watching the boys play in the ditch and have water fights, then we took a family 4-wheeler ride to visit the neighbors. Being on the 4-wheeler with my husband and watching the boys ride alongside us on their 4-wheelers was a very happy moment for me.

Day 176: I rode our horses this afternoon with Josh. He has been teaching Mia how to be ridden, and he needed me to ride QT in front of her so that she could follow another horse. I haven't ridden a horse in several years, because I don't like it. But it was actually relaxing to go for a ride on our horses today with my handsome hubby.

Day 175: The boys and I rearranged the dressers and TV's in their rooms today. I LOVE rearranging furniture, it really makes a room feel new!

Day 174: Soaked in the hot springs tonight with my friend Celyn, and as long as I was in the hot tub, the steam from the hot water really helped my terrible hay fever!

Day 173: I helped the boys complete art projects at "Art in the Park" today, and tonight we went on a bike ride together, stopping to throw rocks in the ditch along the way. It was another beautiful day, and I truly enjoyed spending time with my family!

Day 172: Took an evening walk with Josh tonight, and enjoyed the time alone with him exercising and enjoying God's country.

Day 171: I loved spending the day with my boys today. This morning, I took the 3 younger boys to their first day of swimming lessons, and Kanyon was SO happy! This afternoon, I took the 3 younger boys on a 3 mile bike ride, and Jonah and Micah were such good bike-riders! This evening, for FHE, we ate sherbet floats, and I cuddled up in my chair at bedtime and had a giant bowl of ice cream, it was so good!

Day 170: We went on a family bike ride this evening, and took advantage of the few hours of sunshine. It was wonderful! The twins went all the way around the 4-mile loop for their first time ever with Josh and Ammon and Grandpa, and I rode behind with Kanyon. He went 1.5 miles, and he'd never gone that far before either! It was so peaceful and nice!

Day 169: Josh and I went to a reception tonight for a newly married couple from Salmon. They served cheesecake with choices of flavored toppings. I chose the rhubarb topping, and it was heavenly! I've never had cheesecake with rhubarb topping, and I absolutely loved it!!! I just love rhubarb anything!

Day 168: Josh's Grandmother's funeral was today in Salmon. During the funeral, Josh played the piano while I sang a solo for the song "Where Love Is". It was really beautiful, and the spirit was felt so strongly during the song. It was enjoyable to spend the afternoon and evening with extended family, and I enjoyed talking to family members at the burial, at the dinner, and at our home afterwards.

Day 167: Amanda cut my hair today, and it felt so good! And then we talked, and I cried, and we ate, and I had the farts, and we laughed and ate some more! It was truly cleansing to my soul!

Day 166: Josh texted me this morning and said he loved me, and it was a very meaningful way to start my long day.

Day 165: The weather today was absolutely gorgeous! I loved the sun shining, especially while the boys played soccer this evening because they've had so many soccer days of playing in rain and wind!!!

Day 164: John called today, and it was so good to hear his voice! It made my day improve dramatically, knowing that he cared.

Day 163: Kimi came over tonight and we ate rice. And I cried. But being with Kimi and eating the cheesy, creamy rice made me feel better.

Day 162: Josh and I went to the hot springs tonight with my sisters and my friends Amanda and Kimi. We had a relaxing soak! My body felt so good after!

Day 161: My 3 younger sisters came to visit tonight, and it was fun hanging out with them.

Day 160: I watched "Go With It" tonight with Amanda, and we laughed and laughed. I just love Adam Sandler!

Day 159: Tonight I watched a late movie with Kimi! I just love doing that!

Day 158: I enjoyed watching Jonah and Micah and Kanyon all play the sport of soccer this evening. And at bedtime, I really liked listenining to Jonah and Micah as they each read a book.

Day 157: I finished reading the book "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" today, and as a result I was lazy all morning. It felt good to relax!

Day 156: It was the perfect summer Sunday! Josh bbq'd dinner on the grill, and we ate outside together, and then I read a book all afternoon sitting on the lawn while watching the boys play in the ditch and the trampoline and the dirt pile. It was such a peaceful afternoon!

Day 155: The sunshine today was gorgeous and non-stop! The boys and I went walking and riding scooters around the park this morning, and I had a good time with them! This evening, I went to a baby shower and they had such delicious food and cute decorations, and I enjoyed chatting with other ladies there.

Day 154: Golfed with Josh tonight at Couples League. It's been almost a year since I golfed last, and I've definitely played better than my game tonight, but it was fun going on a date with Josh and relaxing in the beautiful weather we had this evening.

Day 153: I went to Kimi's house tonight, and her and Kerry and I watched "127 Hours" while laying on her bed. It was just like good ole times. And as always, I loved chatting and eating at the counter with them afterwards!!!

Day 152: I read the book "Austenland" by Shannon Hale today and loved it! I haven't read a book in 6 months, and it felt so good to lay out on the grass and read while the boys were running and playing around me!


Day 151: I just adore all the lilacs that are blooming right now! I love seeing people's large lilac bushes in full purple bloom! And I've enjoyed the beautiful flowers that have adorned my pear, apple, and cherry trees; they won't be on the trees for very much longer.

Day 150: I loved sleeping in with my husband this morning. It doesn't happen very often, but I like snuggling with him in the morning. And tonight we invited John over for dinner. We had French Toast--we haven't had it in a long time and it was YUMMY, because I put Aunt Linette's homemade raspberry jam on it and topped it with some powdered sugar!

Day 149: I enjoyed teaching my Sunday School lesson today about repentance, and I had 16 people attend my class--which is the most I've ever had! This afternoon, we played games and ate dessert with Malachi, John, and JQ. I loved having friends and family in my home! We had so much fun playing Scattergories (Josh won, of course) and Oodles (I won, yay!) and I tried a new pumpkin dessert (yum yum) that everyone loved so much, it was gone before I could have seconds!

Day 148: We planted the pumpkin patch seeds today, and I just love new beginnings!!! This afternoon, I laid on the lawn for an hour soaking in the sun's rays, and even though my legs aren't any tanner, my soul sure felt a whole lot brighter!

Day 147: I went on a date with Josh tonight after graduation, and I enjoyed being alone with him. Then Amanda, John, and JQ joined us for dinner and dancing and we had a great time together. I love dancing with my hot husband!

Day 146: Today was the last day of school, and it was only a half-day. I played "dance craze" and "name the tune" with the students, and we had so much fun together!

Day 145: School was non-stop crazy today! This morning was the last of my students' performance of the year: Kindergarten Graduation! And thankfully, it went well! This afternoon I went to Jonah and Micah's 1st grade field trip/picnic at the CDC park, and I enjoyed the sun's rays and watching the children play. This evening I taught the boys how to play the board game "Sequence" and it brought back lots of memories of when Josh and I used to play it together when we were newlyweds. And tonight after everyone went to sleep, I stayed up and watched the "Glee" finale--so sad it's done for the season!

Day 144: I had a lousy day, and I didn't want to do anything tonight. But soccer was on the calendar, so away we went. And it actually brightened my mood tremendously to watch Kanyon run around and kick the ball a few times, and to see Jonah and Micah both score goals for their team!

Day 143: I had so much fun playing Music Bingo and wii Just Dance with my students today! Today was the first day of the last week of school!!! And tonight I enjoyed planting some new flowers in the pots by the front door to commemmorate the end of spring/beginning of summer!

Day 142: Celebrating my friend John's birthday with him, and getting a welcome-home kiss from my husband after returning home.

Day 141: Watching the newest "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie in the 3-D theater alone, singing karaoke with my friends and dancing the night away, and hanging out in Boise all day and night with new and old friends.

Day 140: Spending the afternoon and evening with old friends, making new friends, and laughing the night away!

Day 139: Half of my music classes were gone on field trips today, so I spent the morning at home with Kanyon. I got so much accomplished, and I actually enjoyed catching up on the dishes/laundry/cleaning that needed to be done!

Day 138: I had a great day at school! We played music bingo in several classes, and the classes were all awesome today! And I had lunch with the MOPS ladies during their last session of this year, I enjoyed being with them and feeling their spirits and filling my tummy with their yummy food, too! And tonight I watched last night's episode of Glee, and I really liked it!

Day 137: Watching Ammon at his 5th grade track meet. He did a great job running the 400-meters, and he got 4th place! It was beautiful weather, and I took the afternoon off from work to watch him. I really enjoyed relaxing, and visiting with friends, and being with Kanyon, and watching Ammon. It was just delightful!

Day 136: Having Family Home Evening: we did a service project for a family in the ward, went grocery shopping, played games, read stories, and ate dessert. It was a great night spent together!

Day 135: Listening to my piano students at their spring recital. They did a great job and I was so proud of them!

Day 134: Attending the temple with Savanna and her family.

Day 133: Singing karaoke with Amanda and John.

Day 132: The 3rd grade musical performances were today. When they performed for their peers in the school, it was almost flawless and I was so thrilled!! There were some glitches when they did it for their parents, but I'm just so glad to be done with it! And then tonight after soccer practice, we worked on John's lawn and trees, and it was so nice to work outside together as a family!

Day 131: I was so grateful that Josh made dinner tonight, even if it was just frozen pizza!

Day 130: Today went better than expected with the 3rd grade musical program practices, and I coached Kanyon's soccer team for the first time tonight and it was fun!

Day 129: I had a happy day at school. I was glad that Kimi joined us for FHE. I liked grocery shopping alone with Josh.

Day 128: Today was Mother's Day, and the boys treated me with homemade cards, musical cards, lots of my favorite kinds of chocolates, and 2 apricot trees that they planted! It was a wonderful day, and I felt so loved!

Day 127: Working on a 1000pc puzzle.

Day 126: Watching the movie "The Tourist" with Josh (even though he fell asleep during it) and having a late-night chat with Amanda.

Day 125: Receiving a sentimental text from a friend, talking to another friend on the phone, and holding onto the big muscles in my husband's arm!

Day 124: I was so glad to hang out at home all night!

Day 123: Today was awful. My best moment was getting a hug from Josh when he came home from work.

Day 122: Today was crazy busy for a Monday. My happiest moment was sitting at the table, eating dinner with my family. I love to have all us together, and I love listening to each of my boys as they talk about their day.

Day 121: I felt the Spirit during testimony meeting and again during my Sunday School lesson about the life of Jesus Christ, and I felt such peace and love. I enjoyed relaxing with Josh this afternoon: we sat outside in the sunshine for 2 hours watching our boys be creative with sticks and water and mud and it gave me the hope that summer is on its way!


Day 120: I spent the afternoon with Amanda volunteering at a fundraiser dinner. We had so much fun together, and laughed a ton! I loved every minute of it! And tonight, we sang karaoke and danced with John and Josh and I enjoyed it so much!

Day 119: Going on a date with my hubby. We went for a soak in the hot springs, sang to Lady Gaga in the car, got some pizza, and watched "Country Strong" at John's house on his big TV and with his surround sound. It was a great date and I really enjoyed it!

Day 118: Watching my first grade music students as they performed their musical program "Celebrate Spring" for their parents. They did a great job and I was so proud of them! All of our hard work practicing paid off! Whew! So glad it's done, so that I can stop having nightmares about it now!

Day 117: Going to the ward party; it was a very informal one. Josh and I got to visit with ward members, the kids had a lot of fun, I totally kicked butt at the cookie wiggle game, and I just made a dessert for it so I didn't have to worry about making dinner. 

Day 116: I came home from work to the delicious aroma of dinner cooking. Josh made a lovely dinner, and we ate with the missionaries. It was nice to have company over and to relax this evening after spending hours yesterday working. And to top it off, I watched the new Glee episode after the kids went to bed, and I absolutely LOVED it!! It definitely put a smile on my face!

Day 115: I was happy to get a long list of things accomplished so that I feel more prepared for the first grade musical performances this week.

Day 114: Celebrating Easter in Tremonton with all my family. I loved being together with everyone, I loved the warm weather, I loved the good food, I loved the celebration!!

Day 113: Seeing and visiting with some of my drama friends from high school! I love to be around theater people, and I enjoyed catching up with some of my long-time friends that I haven't seen in 15+ years!

Day 112: I loved it when Josh came home from work this evening and french-kissed me in the kitchen while I was making dinner!! And tonight, I watched Yentl for the very first time. I watched it alone after everyone went to bed, and I loved it!

Day 111: I had a stressful afternoon, but I enjoyed relaxing with the boys tonight. We watched "MegaMind". It was cute and funny!

Day 110: I loved that none of us had to go anywhere or do anything tonight. It was nice to have relaxing time at home with all the family together, and I could also catch up on some projects that have been nagging at my mind for a while now!

Day 109: I had a rough day--I officially dislike Tuesdays. But my day brightened when a new episode of Glee aired tonight, which hasn't happened in a couple of months. I was so excited to watch my Glee again!

Day 108: I had a great work day, and it was topped off by a great Family Home Evening tonight! Kimi came over to visit this evening, and she played games with our family, too. When we played Old Maid, it got down to just me and her at the end, and thankfully, she was the last one with the Old Maid card. So, for the first time in weeks, I didn't have to claim the "Old Maid" title at the end of the game!!!

Day 107: I loved teaching my Sunday School lesson today about the life of Jesus Christ, and I enjoyed the presence of all the people who came to my class!

Day 106: Being with my family all day: going down waterslides this morning, laughing at Josh's big splashes, taking a family nap in the car on the way home (except for the driver of course), and going to see "Joseph" again all together as a family tonight! It was a beautiful day!

Day 105: Going to a hotel and going swimming in its waterpark as a family, just for the fun of it!

Day 104: The sunshine was just glorious, and my students were so good all day, and seeing the H.S. play "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat"--they did a fabulous job!!

Day 103: Getting my hair cut and talking, eating, and laughing with Amanda!

Day 102: The sunshine was truly brought happiness to my soul today.

Day 101: I loved Family Home Evening tonight! I ended up with the Old Maid card at the end of the game and I said "I'm the old maid AND I got the old maid card" and they all disagreed with me saying that I'm not an old maid! That was nice of them! And we read a story in the Friend that talked about a boy befriending a boy at scouts that was being teased, and I gave my boys all homework to do something nice for a boy in each of their classes that doesn't have a lot of friends or gets teased, and they were all excited about the idea and they kept talking about all kinds of things they were going to do during this week! Next week they're going to share with the family what they did each day to help the boy they picked, and I can't wait to find out!!!

Day 100: Celebrating 13 years of marriage, and secretly attaching my card for him onto his bathroom mirror in the middle of the night so he'd unexpectedly see it first thing in the morning! And watching Amazing Race together as a family: we all love those cowboys Jet and Cord!

Day 99: Going for a peaceful drive to the grocery store this evening with my sweet hubby, and eating ice cream in bed together tonight (the good, expensive kind of ice cream. yum yum yum!).

Day 98: Watching TV with John, and eating his yummy food too!

Day 97: Having Kimi and Kerry over to watch a movie with Josh and I. And laughing after it was over about some of the extremely stupid parts. 

Day 96: Videotaping one of my 5th grade music classes today with their completed project of creating a cartoon theme song. They have been working on it for a month, and they did an awesome job! I was so happy and so proud of them! And tonight, I loved watching Josh model how to use a lanyard with my computer flash drive attached. Since I'm always losing it, he got the lanyard so it would be easier to keep track of and it was hilarious as he demonstrated ways it could be used! SOOO funny!

Day 95: Talking to my friend John after not seeing him for 3 weeks, and talking with my husband at bedtime.

Day 94: Today was the first day back to school after a 10-day spring break and two of my music classes today were cancelled due to an assembly and a field trip. I had extra time to get things accomplished and still relax during the day; I had a fabulous work day!!!

Day 93: Watching and listening to General Conference.

Day 92: Visiting with friends, and finishing a craft project for Kimi's room.

Day 91: Taking the 3 younger boys with me to see a movie in the theater and eat at a restaurant afterwards. It was the first time Kanyon's been to the movie theater, and he did so well!


Day 90: Receiving a neck massage and a back rub from Josh.

Day 89: Seeing the "Top Chef" finale. I'm glad Richard Blaise won, although Mike's pepperoni sauce sounded delicious! And I'm so happy Carla won the fan's award! I've absolutely loved watching this season of Top Chef All-Stars!!

Day 88: Spending the day with my Grandpa.

Day 87: Listening to Lady Gaga and Bon Jovi CD's for 6 hours straight as I drove by myself to Spokane. My friend Heather made them for me, and they were the perfect companion for the long drive!

Day 86: Watching "The Amazing Race" together as a family.

Day 85: Not having to leave the house once today!

Day 84: Sleeping in until 9:30.

Day 83: Watching a movie with Amanda.

Day 82: Sleeping in my own bed again.

Day 81: Being inside the Manti Temple in the morning, visiting my grandma in the afternoon, and watching Bon Jovi in concert with my husband and sister at night.

Day 80: Driving, Walking, and Hiking around Arches National Park with my hot husband.

Day 79: Riding in the golf cart while watching Josh golf the 18-hole Moab Golf Course, walking around Dead Horse Point with Josh, and Eating Buffalo for dinner.

Day 78: Seeing Lady Gaga in concert with my awesome husband and my longtime friend.

Day 77: Having some of my sons' friends over the house to play so I could get some projects done. And everything that was on my daily to-do list actually got accomplished!!

Day 76: Seeing the last 2nd grade class perform "Seussical Musical Jr.". They were absolutely spectacular!! And having a surprise visit from Josh in my classroom, after he'd been gone to Kansas for four days. It put an instant, perma-smile on my face and I was so happy to see him!! And going to dinner with a friend tonight and relaxing after having a crazy, stressful, busy week!

Day 75: Watching one of my music classes perform "Seussical Musical Jr." for their parents. They did a great job and I was so proud of them!

Day 74: Watching Glee!

Day 73: Visiting with Amanda after we did a combined Family Home Evening.

Day 72: Having family and friends over for dinner after church at our house to celebrate Malachi's missionary homecoming!!!

Day 71: The Entrikin cousins were here all day, and my boys stayed busy playing with them, so I stayed busy getting all my weekend projects done!!

Day 70: Dancing with Josh and Amanda and John. Being on the dance floor with the three of them definitely makes me happy!

Day 69: Hanging out with Kimi and Kerry, and all of us laughing at Josh mimicking my laugh!!! Priceless!

Day 68: Waking up next to Josh.

Day 67: Working with the 5th graders on a new project that I came up with: Creating a pretend cartoon theme song!

Day 66: Playing with the boys during Family Home Evening. One of the games we played was wii Just Dance, and I loved watching all my boys dancing!!

Day 65: I loved the beautiful sun shining this afternoon! We took an afternoon drive and it was so relaxing--Kanyon and I both fell asleep on it!

Day 64: I bought myself 2 new pairs of shoes. The last time I did that was 3 years ago!

Day 63: Soaking in the hot springs with my husband and friends. It was so relaxing!

Day 62: Watching Polynesian dancers perform at a school assembly. I absolutely loved it! And my students did, too!

Day 61: Dancing with the kindergartners!

Day 60: Coming home from work to find two of my sons (who stayed home from school because they were sick) asleep on the couch. It was a sweet moment to watch them sleeping.


Day 59: Playing "Pictureka" with the family during Family Home Evening.

Day 58: Attending a fireside, and visiting with members of the ward after it concluded.

Day 57: Watching a movie in the theater and going karaoking after with a friend.

Day 56: Hanging out in my PJ's all morning--I didn't take a shower until almost noon!

Day 55: Going to John's house to de-stress. We ate simple food and watched TV and I felt so much better!

Day 54: Playing the wii with my boys and laughing so hard that I couldn't even breathe!

Day 53: Spending the whole evening at home with my children. I was so happy that there was nothing scheduled on the calendar--I didn't have to go anywhere so I could just spend time with my family!

Day 52: Playing Super Mario Bros. on the wii with Kanyon as his reward for pooping in the toilet. Kanyon even beat the bowser in the castle after I died! He did a great job, and it was so much fun playing with him!

Day 51: Teaching my Sunday School class about our loving Heavenly Father, playing wii dance with my boys, and watching Josh get his hair cut by Amanda in the faux-hawk style that I requested!

Day 50: Hanging out at home and relaxing all day in my pajamas.

Day 49: Trying two new recipes: Pumpkin Chili and Scored Potatoes. It was the first time I'd ever even cooked homemade chili! I was pleased with how both foods turned out!

Day 48: Watching "Glee" with a friend.

Day 47: Teaching Ammon's piano lesson today--he did a great job! And listening to Jonah and Micah excitedly talk about how cool George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are! And getting a hug from Kanyon when I got home from work! And laughing with Josh about the back door not opening!

Day 46: Eating the yummy dinner that Josh prepared!

Day 45: Celebrating Valentines Day with my boys for Family Home Evening, and receiving beautiful flowers and Lindt chocolates and a new hairdryer from Josh for the special occasion!

Day 44: A surprise visit from the Hobbs family--they brought delicious cookies, we enjoyed hanging out together, and we played a competitive game of Blokus!

Day 43: Went on a nice & peaceful date with Josh. We drove down river, had a nice chat on the drive, and ate a delicious hamburger dinner!

Day 42: Spent a relaxing day at home, got a lot accomplished, and enjoyed the sun shining!

Day 41: Coming home after working all day to discover Josh had made a delicious dinner for our family, and spending a quiet evening at home with our family.

Day 40: Eating lunch with Jonah and Micah at school.

Day 39: Dancing and singing with the 5th graders to the Beach Boys' song "Surfin' USA".

Day 38: Teaching music to the elementary school kids. I loved singing and dancing and playing instruments with them, and I smiled every time I overheard them say to each other how much they liked having me as their teacher!

Day 37: Teaching my sunday school class about divine potential, and hosting a superbowl party this evening with Amanda's and David & Gina's families attending.

Day 36: Chatting & watching "Mamma Mia" with Amanda and John.

Day 35: Sleeping in with my husband by my side.

Day 34: Watching Jonah and Micah parade down the halls of their school with dragon decorations they'd made with their class in honor of the Chinese New Year, and going to on a date with Josh to the movies.

Day 33: Going out for lunch with Josh and Kanyon

Day 32: I had no idea what to make for dinner. When Jonah asked what was for dinner, I told him I didn't know. He suggested we had pancakes. I was so thrilled with the great idea! I made pancakes and sausage, and all the boys licked their plates clean!


Day 31: Took Ammon on a date to see a concert pianist perform.

Day 30: My Sunday School lesson today was about family relationships, and I really enjoyed the class. And after church, we had a delicious lunch and a relaxing afternoon at Tim & Barb's.

Day 29: I was still feeling sick this afternoon, but I still had to go to work and clean the bank. Josh offered to come with me, and I appreciated his help so much!

Day 28: Playing Blokus with my boys, and getting a perfect score for the first time ever! And Josh made my day today--he arrived home early from work, and he also brought pizza for dinner! I just adore my husband!

Day 27: Seeing all my boys at school while subbing for a lunch lady in the cafeteria, reading to Jonah and Micah's 1st grade class in the afternoon, and getting the perfect neck-rub from Josh to help alleviate my pains.

Day 26: Going on a field trip with Jonah and Micah's 1st grade to the hockey skating rink, and watching them as they both tried ice skating for the first time!

Day 25: Playing wii Play for the first time with Kanyon! He's totally a better fisherman on it than me, but he was so excited for me whenever I caught a fish too. He'd say "Nice Job, Mom!" so excitedly! I loved playing with him!

Day 24: Watching Ammon's 5th grade class performing a shortened play of " The Music Man" and playing Blokus with my four sons at Family Home Evening!

Day 23: Playing wii Just Dance with my sons and husband (and I won every round until the last one when Ammon and Josh both beat me!)!

Day 22: Jumping simultaneously with Josh on the dance floor, and jamming with Josh, Amanda, and John.

Day 21: Soaking in the hot springs with my husband and friends.

Day 20: Reading to Jonah and Micah's class at school.

Day 19: Taking a much-needed, short, mid-day nap!

Day 18: Laying in Josh's arms after a long and tiring day.

Day 17: Called and talked to my mom for her birthday, and we had a nice visit. Made oreo balls with Kimi and they were delicious. Finally completed the Perkins Photo Calendar 2011 and I'm so proud of it!

Day 16: Teaching my Sunday School class at church and feeling the spirit so strongly.

Day 15: Texting Josh, and taking a road trip with Amanda and John.

Day 14: Went to Idaho Falls, and while we were there, we went bowling together as a family! It was so fun, and we all enjoyed it! (And I was secretly happy that I got the highest score of all of us!!!)

Day 13: Substituted for Ammon's 5th grade teacher, and enjoyed playing with the kids and seeing Ammon throughout the day!

Day 12: Deep-cleaning parts of my kitchen, and playing Mickey Mouse Memory Game with Kanyon while I was home alone with him during the day.

Day 11: Celebrating Ammon's birthday: taking treats to his school and watching him interact with his friends, making his favorite dinner and eating it together as a family, seeing him open gifts from us and receiving his grateful praises, and eating dessert together as a family in honor of his special day.

Day 10: Playing games with my boys during FHE.

Day 9: Had a glorious day at church--loved attending every meeting and feeling the Spirit.

Day 8: Dancing with my husband, singing karaoke with John, and laughing with Amanda and friends at her birthday party.

Day 7: Having passionate kisses with my husband.

Day 6: Substituted for the music teacher at the elementary school, and my favorite part was singing and dancing with the kindergartners! They said it was the most fun they've ever had in music class!!

Day 5: Laughed with my friend Amanda over trivial things while eating wheat thins decorated with letters made from spray cheese.

Day 4: Started teaching piano lessons again after a 3-week break over Christmas vacation.

Day 3: Cleaned my bedroom and cleared off my desk.

Day 2: Helped my friend John work on preparing his classroom for the start of school after Christmas Break, and we listened to good music while working.

Day 1: Hosted a New Years Party with family and friends, and decided to let go of the usual details of food-layout and time-line of the party. There were over 25 people in my home, and the party was so relaxed. I enjoyed every single minute of it!!!

New Year 2011
"The Perfect Equation":
Lately, I've been feeling good: I am in a good place emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I don't remember the last time my inner spirit felt this good...perhaps never?

I've been pondering and contemplating this past week about why I feel so good. I've been trying to put a name for how and what I feel, and I've finally come up with a word: PEACE. My spirit is currently free from turmoil, and the opposite of turmoil feels like peace to me. I've been thinking about why I feel so much peace recently, and I think it's because I currently have a wonderful balance in life.

I have found my perfect equation for my inner peace, and this is what it is:

Spending time with my husband +
Having fun with my children +
Being with my friends +
Having interactions with my family +
Enjoying living in my beautiful home +
Listening to uplifting music +
Filling my soul with laughter +
Sharing my passion for performing +
Studying and living the gospel +
Expressing gratitude for all the good in my life +
Meditating and Praying +
Receiving Inspiration =
My Inner Peace

Each part of the equation is necessary to the happiness of my spirit and joyfulness of my soul. And each part of the equation has to be in perfect balance--for example: if I spend too much time with my friends, I feel like I'm neglecting my family, or if I spend too much time at home, I feel like I'm closing myself off to other good surroundings, or if I spend too much time laughing, I feel like I don't open my soul to receiving quiet inspiration. It's important to keep a good balance between each part of the equation in order to obtain the result of feeling of inner peace.

I want to remember this feeling of peace that I have, and try to maintain what I feel and sustain it every day. I was looking back through my journal, and I stopped writing in it during the spring of 2008. I was mentioning that fact to Josh, and his reply was "That's because that's when you started blogging!". I hadn't even realized that connection! My blog is like my journal--I record our family's happenings, I record my personal goals and dreams and thoughts, and occasionally I record my feelings on a topic.

And now, in addition to those things, I'm going to add to my blog a daily record of something I did during the day that brought me happiness & joy, something from my perfect equation for peace. I'm calling it "Live & Love Life 365" (Thanks Sara, for the inspiration!). I don't want to let a day pass without doing something that I love to help feed my inner spirit; I want to do something everyday that will help me to sustain this feeling of true peace. And every day, I'm going to write down a simple aspect from my day that brought me joy, and record it on my blog tab titled "Live & Love Life 365".

I'm so excited for this new "chapter" of my blog and for the opportunity it will give me to focus daily on the blessings in my life, and help me to sustain my feeling of inner peace!